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Never Sweeter Read & Download ã 100 ´ Second chances are sweeter than ever in Charlotte Stein’s steamy Dark Obsession series—perfect for fans of Katy Evans—as a self reliant college girl falls for a reformed bully who’s desperate to make up for lost time Letty Carmichael can’t believe her eyes when she catches a glimpse of her high schSecond chances are sweeter than ever in Charlotte Stein’s steamy Dark Obsession series perfect for fans of Katy Evans as a self reliant college girl falls for a reformed bully who’s desperate to make up for lost time Letty Carmichael can’t believe her eyes when she catches a glimpse of her high school tormenter wrestling champ Tate Sullivan on campus College was supposed to be her escape from Tate’s constant ridicule Now he’s in. 425 Emotional Stars “And what was yours How did you think of the shit between us”“I don’t know I think you want me to say a game but that wasn’t true It never felt like a game to me It felt like I was trapped behind glass watching a really shitty version of myself operating my body”Letty Carmichael and Tate Sullivan have a history In high school and I do mean all of high school Tate and his friends tormented Letty The taunts were constant and things got so bad that at one point Letty ended up in the hospital and spent what was supposed to be her first two years of college recuperating So what happens when looking to put the past behind you you see your tormentor for the very first time in two yearsWhat happens when you find yourself not only sharing a class but assigned to work together on a projectThe first 5% of Never Sweeter had me convinced there was no possible way Tate had a chance in hell of redeeming himself I mean come on There are just some things you can’t come back from The uncertainty Letty felt not only with herself but from people as a rule was truly heartbreaking and I’m not gonna lie I was rooting for a junk punch from the very beginningAs the story rolled on Tate began to prove that the boy who made Letty’s life a living hell no longer existed In his place was a man who not only wanted to make amends but maybe wanted a little from Letty as well The way he never shirked the fact he spent years being a major douchebag to her and did his best to apologize and reassure her that his intentions were genuine endeared him to me as a readerLetty’s trust didn’t come easy as it realistically shouldn’t and even when her distrust was obvious Tate never gave up “I know there’s nothing I can do to erase this I wouldn’t want to erase it or act like it never happened or pretend that it’s not in your heart as well as right here under my hand I get that this is always going to be there saying you should doubt me But I’m gonna work every day on making it easier for you to ignore I want you to believe in me and I got all the hours in the world to help that happen” Going into this I knew Charlotte Stein writes a decently hot sex scene and this book proved to be no exception She found a way to realistically weave Letty’s insecurities as well as some unexpected insecurities on Tate’s part into some smokin’ hot sexy times There was an unexpected sweetness to the physical relationship between these two and it managed to deepen the storyAs much as I enjoyed this I had a few minor issues This story needed an epilogue in the worst way and I felt the ending was waaaaay too abrupt I’m not saying things aren’t wrapped up it just seemed to happen at the speed of light A little personal background on the characters pre bullying would’ve been appreciated as well Never Sweeter is an angsty sweet read that I can highly recommend Those looking for a truly dark romance may by a little disappointed but Letty and Tate’s story left me with a smile in the end ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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Her classes again just waiting for his chance to make her life hell But when Letty and Tate are partnered up for an assignment on sex in cinema of all things she starts to see a kinder gentler side of him And when she realizes Tate knows about sex than she could ever guess at he soon starts making her blush in a whole new way Tate Sullivan is haunted by regret over his cruelty toward Letty So when she agrees to work with him he seizes his. 4 Redemption Stars ⭐️ Letty barely survived high school and college was supposed to be her fresh beginning But when she encounters one of her former bullies in class shes horrified Except this time around her bully is adamant that he's changedTate royally fucked up He tormented and hurt one of the nicest girls he once knew Letting peer pressure and stupidity guide his actions he ruined the only chance he had Completely remorseful how does he regain the trust that he once burned to the groundSo with his first act of kindness Letty starts to see Tate in a new lightYou don’t have to be grateful In fact maybe don’t ever be grateful because I don’t know how to deal with it Let’s just say I’m really in the red and it’s going to take me like twenty good deeds before I get anywhere close to the black Then you can say thank youWhen paired together for a class project Letty is devastated while Tate sees this as an opportunity to redeem himself For every step they take forward Letty takes two steps back until the truth is told The truth where Tate has always liked the girl admired the girl lusted after the girl And that actions cannot be forgotten but forgiveness can be earnedThis is what regret feels like when someone puts it in the form of an embrace she thoughtNever Sweeter is an erotic tale of second chances forgiveness and love so sexy that it burns up the pages Although Tate had his groveling cut out for him he never wavered from the task

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Never SweeterChance to make amends He can’t blame her for not believing he’s for real but soon Tate starts to break down her wall She wants to know about passion desire lust topics he is well versed in And in return she offers the one thing he always wanted the chance to be than just a jock Letty is shocked by how sensitive Tate can be Still desiring him feels ludicrous Loving him is impossible Craving him is beyond all reason So why can’t she st. I know because when I offered to help you move in you looked at me like you were just waiting for the punch line to a joke I wasn’t telling And that’s what bullies do to people They don’t just hurt you or make you feel bad for five minutes in high school They create the backbone of every friendship you try to have from then on They change your life foreverI find bully romances problematic in that they tend to excuse the bully by revealing that he was acting out from some sort of unreuited love for his victim It's that whole bs we tell our daughters that the boy on the playground who pushed her face in the sand or pulled on her pigtail did it because he likes her has a crush on her Then those same little girls grow up to date and marry jerks who hurt them and they end up defending them explaining that the reason he backhanded her in a jealous fit or made her uit her job or whatever is only because he loves her too much Sadly as nicely written as Charlotte Stein's novel Never Sweeter is and it really did achieve some poignant and beautiful moments it does end up following that same fallacy Adding insult to injury we find out at the end that view spoilerit was in fact the bullied girl who started this whole thing by humiliating the bully who had wanted to ask her out on a date precipitating five years of bloody warfare between them And it is the magnanimous former bully and now lover who pats her hand and tells her not to blame herself for it hide spoiler