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I Know This Much Is TrueMuch Is True is a story of alienation and connection devastation and renewal at once joyous heartbreaking poignant mystical and powerfully profoundly hum. Wally Lamb's second novel I Know This Much Is True was probably a result of the success of his first effort She's Come Undone which was selected by Oprah for her book club four years after its initial publication in 1992 His sopho effort published in 1998 also got stamped with Oprah's round seal this can be considered either a blessing or a curse but one thing is certain it helps to gain readership and a lot of it Oprah is acknowledged for that and is thanked for her help in the acknowledgments section albeit among dozens of other people Lamb deemed important from his publisher and through his teachers students Even the morning crew at the Sugar Shack Bakery gets a shout out I guess the bakery had to be acknowledged as anyone writing such a long novel is sure to get the munchies every now and then I Know This Much Is True is the story of two identical twin brothers Dominick and Thomas Born minutes apart but in different decades the dusk of 1949 and dawn of 1950 the Birdsey brothers are physical reflections of one another but develop distinctly different identities Dominick is bold and aggressive while Thomas is meek and mild and develops paranoid schizophrenia Set in the fictional small town of Three Rivers in Connecticut which is based on Lamb's hometown of Norwich is the same state the novel opens with Thomas being admitted to the state psychiatric hospital's maximum security ward after he committed an act of horrible self harm in the local library convicted that it will stop the Gulf War from happening the book opens in October of 1990 What follows is a lenghty family saga narrated by Dominick who fights for his brother's sanity and his ownWhat follows is a sweeping saga of the past and present narrated mostly in the first person by Dominick who eually protects and despises his minimally younger paranoid brother Given the fact that both are in their 40's at the beginning flashbacks are used liberally to keep the plot moving and suspense in its proper place There's also a story within a story Dominick's mother gives him his grandfather's memoir as a gift which conveniently contains his history as a determined Italian immigrant and which then is presented alternately with Dominick's first person narration when the flashback material runs out The New York Times Book review stated that Lamb clearly aims to be a modern day Dostoyevsky with a pop sensibility so the novel contains a whole lot of digressions into various fields psychology religion consumerism treatment of Native Americans life in contemporary United States and its foreign policy But the focus is less on Dostoevsky and on the pop and although the digressions are many they are rarely deep and can be swallowed down in one gulpDominick is an unlikable narrator who comes out as perpetually angry and irritated and from his flashbacks it's clear that he's kind of an asshole When Dominick meets Thomas's psychiatrist Dr Patel in order to stop his transfer which he rightly thinks will only further his paranoia he becomes her patient himself and undergoes a psychoanalysis of sorts To resolve his own conflicts Dominick must confront his own past Dr Patel encourages which is a neat way of setting the stage for some flashback material from the 50's all the way to the present These therapeutic sessions with Dr Patel help the readers warm up to Dominick as they marvel at the horrorshow which Wally Lamb prepared for him including but not limited to a father he never knew an abusive stepfather and a mother who he felt loved the other child cross dressing with a smell of incest in the attic sibling cruelty substance abuse child pornography rape and dead babies luckily there's no rape of dead babies but at this point I would not be too surprised It's no wonder adult Dominick turned out to be at best a conflicted individual and also leads a life which can be described as relatively grim and unpleasant not really enjoying his job feeling angry towards the wife who divorced him and trying to make up for the loss by getting it on with a hot gym instructor who has her own seedy past while still feeling responsible for his brother now a grown man but with a brain full of classic paranoid delusions He loves Thomas and hates him at the same time Sympatheric might be a too strong of a word Dominick's angry voice becomes understandable His account becomes compelling and draws one in and like spectactors at a trainwreck it's difficult to try to stop looking There's a great scene where young Dominick reminisces how he realized that he and his brother are not the same person and I felt that that's where their trouble began they were not the same and one wished that they were while the other did notApproxmately 34 through the novel at the moment when Wally Lamb had my attention he felt the need to make Dominick read his grandfather's memoir which got lost and then conveniently found just at the right moment The memoir is written by Domenico Tempesta a man of humble beginnings and is a story of self success written by the man himself for posterity Immediately it becomes obvious that Domenico the elder was an enormous ass who desired only success and did not mind leaving his mother in the Old Country to pursue success in America at any cost Domininck hates this man and it's difficult not to share his contempt for the man who is determined to get what he wants and desires no matter what would be its priceThe huge problem with the memoir section is that aside from being an enormous and lenghty act of narrative exposition which could just as well have been only alluded to and summarized on a few pages instead of continuing to go on for around two hundred it's that it's almost ridiculously bad A large part of that is intentional and explained elderly Domenico was full of delusions of grandeur and Dominick had to get the thing translated from Italian and was told that large parts were written in distinctly Sicilian dialect and left untranslated for lack of English euivalent and also emphasis of authenticity But the parody screams intentional from the first sentence and has nothing of the melifluous nature of the Italian language in its style the only Italian thing about it are the untranslated and italicized words which are words any human can at least guess the meaning of unless you haven't seen The Godfather and have no clue what Omerta might mean and did not know that zuppa is a cousin of soup but even if I don't think anyone will have a problem with the bambino's and signora's of which there are plenty I think Lamb spares us Domenico talking about the pizzaBut the funniest thing lies in the details In elderly Domenico's memoir one of the characters is called Ciccolina ans is a bowlegged old butcher woman burdened with a hunchback and breasts that hung from her like a big sacks of semolina Sad sight isn't it But if you'll add just one i you'll find yourself looking at a Cicciolina Doesn't ring a bell Prepare for an interesting trivia Cicciolina is the stage name of Ilona Staller who was born in 1952 and is arguably Italy's best known adult film actress her fame spread now that's a word across the continent and here in Poland her name became a slangword for a big breasted female although it has fallen out of use or perhaps I've grown up though I still found it impossible not to make this connection so perhaps I did not Aside from having a career in adult entertainment Cicciolina also entered the world of politics starting in 1979 as a candidate for Lista del Sole Italy's Green Party In 1985 she switched to Parto Radicale the Italian Radical Party and was elected to the Italian Parliament in 1987 serving there till the end of her term in 1991 after which she was not reelected She was famous for not moving away from her career and continuing to produce hardcore porn while serving in the parliament and delivering political speeches with one breasts exposed When journalists asked her if she is not concerned about her actions undermining her credibility she said My breasts have never done anyone any harm while bin Laden's war has caused thousands of victims She was of course damn rightIn 1991 a year after Thomas in the book world mutiliates himself to stop the Gulf War Cicciolina also offered to make a sacrifice to stop the war she offered to give herself to Saddam Hussein in exchange for world peace Saddam did not accept She renewed her offer in the tumultuous 2002 when Ira was being suspected of possessing weapons of mass destruction saying I would do it holding my nose and closing my eyes I would do it for peace Again Saddam did not accept and the situation escalated into another war In 2006 she offered to give herself to Osama Bin Laden in return for him giving up terrorism It is time someone did something about Bin Laden and I am ready to do it I am ready to make a deal she said he can have me in exchange for an end to his tyranny She accurately pointed out that Bin Laden could learn from Hussein's mistakes but he too did not take Cicciolina up on her offer and troops kept coming One might think that with recent polls showing the famous Silvio Berlusconi being tied with other candidates for the Italian PM he will indeed win the office and La Cicciolina will come out of retirement once again selflessly promoting peace and humanitarian efforts for the world which could certainly use loveBut I digress Even with the memoir's hopelessly bad narrative which even Dominick dreads reading although it's his grandpa's history the main storyline moves smoothly and contains a few emotional bombs which continue to keep falling on poor Dominick it's like eating from a pack of chips we know that the stuff is essentially bad for us and that for every chip there's a whole lot of air and that our fingers get greasy but we keep reaching in nonetheless and crunching the smooth bastards down till they're gone Munch munch munch munch But then as the novel nears the end everything goes horribly wrong and it almost made me drop the rating to two stars instead of three Here's what happensview spoilerEverything gets resolved Every loose end gets tied in the most incredibly unlikely way possible I can understand an author feeling sympathy for the characters whom he had given a rough life and wanting them to feel peace if only at the end but this string of coincidences working in their favor is ridiculous Not only the old bastard Ray gets his redemption by planting the tulips after all this time Always he also gets his leg amputated to get a good dose of sympathy But the sudden character reversal and even the manipulation is not bad Even Dominick learning the real identity of his father is not bad but the identity of his father is It turns out that Dominick is the cousin of Ralph Drinkwater the indian kid which in itself wouldn't be so terribly trashy if Ralph did not just start to benefit from being a Weuonnoc Indian and being a part of the thriving casino enterprise Life sucked for Ralph for so long and at the end he happens to be on the winning side and it just so happens that Dominick is also in for the ride and immediately embraces his newly found Weuonnoc ancestry and the benefits To make it worse Dominick gets back with Dessa the wife who left him after she lost the baby and he ot a vasectomy without telling her she conveniently broke up with whatshisname who was described by Dominick as a good guy for no reason other than to set her up to get back with Dominick which she does and it just so happens that Dominick's previous girlfriend the young and troubled Joy not only became a mother but also got diagnosed with HIV and Dominick just so happens to be the only person in the world that she trusts to take care of her baby in case she passes away which she does Granted it takes a couple years and she did try to convince Dominick that he is the father of her baby before which he wasn't for obvious reasons but it just so happens that the baby happens to be a little angel and hits it off with Dessa just happening to be the child she and Dominick lacked By this time I was reasonably sure that Jesus himself would descend from Heavens above and resurect Thomas thank him for his service and give him back his life and sanity or rapture a few people before blowing the planet up or just blow it up anyway because I sure as hell didn't care what happened Where is Annie Wilkes when you need her He didn't get out of the COCKADOODIE CAR hide spoiler

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And prayed to God the sacrifice he was about to commit would be deemed acceptable One of the most acclaimed novels of our time Wally Lamb's I Know This. This is one of those books I read that has never left me After I finished it I just sat in my chair and cryed for a long time And I can't explain why exactly as the ending was surprisingly hopeful It explores the nature of close family relationships and how you can love someone and also hate them and be embarrassed by them and the guilt that results from these conflicting emotions The main character has a mother with physical defects which have inhibited her whole life a brother with severe mental disabilities that have profoundly affected the entire family and an abusive step father who damaged everyone under his control Yet in spite of all the really depressing themes it is really uite moving and inspirational It's about survival and forgiveness and atonement I also loved the secondary story about the grandfather The book was an astonishing achievement

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I Know This Much Is True Download Ü 104 ´ On the afternoon of October 12 1990 my twin brother Thomas entered the Three Rivers Connecticut public library retreated to one of the rear study carrels and prayed to God the sacrifice he was about to commit would be deemed acceptable One of the most acclaimed novels of our time Wally Lamb's I Know On the afternoon of October 12 1990 my twin brother Thomas entered the Three Rivers Connecticut public library retreated to one of the rear study carrels. I'm glad I finally finished because it was one of those books I kept thinking about when I was in the middle of it and I had trouble getting things done until I knew what would happen I really enjoyed it I think it's hard to write a book with such a complex story line which all ends up coming together neatly in the end Like some how even the mysticism and twists weren't over done and felt like they flowed nicely I think this is one of my favorites now honestly