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Summary á Death Without Company ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Walt investigates a death by poison in this gripping novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The Cold Dish and Dry Bones the second in the  Longmire Mystery Series the basis for LONGMIRE the hit Netflix original seriesFans of Ace Atkins Nevada The Crow Flies who garnered both praise and an enthusiastic readership with his acclaimed debut novel featuring Sheriff Walt Longmire The Cold Dish the first in the Longmire Mystery Series the basis for LONGMIRE now on Netflix Now Johnson takes us back to the rugged landscape of Absaroka County Wyoming for Death Without Company When Mari Baroja is found poison. Walt Longmire is sheriff of the least populated county in one of the least populated states or so he likes to remind us The population is so small in fact he has Deputy Vic hunting up talis jurors bystander at the grocery store before a blizzard is due He’s about to head home when he gets a call from Lucian prior sheriff and now terror of the Durant Home for Assisted Living A resident has died and Lucian wants the room sealed and an autopsy on the deceased When Walt uestions why Lucian has a response“He looked old just then; small old and tired as I had never seen him before His eyes returned to the dead lights of the tree ‘She was my wife’“Walt is shocked but despite his doubts as to the likelihood of a murder he does some investigating The deceased woman Mari Baroja controlled lucrative mineral rights on a large piece of land and the heirs are circling with lawyers in tow Walt has his hands full; he’s still mourning the end of an almost relationship a blizzard looks to be settling in the department needs a replacement deputy and his daughter is on her way back to Wyoming from Philly Dealing with Lucian and hiring new blood brings back memories of when Walt himself applied and first met LucianUnderstated subtle humor weaves through the book particularly in Walt’s inner thoughts Humor of the confrontational sort is gleefully provided by Deputy Vic Walt’s humor however never overpowers to the mood or situation“I walked between the two people at the desk and loomed over Janine whom I had a special fondness for whenever I remembered that she is Ruby’s granddaughter““He finished his coffee and dropped the cup into the biohazard container with the gloves I agreed with his diagnosis and tossed mine in too““knowing that he and XX were in cahoots cahoots being a legal term in Wyoming see cahooting in the first degree intent to cahoot and so on“I enjoyed the plotting which was complex enough that the ending had a surprising twist A nice variety of people are introduced that give flavor to the small town Many had very little to do with the case appreciated in a mystery when all too often each character has a concrete plot related role Santiago Saizarbitoria is a prospective deputy who seems almost too good to be true with his polite demeanor and a surprising facility with languages I found myself enjoying witnessing Walt Ruby and Vic adjust to the newcomer Despite twenty five years as a deputy Walt discovers there is still to learn about the people in his life“I looked up at the large map of the county that was illuminated by the flat winter sun and wondered where the hell I was The place on the wall wasn’t where I happened to be as of late; I was in a strange new place a place where the people I had safely put on shelves were wandering around getting into messy things“What draws me to the series is the writing Issues of race and ethnicity are woven into the story in a matter of fact way an appreciated and realistic nod to diversity Johnson is very good at being evocative describing people and scenes without distracting ostentatious prose The tone is perfectly in keeping with the character of collegiate sheriff whose values are rooted in the simple life“Passion is a strange thing a thing that warps and twists everything with which it comes in contact It was like the combination of moisture and sunshine on wood; sometimes it turned out all right most of the times it didn’t but you couldn’t ignore its strength“If I have any complaint it is the first person flashback that is used for Mari a flashback that comes through Lucian’s storytelling not through any other experience Awkward and overly explicit for the situation it also involves one of my least favorite justification crutches likely the biggest reason for my half star decreaseNonetheless Death Without Company remains well worth reading; a library summons prevented me from the re read I would have liked I highly recommend it to fans of Nevada Barr and Colin Cotterill as well as anyone who wants an enjoyable mystery

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Walt investigates a death by poison in this gripping novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The Cold Dish and Dry Bones the second in the  Longmire Mystery Series the basis for LONGMIRE the hit Netflix original seriesFans of Ace Atkins Nevada Barr and Robert B Parker will love Craig Johnson New York Times bestselling author of Hell Is Empty and As. I was overjoyed with this introduction to the mystery series featuring Sheriff Walt Longmire in northern Wyoming I couldn’t nab the first “Cold Dish” Johnson played all my emotions like a talented pianist from heartbreak to hilarity Wrung me of awe and concern for a hero of mythic stature but one who comes off humble and sincere like the dad you wish you had And evoked so well the setting and human values of rural life in the high plains near the Bighorn Mountains where the dangers of weather and isolation makes a sense of community especially importantThe case in this one starts with the ex sheriff and former mentor Lucian asking that the seemingly natural death of his fellow resident at an assisted living center be checked out suspicious causes When the lady Mari Baroja turns out to have been murdered Walt has to press Lucian hard to learn anything about why he suspected foul play Step by step Walt works out secrets that involve Lucian and Mari dating back to 1950 She was a member of the close knit Basue community of sheepherders who immigrated to the region The investigation has a tough time resolving whether the crime was driven by personal or by financial motivations Mari had a surprising source of wealth but someone in her life was responsible for torture and abuse readable from extensive scarring on her body As Walt makes progress on the case other murders and attempted murders leave a confusing pattern but one thing is clear someone very dangerous is creating a trail of mayhem and Walt keeps getting in harm’s wayEven satisfying than the compelling complexity of the mystery was my experience of Walt in his community his circle of friends and trusty dog named Dog His Cheyenne Indian friend from childhood Henry Standing Bear provides an ongoing sounding board at the helm of his restaurantbar in the tiny fictional town of Durant He also keeps him grounded with humor spiritual wisdom and help with processing Walt’s case related dreams and the visions of Plains Indians’ ghosts he is subject to For example Henry reminds Walt that people don’t own land the land owns them “You don’t own your own mother do you” At the scene of a traffic accident in a snow storm a big truck almost slides into him and has the illusion that ghost Indians helped allay his death like stopping a buffalo I looked north and west toward the Little Big Horn and Northern Cheyenne Reservation It was comforting to think they were still here stewards of a mother they did not own The stinging wind made my eyes tear at least I think that’s what it was so I laughed and lifted my hand tipping my hat just to let them know I knew where they were and to say thanksAnother larger than life friend is his female deputy Vic Moretti a tough foul mouthed Italian from Philadelphia who always has his back in a scrap Because your heart goes out to Walt over his loneliness from the past losses of a wife and recent lover you can’t blame Walt for his hidden affections for Vic but his integrity keeps his lusts at bay I looked at my recently divorced deputy a beautiful intelligent woman with a body like Salome and a mouth like a saltwater crocodile I started to wonder why she hadn’t ever invited me over to dinner when it came to me that I had never invited her out to my place either I guess it had never really occurred to me even though I continually swam against the undertow of my attraction toward her The thought of myself involved with a woman who was about the same age as Cady was an image so pathetic that I erased it in wide sweeps on a regular basis Walt is well grounded and relatively free of demons that afflict so many other fictional detectives For example while he has the same mental attunement for the poetry in nature and spirit visions as James Lee Burke’s Louisiania detective Dave Robicheaux Walt does not suffer his war inspired PTSD alcoholism and hidden addiction to violence Longmire’s humanity shines through with his empathy and affinity for imagining the lives of the victims in a personal way Here he tunes into dead Mari through a dream about her younger self I felt the breath catch in my throat at the wonder of her and knew that everything I had heard was true After a moment she rolled over and looked at me with those dark eyes a plucked piece of grass between her teeth She smiled and reached a hand across to touch my shoulder Her fingers were light and a shiver went through me; the coolness of her spread like a welcome cloud on an overly sunny dayShe looked toward the mountains as if she were trying to think of how to say what she wanted to say She had trouble supporting herself and it was only then I noticed she was very pregnant Her hand came out again slowly as if she didn’t want to frighten me The slim fingers wrapped around mine and lifted my hand toward her A few clouds appeared like solemn voices and broken heartsThe key lessons Walt learns through his travails of this tough case are that “hatred has a poor shelf life but that love and hope can limp along forever” and “a professional is the one who always has his gun”In an with the Mystery People blog Johnson confessed to what he was after with the series and I think he succeeded admirably in his goals Walt is a very iconoclastic figure I guess but I’ve attempted to humanize him by searching for the complexities within He’s very much a Western style hero but in a modern world–he has to match up with that diversity and nuance that hopefully takes the books to another level I think the environs allow for that that and the other characters Henry Standing Bear is not your average stereotypical Indian so Walt can’t be the stereotypical cowboy One of the joys of writing contemporary westernmysteries is that it affords me the opportunity to take on the baggage of t

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Death Without CompanyEd at the Durant Home for Assisted Living Sheriff Longmire is drawn into an investigation that reaches fifty years into the mysterious woman’s dramatic Basue past Aided by his friend Henry Standing Bear Deputy Victoria Moretti and newcomer Santiago Saizarbitoria Sheriff Longmire must connect the specter of the past to the present to find the killer among them. I'm trying hard to like this series It's not often that I give the second book in a series a chance but I enjoyed Johnson's first offering just enough to take a whack at number twoThis one didn't work so well for me I'm seeing a pattern developing already and it turns me right off Johnson's culprit seems always to come out of the blue with minimal involvement in the story right up until the big reveal This literary device is acceptable on occasion but overuse of any ploy becomes tedious with overuse Add to that the fact that half of Longmire's investigative skills depend on whispered advice or clues from spirits or ghosts or people who appear in dreams and you start to uestion the hero's sanity I can see the court case now with Longmire explaining that he searched someone's property because a dead person advised him to do it in a dreamtry getting that one to floatWhat Johnson does right is that he maintains continuity of main characters from book to book and he introduced a couple of new ones in this installation I suspected that they were introduced so they could be killed off but that's just how my mind works The main point is that the characters are likable to the point where their continued inclusion adds something to the reading experience So Johnson's good guys are likeable and his bad guys are really really bad but I'm getting tired of the overworked dreamspirit device I'm going to give this series a rest for now and I'm not sure that I'll start on Number Three