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2014 Recommended List Santa Cruz CA Bookshop2015 Honorable Mention in Wild Card Category SF Book FestGenreMajor Influences comedic drama eco fiction snark fiction women's environmental western travel romance humor coming of age societal political commentary Snarky edgy political eco fiction that includes profanity I'm not shittin' ya' In response to than a few sexist commentsreviews mostly from women on how edgy this book is again leading me to agree with the agent who told me to publish it as a man; I was offended but she was right I would not be receiving this feedback if I had published it as a man JK Rowling you're were right on not all female authors have to be puffy soft Barbara Kingsolver Women are allowed to be edgy too Gosh really Please cut it out with this Don't read this book if you dislike profanity snark and political edges and if you do read it please don't post a review that it had too much snark profanity and political edges You were warned I read Bukowski That should say enough right thereEdward Abbey Tom Robbins John Irving Rachel Carson TC Boyle JD Salinger Pam Houston Kurt Vonnegut Mark Twain many others within this vein Go Ahead Love Your Planet Just Not Too MuchSet in the late 1970's early '80's the so called dawn of the American Environmental Movement in Part I Pretty Ellowyn Kelsey is a redneck girl living the pretty redneck life in rural Michigan This includes waiting for her roofer husband to come around maybe notice the new curtains she put up or even the flowers in her hair Her self imposed lobotomy ends simply enough she shows up at the wrong time for a church picnic and ends up 50% The west had done been settled and wandering now meant running into a fence a sign or a gun Michigan still had it's open spaces like the Upper Peninsula and some ares close to Canada but these were calculated spots Ellie thought as she was driving down Highway 15 in San Diego County where the development was hot and heavy how it was getting to the point in America where you have to calculate how to get to certain locations so feelings of freedom can be evoked But it calculated freedom really freedom she wondered38% She often thought if they would only plant a tree when someone dies instead of erecting dead stone monuments there would be grand forests all over the country life giving memorials commemorating the dead past She and Marilyn had discussed this while visiting her father's grave Marilyn loved the ideaPlant a tree on my grave when I die Ellie instead of one of these dead cold thingsJust don't die Mom Ellie would say I could not take itStellar idea21% Ellie felt she was connecting with something grand and precious and the connected she felt in this world the resentful of human distruction she became This was the penalty for her increasing awareness Before she never really cared about a new store or apartment building going up in a wild field Now she did The field harbored life There was a brutality about her own species she was becoming aware of An uncaring anthropomorphic drive and disregard for non human life as humans ceaselessly try to complete themselvesI know what ya mean Ellie girl

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BirdbrainFocused She loves ecology birds but wait a minute what's that strip mall doing there She meets Kate one of the first female biologists to be hired by the state Fish and Game Department In addition to enduring her role as a trailblazer in a male dominated profession ie the spontaneous massages etc Kate has spent her life fighting to protect the environment It hasn't really worked out Kate's really angry and nobody likes Kate Who wants to end up like Kate Is this the price you pay for caring about something bigger than yourself Ellie wonders if she shouldn't head back to the fart jokes Foosballand Budweiser; but the barbecues just aren't as much fun any She meets someone at one of those infamous barbecues He likes her She runs like hell and she keeps running to the other side of country She leaves her boring rural life in Michigan to travel out west where she has some very unexpected experiences that include roaming spirits in the desert accidental crusades against development at her sister's place in San Diego geographically diverse sexual encounters that include a real cowboy and a real Indian a MiwokPaiute BLM park ranger out of Mono Lake Then there are those amazing sandhill cranes and who is this guy in my tentShe can't dodge it try as she may the inevitable grief life thrusts upon all of us including the grief of watching nature get destroyed by her own species And then there's the dog Her wonderful wonderful dog She passes through all the stages every aware person passes through some staying in one stage comfortably or not while others stay stuck in despair hopelessnessalcohol and drugs always optional Wow A mouthful I really enjoyed reading this If you enjoyed Thelma and Louise andor Benjamin Zephaniah’s poem Trees Please available on a variety of poetry websites then this book will appeal to you This may seem like a never the literary twain shall meet but the book starts with the protagonist Ellowyn Ellie to her friends starting a journey of self discovery out and about with her friend Patty Ellie suffers life’s ups and downs without spoiling the ups are the message of this story she becomes interested in birds and the environment She has further adventures with her sister and brother in law involving ecology campaigns There is romance success failure and a ‘What will she do next’ intrigue in this book When I started reading it I thought ; two books for the price of one But it isn’t I was glad that part 12 are published together because it really completed the journey What a treat it has been to read this outside accompanied by birdsong during a rare sunny week

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ePub ç Birdbrain ¶ ☆ Virginia Arthur ☆ 2014 Recommended List Santa Cruz CA Bookshop2015 Honorable Mention in Wild Card Category SF Book FestGenreMajor Influences comedic drama eco fiction snark fiction women's environmental western travel romance humor coming of age societal political commentary Snarky edgy political ecWith a bunch of birders Peering through a pair of borrowed binoculars she realizes the love between a mating pair of bluebirds is profound than what she shares with the bonehead she's married to Something in her breaks She's young naive and despite that everyone else around her recognizes what she is going through she doesn't until the depth of her pain and emotion holds her captive She doesn't understand it the end of her empty marriage and she really did try to cuss less though hanging around with her best friend Patty didn't help What did he want from her exactly Did he even love her Everyone knew her marriage to Eddie was doomed before she did How can she be the last to know She is indignant hurt She has no idea how to process the emotional sideswipe Her loss and pain is expressed through the crazy narcissistic melodrama of youth justified or not Her reluctant yet unabashed accomplice is PattyPart II finds her experiencing yet another major loss This time it forces her to grow up evaluate She finds refuge in nature in her birds in science making true her mother's prediction a chasm may form someday between her new and old life between she and Patty Her new life is about ecology birding nature science getting out of her rural town maybe even going to college As the narcissism of her youth her prior life wears off so grows the divide between the people in her town She starts to care about something bigger than herself God forbid her ailing planet This only serves to amuse the rednecks and assorted white trash of her rural town who waste no time labeling her as their own token environmental wacko She stays Birdbrain by Virginia Arthur is a contemporary novel about a young woman’s life as a passionate environmentalist I purchased a copy of this bookBirdbrain covers the life of a 1970’s young woman named Ellie and her laughter losses and struggles to save the wilderness she loves Disaster and delight swirl around her It starts when she mistakes the date for an outdoor picnic discovers birding and gets the courage to divorce her emotionally dead husbandThe chapter about Ellie’s struggle to save the doomed plants and animals of an open space next to her sister’s California home made me weep Arthur’s description of a fox killed by bulldozers will haunt me now whenever I see one of these beautiful animals in my back yardA memorable character is Tomas a young Native American park ranger that Ellie meets on her wandering road trip to heal from the California wildlife massacre He explains the spirit shapes she sees dancing on the land talks of the land’s decline and gives her a totem made from his hair and an eagle feather Tomas represents the land’s passionate soul for the second half of Ellie’s lifeEllie was an outspoken advocate and sometimes her convictions dominated the narrative I thought these passages were appropriate for Ellie’s mindset Other readers may think differentlyBirdbrain ends by coming full circle when Ellie saw her first bird through borrowed binoculars With Birdbrain Virginia Arthur has created a funny and poignant story