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characters At the Hands of Persons Unknown: The Lynching of Black America ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¹ Popular PDF Epub, At the Hands of Persons Unknown: The Lynching of Black America By Philip Dray There are many interesting things in this book isbn 9780375503245 > forPopular PDF Epub At the Hands of Persons Unknown: The Lynching of Black Americ. Somewhere near the end of Koba the Dread his account of readerly adventures in the Stalin demonology Martin Amis weighs Hitler and Stalin He concludes that because racism is the purest product of our unreflecting reptilian brain a racist ideology must represent the worst brand of the political violence our species finds so instrumental Baudelaire was not overstating things when he euated cosmopolitanism with a “divine grace” Along with Nazi Germany we should look to the American South although Dray's scope is not limited the south for an instructive picture of a society whose moral awareness was put to sleep and its potential for savagery licensed by the division of humans into superior and inferior racial castes the inferior one being a group whose members could be killed with impunity This is very much a book about slavery specifically the drawn out volatile decadence of the society slavery made of the racial caste hierarchy that chattel slavery wove into the psyche of southerners If Nazism was a burst of gangrenous putrescent gas from the German nationalism mortally wounded in 1918 then lynching shows southern white supremacy— the ethos of slavery— in its weakened desperate rearguard lashing out at the once enslaved but now liberated and theoretically dangerous blacks Dray uotes James Weldon Johnson the writer NAACP chair and a near lynching victim himself on a Jacksonville Florida streetcar in 1901 Johnson’s light skinned black female companion was mistaken for a white woman by the conductor whose alarms instantly formed a mob that almost hanged Johnson in a nearby park to the effect that lynching was an expression of the same “evil” that fed slavery And the widespread rape of black females by white men during slavery is no apparent Dray writes than in the nightmares white men entertained of vengeful black men eager to rape white women a specter always raised in justification of lynching Such a justification is bullshit but that doesn’t mean it isn’t revealing white male awareness of their sexual exploitation of black women during slavery and after made it uite natural they would fear payback in kind Brutal people project their brutality on to others Dray classifies the various species of “lynchcraft” 1 The targeted assassination like killing of blacks by night riding Klansmen careful to remain anonymous and secretive during Reconstruction while Federal forces still occupied the south 2 The brazen broad daylight immolation the so called “spectacle lynching” its heyday between 1890 and the early 1930s that drew hundreds even thousands of festive picnic goers from all corners of a state and even from out of state to watch a black man be ritually mutilated and burned at the stake Lucky spectators could come away from the barbeue with a bodily souvenir toes fingers ears knuckles though the victim’s penis was the great prize and drunk white men often brawled in the dirt for possession of it or at the very least with a picture post card of charred remains 3 The community lynching a pogrom really wherein rioting whites in northern and southern cities ran amok in black districts burning and looting shops shooting and beating any blacks of any age toddlers the elderly they happened to encounter Many such instances were the result of economic competition; others because lynch mobs that couldn’t get a hold of a fugitive or securely jailed suspect had to make do with terrorizing the nearby black community 4 The “legal lynching” in which a court would conduct a speedy and sloppy “trial” with an armed mob gathered inside and outside the county courthouse threatening judge and jury with harm if they found the defendant not guilty 5 The “underground lynching” of the 1940s 1960s in which southern terrorists mindful of mainstream America’s abhorrence and the federal government’s increasing activism resorted to a Reconstruction era style of nocturnal abduction after which the perpetrators strove to conceal the body and remain themselves anonymous In many incidences of lynching the styles of lynchcraft overlapped and the cause of death of all lynching victims was recorded by coroners with the phrase “Death at the hands of persons unknown” The system’s coarsening of southern whites extended beyond their brutality to blacks it numbed the sense of their own interests as well The lurid Manichean mythology of an embattled common whiteness held poor whites hostage made them reluctant to see that their interests were not always interchangeable with those of wealthy whites I’ve always been fascinated by this overriding solidarity of whiteness its power to obscure seeemingly unmissable social facts and the spectacle of poor whites who didn’t own slaves fighting in the Civil War to maintain an economic order that reduced many of them to subsistence farming this was obvious to even the dullest northern prole by 1861 Dray makes me want to read about labor relations in the postwar South Many of the urban race riots Dray discusses like the St Louis pogrom of 1917 have their roots in white anger over the influx of cheap and therefore competitive black labor and the use of blacks as strikebreakers; and lynchings of individuals often had the intended result of scaring north most of a county’s black population and thus depleting the local pool of cheap agricultural labor much to the annoyance of landowners many of whom deplored lynching when it hurt their pocketbooks I’m curious to find out to what degree violence against blacks was tinged by white wage grievance blacks being an easy scapegoat just as a certain kind of American nativist today would rather bash Mexicans than uestion the capitalism under which employers maximize profit by welcoming desperate immigrant laborers willing do dirty or dangerous work for a low wage

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A By Philip Dray There are many interesting things in this book isbn 978037550. Five stars because every American adult should read it Unsurprisingly it's not an easy or a pleasant read But it is well written and compelling The violence and terror experienced by blacks during the lynching era 1880 1940 was much worse than many of us have imagined No aspect of black life was unaffected by that terror It was deeply ingrained in black experience and nearly impossible to escape It's essential for all Americans to understand how pervasive and profound the terror was that circumscribed black families and black communities at the hands of white people not just those in white capes and hoods but the entire white establishment state community media churches The violence was out in the open shameless even celebrated Until we confront the reality of our past we will not heal nor understand how that past informs the present

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At the Hands of Persons Unknown The Lynching of Black America3245 format Hardcover and others 544 pages and has a text language like Englis. This book was hard on my soul I always thought when a Black person was lynched they died of a broken neck which is a relatively uick death I didn't know that being strung up on a rope was done after the person was tortured mostly by first taking souvenirs of the still living person The first to go was the victim's penis then the fingers toes ears etc Then the person was roasted slowly over a fire and then hung After that pictures were taken of the body and sent all over the country with hundreds and even thousands of people standing around smiling the audience actually fought over the remaining pieces of the victims I also didn't know right after reconstruction up until the 1940's at least ten lynchings too place a month Most of them with cooperation with the local authorities including the railroad companies that added special trains to get hundreds of people from different states to a lynching in another state The papers covered these lynchings as entertainment At times this was a difficult book to read but I'm glade I did Reading Chekhov along side it was soothing for some reason