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review Twisted Together (Monsters in the Dark, #3) Ô eBook or Kindle ePUB µ Highly anticipated conclusion to the Monsters in the Dark trilogy complete at 175000 words“After battling through hell I brought my esclave back from the brink of ruin I sacrificed everything—my heart my mind my very desires to bTime to show Tess how beautiful the dark can be” gave everything to bring Tess back In return he expects nothing less Tess may have leashed and tamed him but he’s still a monster inside. 4 TWISTED STARS You are my savior My salvation My Together My absolution My treasure The crown to my thrown YOU ARE MY HOME OMG What a twisted journey This was so intense raw dark and twisted I really loved it I can't believe that these series has come to an end I'm not sure I'm ready to say goodbye to these characters I will really missed Tess and especially after what happened in the last two books I really loved watching their characters develop and grow This book takes place were the previous book left us Tess is rescued by but she really struggles with fear for pain and with terrible nightmares but has to rescue her from the demons she has inside It is the only way for them to have their future But can they manage to be happy and free for their demonsCan they finally have a happy endingThere is so much going on and happening in this final book At some point I was nervous and shocked I really couldn't put it down I loved Pepper's writing in this book Her writing is so poetic I will definitely read books of hers I saw that some of my friends find the beginning slowbut for meI think it need itbecause after 50% shit got real I loved Tess and Together they embraced the dark and light in their lives to find true happiness I liked Tess she is a strong character I liked her determination to live And mmm he is dark but you can't stop loving himespecially after this book You can feel how much he loves her and the passion he has for her But the thing that I liked is that in this book his character has opened up and made him appealing Thank you so much Pepper for writing this amazing seriesARC provided by author in exchange of honest review

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Hing my heart my mind my very desires to bring her back to life And for a while I thought it broke me that I’d never be the same But slowly the beast is growing bolder and it’s finally. US 6 Agonizing Breathtaking Beautiful Twisted Stars He tasted of darkness and sin making me want to follow him to the ends of the earth How do you write a review for a book that has blown your expectations; that has brought out all your worst and best emotions It’s almost impossible to sum up how much I loved this book and its characters This final book was everything I wished it’d be and With Twisted Together Pepper wrote a well deserved ending for two characters that went through hell back and forth suffered so much grief pain and loss that every normal person would have died of but never forgetting that their love conuers it all This is by far the best dark romanceerotic series I’ve read and I can honestly say after having experienced reading such brilliantness my expectations for any dark romance books now are very highIt’s difficult to compose a review for a final book in a series without giving away too much as well as to write it interesting enough so fellow book lovers are interested in picking this series up; thus I try my best to give as little away as possible but also to make you curious beyond repair we’re altered we’re abnormal our souls stained with each other’s mark Our souls are that of monsters born in the dark and Tess are each other’s lifeline and their bond grew stronger and stronger the farther I’ve read Not only this but both characters personality grew in this final installment – no comparison to book 1 and 2; they were complex realjust of everything I fell even deeper in love with While one experiment the helplessness and couldn’t uite figure out what to do with this emotion the other welcomed the power of strength facing and fighting off demons; but both realized it was necessary to welcome every foreign emotion in order to fully embrace their undeniable and twisted love For the first time in my life I’m vulnerable all because I fell in love I knew I would do anything absolutely anything for this man He was the reason I was alive The only reason I wanted to stay alive Tess Reading the book in dual pov made me sueal out loud I saw a side of that I didn’t know I was missing in the previous books He was passionate dominant vulnerable strong brutal but also very soft I lost count how many times I swooned and envied Tess for having such a special love Sure ’s monster is still coming to the surface throughout the book and I’d have missed it if not but also that got tamed in a very special way His pov also made me laugh and this side of him was pure bliss to read; he seemed so normal Trying his hardest for the woman he loved and adored Ok let me define normal Normal in his and her twisted way ; it was time we started trusting and pulled the ends of our connection tight stitching ourselves together forever Tess is by far one of very few characters that went through a shit load I mean really in book two I almost suffered from a heart attack because her pain caused me pain and trust me this woman went through A LOT of suffering so prepare yourself Despite that she was so strong and I admired her She tried her hardest for the man she loved and would do anything Her love had no limits But her demons sucked her in every night and it was hard to find the woman she ones was And she proved us that her love goes beyond anything I was so proud of herDo you have any concept of how much I fucking miss the woman I fell in love withYeah it wasn’t easy but made it he brought her back using the only way he knew how “Welcome to my kingdom I’m going to make you scream”Well don’t think it was that easy or unicorns were hopping around; nope it was a tough way and when he finally cracked her their lives couldn’t have become a bigger mess Short lived was the joy to have the woman back he so badly missed Too short was the happiness Tess felt to be the woman again deserves When hope seems lost it’s the thought of what they have that keeps them alive and going She was my homeI’ll trade my life for hers Because hope is all has left when his monsters come and take him awayto a very very dark place The agony faded inch by inch ache by ache until I felt nothing Nothing but weightlessnessnothingness Sounds faded Life tiptoed away from me taking with it any promise of happiness I might’ve found by marrying my soul mate Are you ready for a story that makes your heart bleed your pulse beat and heart swell with love and joy If then go ahead and read it It is my favorite book in the series and I couldn’t be happier how it ended Peppers guides you through darkness; so dark it’ll make you wince in pain and mess with your mind just to slowly but surely lead you to the light on the end of the tunnel You’ll experience so many emotions that you might need a break but you can’t stop reading because your heart feels like as if it’s hanging on a single thread ready to smash down if you dare stop reading I hope you could see that this is hands down my very favorite series everEnjoy Tess 3

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Twisted Together Monsters in the Dark #3Highly anticipated conclusion to the Monsters in the Dark trilogy complete at 175000 words“After battling through hell I brought my esclave back from the brink of ruin I sacrificed everyt. Horrible estuve MESES dandole una nueva oportunidad y hoy decidí terminarlo Es un somnífero en el intento de ser un libro oscuro termina dando mil vueltas sobre el mismo problema del pasado ue tuvo y no logra progresar Realmente a pesar de ue él enfrentó a sus demonios al final de la historia no logré sentir ue avanzasen en su relación ue madurase ue tuviese algo nuevo ue aportar“I’m not marrying you for the pleasure of calling you my wife esclave I’m not marrying you because it’s the evolution of a relationship I’m marrying you so I have claim on you forever Your soul will be mine for eternity In sickness and in health in life and death you will belong to me And I will belong to you” brought me closer whispering his passion into my mouth “Don’t think this is a contract between two people in love Don’t think this legal document is something flimsy and unpowerful By marrying me you’re taking all of me Everything I am All that I will be You’re accepting my lightness my darkness my fucking eternal spirit By signing your name to mine you are no longer Tess Snow”“What am I” I murmured accepting his feather soft kiss“You’re Tess Mercer Now and for always Forever and ever It’s done”