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SUMMARY Sexy Serenity, A Memoir ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub  At the age of 20 Miranda K Simon a naïve young college student with a one year old son to support and nowhere else to turn is desperate her rent is due and her son needs food With a strong Christian upbringing Miranda never imagined she would or even could dance wS all this and becomes trapped in a vicious cycle She wonders if she can make it out of this shady underworld with her self worth ambitions and priorities as a mother intac. Reviewed on behalf of Readers' FavoriteSexy Serenity by Miranda K Simon is the author’s memoirs about her time as an exotic dancer in California during the late 1990s and early 2000s Miranda is a teenager when she finds herself pregnant Determined to finish her schooling though she enrolls in community college Living with her mother and brother as well as best friend Yessenia Miranda struggles with caring for her young son and maintaining rent with her minimum wage jobs When Yessenia suggests trying exotic dancing Miranda figures she has nothing to lose Through her memoir the reader delves into the underworld of exotic dancing and what the emotional and physical tolls are of a single mother in that professionI was very surprised by how much I enjoyed this memoir Miss Simon is candid in her prose not leaving out details that a reader may find uncomfortable I am a pretty open minded person so I did admire how she worked her hardest to provide for her son even if there were times she was burnt out or overwhelmed with schoolwork I could also see how some women find the profession addicting making money than they would at a regular nine to five job I would have liked to see warnings to women about meeting people online Miss Simon does speak about her wariness when it came to meeting men outside of the club but I feel there should be a stronger point made that it isn’t always safe Overall though Sexy Serenity by Miranda K Simon was certainly an eye opener into a world that is often shadowed with stigma

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At the age of 20 Miranda K Simon a naïve young college student with a one year old son to support and nowhere else to turn is desperate her rent is due and her son needs f. Sexy Serenity is one of the sexiest and hottest books I've ever read There is so much to the author's former professions than I ever realized I have always had great respect for exotic dancers and great admiration too So if anything this book reaffirms what I already believed that these are smart powerful women who deserve to be taken seriouslyI also have to laugh because the cliche of the stripper is a young girl with a kid who is earning money for college But Miranda was doing just that And she was very affected by the life too in both positive and negative ways She learned to expect the worst from men she learned to disbelieve men and she learned to depend only on herselfBut she also learned new ways to be open by exploring new sides of her own sexuality by actually allowing herself to enjoy stripping once in a while and to realize that she couldn't be superwomansuperstudentsupermom all the time or something was going to have to giveWhen Miranda reaches a breaking point toward the end of the book just after her twenty fifth birthday party I found her downward spiral so exhilarating frustrating revolting titillating hilarious and sexy that I think I've re read it about five times Unforgettable and totally believable Wow

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Sexy Serenity A MemoirOod With a strong Christian upbringing Miranda never imagined she would or even could dance with men for money go out with sugar daddies or strip naked on stage Yet she doe. Sexy Serenity a Memoir by Miranda K Simon is a fascinating story about Simon’s experiences working in the adult entertainment industry In this book she shares what really goes on in the adult entertainment industry as well as her own thoughts and experiences while working thereIn Sexy Serenity a Memoir Simon tells how she worked from 1998 to 2003 in the adult entertainment industry first as a dance hostess then has a stripper Not only was Simon a single mom at the time but also a full time college student She chose to work in that industry because she made good money and was able to support her son and her schooling At first I was curious about how someone would get into that line of work after reading Simon’s book I can understand why she chose it A lot of times women joke about wanting a “sugar daddy” but after seeing what is actually expected from a woman who had one I hope it may stop other women from wanting one Working in those types of jobs alone is hard I thought that Simon was lucky to have Yesenia by her side during all those years Many people do not have and will never have a good friend like that I really liked that Simon tells the reader what becomes of her and Yesenia at the end of the book I think a lot of women would do the same type of job as Simon did if they were in her shoes It is amazing that Simon was able to maintain good grades while working a job she hated and taking care of her son Overall I really enjoyed reading Sexy Serenity and wish the best for Simon and Yesenia I recommend this book to anyone who thinks that working in the adult entertainment industry is easy I reviewed this book for Reader's Favorite