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The Fifty Seven Lives of Alex WayfareLives by accessing Limbo the space between Life and Afterlife With fifty six lifetimes to explore historical secrets to unlock and hidden treasures to unearth descending back in time becomes irresistible to Alex especially when the same mysterious boy with blue eyes keeps showing up in each one of them But the Alex descends the it becomes apparent that someone doesn’t want Alex to travel again Ever And will stop at nothing to make sure her current life her fifty seventh is her last An Electronic Advance Reader Copy was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss for review uotes have been pulled from an ARC and may be subject to changeAlex is a descender someone who reincarnates into other lives and can move back and forth in time traveling wherever she may please She thinks she's a freak and her classmates bully her for being different When she starts to see a psychiatrist and she tells her information to the places she has seen and been she realizes that it might not be such a good idea The moment she meets Porter he tells her what she truly is and the danger that she's in So begins Alex's 57th life and journey into stopping the man who wants nothing but to use her against his own criminal wishesAs for characters I thought Alex was a wonderful character who wasn't trying to be perfect She knew the limits to her responsibilities and even did whatever she wanted no matter what her conseuences were In return she learned from her lessons as most teenagers do and became such a reliable teen character I love how in depth we get into her personality and her thoughts She felt like she stepped out of the page and became a person you know and love Even all the secondary characters were such fun to read about I loved how close Alex was to her family The fact that they had movie night and everyone had a say into which movie to watch was too adorable I also liked that real issues arise like her sister being sick and what kind of effect it had on her and her familyThis is one book that has everything in it Teen angst romance action adventure historical fiction mystery time travel science fiction it has it all I pretty much devoured this and it kicked my reading slump out of the way I just loved the mini twists and turns and the journey that MG has taken me I didn't want this book to end and I was trying to read slower because of it I cannot wait for the next one

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FREE MOBI ¿ DOC The Fifty Seven Lives of Alex Wayfare ¶ RANDARENEWABLES Å Beautiful prose an intelligent plot and a heroine as fabulous as she is uniue—I couldn't put it down —C J Redwine The Defiance Trilogy For as long as she can remember 17 year old Alex Wayfare has had visions of the pastBeautiful prose an intelligent plot and a heroine as fabulous as she is uniue I couldn't put it down C J Redwine The Defiance Trilogy For as long as she can remember 17 year old Alex Wayfare has had visions of the past Visions that seem so real they leave her breathless feeling as if she really was onboard a ship bound for colonial America or rising to the top of the first Ferris wheel at the Chicago World’s Fair But these brushes with history are not simple jaunts back in time nor “I thought we were supposed to use time travel to help people” I say “I thought that’s what I did”He wheels around and aims a finger at me “That’s not what you did You played dress up while you chased after some ridiculous teenage fantasy You can’t make that much of an impact on the past You can’t fall in love” I guess this is what you would call speculative fiction because try as I might I can't really make much sense of this book There is plenty of time hopping as well as a supposedly compelling reason behind it I couldn't see it For me the book's time traveling premise felt like a tool to showcase different time periods and clothes and parties and not the danger packed events they should have beenPlot aside the main character is not a girl I admire Alex Wayfare is selfish she is truculent she is thoughtless She grew up somewhat during the length of the book but by then I had ceased to careThe Summary Alex Wayfare uses her visions as an excuse to be a horrible person Ever since she was a child she has had these visions in which she blacks out in real life then sees herself transported through time to another reality in the past Like one time she blacks out and gets visions of herself in the Puritan Jamestown colony during a long hard winterThe Jamestown settlers had to turn to cannibalism It's not in the class textbook but Alex saw it Therefore it must be true She writes an essay on the Jamestown cannibalism surprise surprise she gets an F because IT WASN'T IN THE FUCKING TEXTBOOK In revenge for her F Alex humiliates her teacher in front of the entire school Sounds totally fair right His phone rings in his pocket The vibrator motor stings his thigh and he shrieks into the microphone He actually shrieks The ringtone peels thrtough the gym the rapper rhyming about beating up his cheating girlfriend “because she deserved it” and dropping he F bomb every other word The entire student body bursts into howls of laughter And that's just one of the many bullshit acts she pulls because you know she has visions and all Life is so fucking hard because it's not like everyone thinks she has epilepsy and pities her Oh wait they doDuring one of these blackouts Alex gets transported to the Roaring Twenties She looks just like herself only you know hotter thinner Soft wavy tendrils framed my face gently brushing my red cheeks in the crisp autumn air Everything else was the same – my nose my lips my chin – only I looked thinner possibly two sizes smaller beneath that long wool coat Unlike other visions Alex actually gets to STAY in this one And boy is it worth staying cause there's Blue Blue's name's Nick and he may be a gangster but he's hot so you know who the fuck cares lol They nearly get shot Yeah you heard me It felt like ages before the gunfire stopped and the roadster sped away but as soon as it did Blue Eyes pulled me to my feet Before you know it she's falling for Blue because getting nearly shot together is such a meet cute moment It's so sweet they encounter gangsters together Pshaw who's worried about a bunch of Tommy gun wielding gangsters anyway Certainly not Alex Back home I would’ve run for my life if I’d come face to face with a guy like him in an alley But in this body I wasn’t scared So yeah FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT Six to one I didn’t know a damn thing about fighting but I knew those weren’t good oddsMy feet were planted And my fists craved contact I was hungry for a fight and somehow I knew I could hold my own Uh huhThankfully she is saved by an act known as deus ex fucking machina in which she blacks out JUST IN TIME to be saved from a gunshotBack in the present Alex receives a cryptic message from an unknown man I’m not sure what I’m doing following a cryptic flyer to meet some old guy I don’t know I know a hundred different ways this meeting could take a turn for the worse You don't say Surprise surprise Alex goes to meet him anyway Thankfully Alex doesn't end up being the victim of a serial killer and she actually learns something about her time traveling condition from a man PorterAs it turns out Alex is rare Different Special “You’re the only one of your kind” Porter says making it sound like an honor “The only reincarnated Descender A Transcender She can travel through lives and past lives Alex has had 56 previous lives Before Porter could completely explain the concept of time travel to her Alex is like lol fuck it I'm going to the past to see Blue She travels back to the Roaring 20s to see her new sueezeYou know that thing about not making an impact on the past because it could affect the present Alex says to that concept FUCK YOUUsing her past body Alex does such compelling important things as get dolled up When Helena finished my makeup I looked in her mirror and turned my chin to the left and right A movie starlet stared back at me Porter yells at her to come back She doesn't listen Porter’s voice elbowed its way inside my head just as startling and unsettling as the first time Forget Porter's warnings there are important things to do Like go to the Chicago Theater We stood outside the Chicago Theater waiting in line under a huge glittering maruee that read The Jazz Singer My jaw dropped when I first saw it Not to mention spending a moonlit night on the rooftops of Chicago He helped me onto the roof and we gazed out at the city breathing in the night and listening to the distant street sounds The stars seemed close enough to fog with your breath And Porter's voice yelling at her in her head Fuck that shit IGNORE HIM You need to come back now I didn’t tell you the rules You have to come back before you–His words resonated inside my skull like the gong of a bell I fought harderI struggled longerPorter was gone Eual parts relief and guilt twisted inside me And she would have gone on partying like that until she got forcefully pulled back to the present And Alex pouted like a little girl when she's told that she has to repair the damage of her presence in the past I stare at him like there are marbles spilling from his ears “You can’t be serious Everything I went through everything that happenedYou want me to erase it”He lifts his chin daring me to defy him “Yes”“But” I grasp at straws trying to delay the inevitable “I didn’t sleep in until lunchtime I landed at lunchtime” Now do you realize why I don't like AlexIt turns out that there's a bigger plot at hand There is an evil man out to kill Alex Will she stop being a belligerent little bitch in time to save her own assThe Plot Rambling All over the damn place That whole Blue arc was completely irrelevant and useless and it took up almost half the fucking book Alex gets to travel through her other past lives several of them and those events barely take up any notice in the book because they happen so uickly This book is not so much the 57 Lives of Alex Wayfare but like the 325 lives of Alex WayfareThere is no danger because the past seems designed to be presented as a cool setting than anything relevant to the plot We get to see her looking like Marilyn Monroe when she travels back to the 1960s We get to see her on a cool train robbery in the 1870s These time traveling events do not feel like they made much impact on the plot despite the fact that they are supposed to be crucialAlex Frustratingly childish She is so self centered She has no survival skills In her everyday life she uses her I have visions excuse to basically fail at life And by that I mean she is failing 11th grade She is intelligent brilliant but she uses her skills for petty revenge instead of anything noble “I may have posted a few of Tabitha’s personal text messages on the cafeteria’s scrolling message board” She is a disappointment to her family and her family has enough hardships on their plate like her sister who is dying of leukemiaAlex is the type who thinks that all adults are stupid terrible people “Sadly I haven’t met too many elders worthy of respect outside my family Adults seem pissed off because of their life choices and take it out on us kids because unlike them we still have time; or they’re blind and forgot what it was like to be a kid so they try to put us in a glass box; or they’re jackasses just for the fun of it; or they’re blissfully ignorant of like everything SHe flaunts the rules and is shocked and angry when she gets caught She violates the very backbone of time traveling rules All for the sake of romance We don’t make an impact But you” His short laugh is dry and hollow “You broke just about every rule we have – short of killing someone – on your first run I think that must be some kind of record” The Premise Honestly it doesn't make much sense The premise of time travel in this book is half fantasy half sci fi We're just expected to believe that time travel is possible and two scientists came to achieve it No explanations given And they were geniuses But there was to it than that They had an upper hand A secret weapon no one else knew about They could travel back in time” that's it There are people who can travel back in time Accept it because no further explanations are givenThere's a lot of terminology thrown at us Limbo Transcenders Descenders Newlife Base Life It doesn't really make any sense because there is no credible basis and explanation for the time travel except that well some people have it It's a maybe she's born it it maybe it's Maybelline type of bullshittery How did they manage it Oh Limbo “How did they travel”“By accessing Limbo”“Limbo Like Dante’s Limbo”“Exactly yes Everyone passes through Limbo on their way to Afterlife when they die but only a few can access Limbo while still alive What Um okNot recommended Fuzzy logic fuzzy concepts an annoying character who is so self centered that it takes away from the story

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Do they come without a price Alex's visions wrench her from her life in the present without warning returning her with mysterious wounds and inexplicable lasting effects Desperate for a normal life Alex wants to discover the meaning of her visions and get rid of them once and for all It isn’t until she meets Porter a stranger who seems to know about her than she knows about herself that Alex learns the truth she is a Descender capable of traveling back in time to her fifty six past RatingI enjoyed it a lot 🤗2019’s Around the year in 52 book challenge #22 has a number on it’s titleRandom pick for April 2019This book isn’t perfect it has its problems it’s biggest one being it’s lack of world building but it was exactly what I’ve been looking for in a time travel story so I enjoyed it a lotThis is the story of Alex a girl that has been suffering from some sort of déjà vu since she can remember Because of this she doesn’t socialize afraid of anything that might trigger her “visions” She has a loving family her parents two sisters and her grandparents Her middle sister is sick she has leukemiaI was very intrigued by the time travel and once I learned a bit I was even invested I wish it was better explained and fleshed out we are pushed into this world with very little explanations of how everything works I was entertained and the pacing was fast enough that it didn’t bothered me that much but I have to recognize this is the weakest point of the novel view spoiler Alex is a descender Two guys found out how to tap into Limbo a space between our reality and the afterlife where souls that haven’t past to the afterlife reside This guys Gesh and Flemming figured out how to use those souls to travel back in time to hop into the bodies of those souls They created an organization AIDA that researches every area of science and technology in order to help humanity cure cancer etc But in reality Gesh uses this to enrich himself being powerful becoming practically a God The institution is a front for his shady business but the world doesn’t know it and thinks he is a philanthropist He has the government in his pocketThey figured out how to create a soul that had the ability to reincarnate and travel several times to the same body because once you use a soul to time travel it can’t be used again This soul is Alex’s With Alex they also created another Blue’s They’re soulmates when one descends it pulls the other one with it that’s why Alex had those deja vu episodes When one dies the other dies as well they’re linkedThey both have “defects” she can’t remember anything about her previous life when she travels back and Blue can’t remember anything about his base life when he descends that means when he travels back he remembers that previous life but no his base life and therefore he doesn’t remember the missionGesh experimented on both trying to repair themShe can only travel to her base life ageShe meets Porter He is Flemming very predictable BTW he sort of explains everything to her but not really He doesn’t tell her about Blue or that he is Flemming He tells her he is fighting Gesh that in her previous life she asked him to reincarnate her and hide her from Gesh They plan to be one step ahead and steal historic treasures before Gesh gets to them Alex’s previous lives were designed so she would be near every treasure Gesh wanted to learn from Again there’s never an explanation of how they found out about limbo how they could create a soul or reincarnate them The technology is never explained at allThere are other descender a whole bunch of them but we don’t learn anything about how AIDA operatesSince Porter isn’t being truthful to Alex just because They learn Gesh knows she is traveling again and suspects Gesh fixed Blue’s defect and that he is a traitor Alex travels to her previous life without telling Porter meeting Levi her previous life’s Ivy boyfriend Then she creates a paradox a variant because she’s the one that lets Gesh know she’s traveling again discovering that Blue wasn’t the traitor after all She can’t erase this jump because she would erase her base life self Because if this doesn’t happens Ivy wouldn’t ask Flemming to reincarnate and protect herShe ask Blue to meet her in Chicago on New years eve in their base life The books ends with her at the fountain We don’t know if he shows upOne thing That didn’t made sense to me was their physical appearance in the past They are reincarnation of themselves but they’re not genetically related is their souls that reincarnate so it doesn’t makes sense that they look similar to their base life unless it was how they perceived each other but if that’s the case it’s not well explained because they are constantly mentioning their physical ualities like eyes or hair color It also doesn’t make sense the physical improvements she brought back as residuals from her descending trips I can accept knowledge based improvements like know how to fight or a new skill but better eyesight That’s BSI don’t understand how Gesh and Porter created Alex and Blue how they can have past lives prior to their birth I mean Gesh must be like 50 soo let’s say they discovered Limbo in the 80’s so how can Alex have a past live in the 1800’s That is never explained and doesn’t make any sense hide spoiler