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Wood Talc and Mr JEver an illusion his reflected image includedComing full circle by way of loss and loss you would hope lessons are learnedThe book progresses through myriad dream seuences interwoven song themes a father’s philosophical ramblings ever blackening wit leitmotif – or seemingly recurring scenes; is someone laughing at our hero And Phillip’s own lyrical strut like black or white mannerDancehall adventures via train rides to Heaven scooter cruising almost coast to coast Beneath the pier encounters with the opposite sex et al set against the birth of Scargill and Thatcher feudin A Storyteller’s Eyes Burned Hot With This Intoxicating TaleThe I read of Wood Talc and Mr J the engrossed I became in the life of Philip and his story The author Chris Rose takes you into the witty world of British humor with scenery and prose Philip despite all his partying ultimately learns from family bantering discussions of pride trusting not by actions but by reactions to what keeping the faith means While reading this well scripted story I often felt as if I were standing on the outside looking in The reader learns that common place events for families extend beyond cultural boundaries and time Such as yearning for that great vacation and instead finding all that can go wrong will go wrong worrying if you're a total bore handling poppycock warnings from your mum dealing with desires to feeling stuck in a Fagin like underworld”I totally enjoyed the array of music bands singers books cars hair styles and fashion that played out through the years of this story It was in this time when the words of songs had listeners searching for magical meanings and people searched for a way to connect under the influence of drink or drugs You will witness an adolescent who wants to escape his bleak world in bars change into a man who loves his family and takes responsibility There are parts in this story that may reach out and grab you with a bit of deja vu

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Wood Talc and Mr Reader õ Ç Wood Talc and Mr J – We never had it so goodIt’s a time of great social and political upheaval – industrial disputes and bullying unions racial discord and the National Front 1978 it’s a Britain on the brink It’s also a Britain of definite youth cultures when the wrong attire on the wrong street might eual a beatiWood Talc and Mr J – We never had it so goodIt’s a time of great social and political upheaval – industrial disputes and bullying unions racial discord and the National Front 1978 it’s a Britain on the brink It’s also a Britain of definite youth cultures when the wrong attire on the wrong street might eual a beating for your blunder often regardless of your football allegianceA look back Without the rose tinted spectacles but with hindsight and humour and with poignancy and affectionThe NorthPhillip sees life in a simplistic if passionate way up or down us and them bla ‘You weren’t supposed to be clever where I came from’Readers who are used to Walkers Crisps in portioned packets will find opening this unfamiliar shrink wrapped alternative challenging I certainly did The first taste is of something indefinable; salty and lime flavoured with than a hint of sea of vinegar of jellied eels and certainly bracing This book takes a willingness to be persuaded but becomes increasingly addictive as you bite into separate scenes and ride a great many buses in pursuit of Sheffield United the possibility of ‘gear’ or a good dust up with Skin heads or Rockers and those who fail to appreciate the finer distinctions in Motown and Soul This is not a world I know anything about yet something in the self effacing and evocative staccato began to mesmerize It got better and better once the idiom lodged and compellingI am not sure I can analyse why or even that I garnered half of what its sharp language referred to for it is a new language and describes a world as unfamiliar as Bangladesh although it only asks me to travel as far as Sheffield Ilkley Barnsley Skegness and environs Names and words encircle Well that’s not all it asks me to take on trust Sheffield in the seventies through the eyes ears and nostrils of Phillip its narrator and interpreter of the author’s sardonic nostalgic and dismissive memory Into Phillip he pours his unstated affection for his home but like a shirt tail that should not escape but does If a reader is tempted to sympathy it uickly disappearsI feel I begin to get a little closer to its hooking summons to travel with it Phillip is disarmingly devil may care on the surface He refuses any self indulgence; his affectionate love of Grom his grandmother Edith is epitomized by his refusal not only to take the same bus with her to work in Hell’s Satanic Mill but a different bus route entirely Her habit of torturing him by eating pungent and unsavoury food with gusto and without teeth and in public is politely avoided without resentment on either sideThis family understands one another They are diffident tolerant undemonstrative and loyal and the influence of Grom permeates even when she is absent His father’s moral rectitude about the obligations of work and discipline however unrewarded except in affording legitimacy to weekends letting rip stem from Grom almost everything retains integrity below the surface of seeming chaos Phillip is uintessentially English in his refusal to disclose than is decent about his feelings except about music and song titles for these are safe pegs on which to define himself They were unfamiliar to me but that was unimportant in this rollicking ride through period seaside arcades scooter racing police check points imminent catastrophe dared to come out by jeering at it and his friendship with JedJustAbout Paul Pete Mick and Uncle James His names are minimalisthis girl friends loved and moving past and on but as expressive of the time as they are of the character of Phillip who takes all as it comes and goes As must the reader for this is a ride through affectionate memory of those loved and lost and a world being unwrapped from its confines in maturity; from Batty with her purple hair and his brother Sam’s gradual growth closely observedThere is little of ‘story’ in any external sense unless a rite of passage from adolescent to adulthood is story and for most of us writers until it is told other stories cannot get top billing or full attention But it is the poetic vernacular that springs the surprises; they allow dandelions to bloom between the paving stones tossed over the shoulder prolifically and without stopping; those ‘wagged schooldays’ ‘Madame Shake ‘n’Vac’ ‘heart splintering honesty’ and ‘prematurely ripened humbug’ This is an extraordinarily original writer seemingly with an endless ability to dislocate the image until the cartilage gleams in the joints of small agonies Because Phillip pities himself not at all you feel for him and want to steady him with a hand before he trips on his shoelaces or cuts his feet Poor Phillip He will remain with you long after the book is closed Open it and stay with it for it is rich and new Then read it a second time

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Ck white and nothing in between When not doing his ‘thing’ in Wigan’s Casino Club – voted ‘The Greatest Disco in the World’ by Billboard Magazine – Phillip hates the world Or at least he thinks he does He longs for the weekend or a greater permanent escape from the daily grind of factory life in an industrial townWith a little imagination he might realise things midweek aren’t that bad there’s the loving family the secure job amid mass unemployment a relationship with the perfect young woman Or maybe he realises too late And all he’d deemed important was only You never know where Phillip aka Chris Rose will take you next in this fascinating book An original voice expressed through the main character Phillip takes us through the harrowing surreal world of a young man on the cusp of adulthood Poignant dark and disjointed one minute hilarious the next this book is filled with one surprise after another The best bits play ruthlessly with words images placespeople and events in the most unexpected ways The simplest everyday things like eating riding the bus and hanging with grandma are reinvented once they've passed through Phillip's mind and are spat upon the page in wonderfully written snippets At times I feared for Phillip other times rooted him on in his unabashed deconstruction of taken for granted moments in the mass culture of his day Not all of those moments are familiar to me btw as a non Brit so I'm sure there are even witticisms to be enjoyed by those who grew up in a time and place similar to the one inhabited by Phillip I hope the lad finds his way in the 1970s British world gone mad universe the author has dumped him as Phillip comes of age I also wish I could categorize this book but that's not easy Part of me wonders if A Clockwork Orange had been written by Monty Python it might have looked like this I don't know Just read the book The experience is well worth it