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Black Sun: The Brief Transit and Violent Eclipse of Harry Crosby review à 103 ë Includes an afterword by the author Harry Crosby was the godson of J P Morgan and a friend of Ernest Hemingway Living in Paris in the twenties and directing the Black Sun Press which published James Joyce among others Crosby Includes an afterword by the author Harry Crosby was the godson of J P Morgan and a friend of Ernest Hemingway Living in Paris in the twenties and directing the Black Sun Press which published James Joyce among others. I've owned this book for many years because how could one not see this book and immediately buy it with intent to read It is about a small time publisher poet and mystic who leads a violent crazy life that culminates in murder suicide on the cusp of the Great Depression Hart Crane and Kay Boyle are in it and James Joyce makes a cameo evenThe problem is that Harry Crosby is actually not that interesting The story is riven with a single deus ex machina the inexhaustible fortune of Harry's family which continually steps in to help Harry and Caresse buy race horses or go on flying lessons or spend weeks masturbating to the sunrise while devising sick acrostics for his name It's interesting that the story makes no bones about the fact that Harry is kind of bad as both a poet and a publisher and illustrating the ways in which one gets along in the world as a kind of bad poet and publisher who is nevertheless very wealthy and free with money the extravagant sex mysticism wastes that Crosby gets up to crossed with weird efforts at reform and business success It's the story of someone who wants passionately to be an Oddball Genius but who is not that smart or talented and it's kind of rare to see that rendered so well but um it is not that satisfying a story I guess RICH KID SUANDERS FORTUNE ON PRETENTIOUS WASTES OF TIME DOG BITES MAN Except in Paris In the TwentiesThe trouble is that this is a biography written from a basic place of condescension rather than awe maybe Both elements are there but the former is firmly in control and that gets in the way of what's wonderful about this bookAlso there is not nearly enough about Caresse Crosby Would love to know if anyone has good book recommendations about her because she seems generally like the better Crosby I mean she hung out with Anais Nin and tried to start a world peace center at Delphi and ran an art colony in a Roman castle and also she invented the bra and possibly the paperbackI think my main beef with this book is its structure A story that's fundamentally about a kind of perpetual antithesis man rejects Boston in favor of worshiping the Sun as a death god should really follow a slightly chronological pattern than this does with Crosby's exploits grouped mostly by thematic association I really wanted of a sense of how this life was actually dissolving in the act of its flowering and jumping back and forth throughout the Twenties to trace various affairs didn't do it for me totallyThe parts about how small press publishing worked in Lost Generation era Paris are awesome Basically if you were rich and had access to paper stocks you could make cool zines with your friends This is also an element I enjoyed in the Diary of Anais Nin Volume II clean version

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He shot his girlfriend the recent bride of another man and then himself Black Sun is novelist and master biographer Geoffrey Wolff's subtle and striking picture of a man who killed himself to make his life a work of ar. He who loves should always feel a lack and should always keep his wounds open NovalisWhether in the sphere of art and legend or in real life a dramatic and tragic end for lovers seems inevitable Even when the causes of such a tragedy seem external and extrinsic to the conscious will and human desire of the lovers and appear due to an unlucky destiny it is the inner transcendental logic of the situation that demands a tragic outcome For as a poet once Said But a thin veil divides love from death Evola Harry Crosby had a seemingly irresistible pull towards love of all kinds but much stronger was his ellipse to death The author reserved a solely profane and material view of Harrys life only briefly touching upon in one chapter perhaps 12did the author choose that number by chance the origins of Harrys mystic foundation which he had received individually by ways of ancient myths from around the world The book has much useless information crowded around a fascinating character The book shines only in its objective and extensive analysis combined with all the decadent parties and Jubilee's It was very interesting to read of Harrys connections with dh Lawrence Ezra Pound Archibald and even Salvador Dali Sadly Harry was brought downward by his gravitation towards the primitive worship of Dh Lawrenceplumed Serpent types and decadent Baudelaire typesThe mystic aura of Harrys internal Eros could have sprouted into a full blown awakening if were not for the decadent mania that influenced him The perfect example is seen within the Jacueline deity that Harry worshipped Dantes Beatrice Jacueline was the imagined woman that captured the unatainable perfection that Harry could never and would never findnaturally The fact that he had this personal deity shows that Harry was well on his way towards finding the arrow of his target but rather he sunk into a decadent lust with a Haram of women Overall the events are interesting within his life but Geoffrey Wolff barely understood the esoteric origin of his love and deathly despair those continual extremes which are closer then first appears If you do understand the romantic and metaphysical origin of his love then this book is wholly worth it for an example of how this love when made profane and lustful as a beast can turn on the user and use him as a fool Personally I believe Harrys influence of the Rimbaudian madness destroyed Harrys internal revolving Sun and fragmented Harry into many pieces This Ultimately culminated in his early demise by his own fractured soul deceived by ideas of mystic madness Though I always have respect for a suicide of his grandeur for it's not as easy an act as it seemsPS I would recommend a reading of Julius Evolas Eros and the mysteries of love before reading this so you can truly understand Harrys violent eclipse

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Black Sun The Brief Transit and Violent Eclipse of Harry CrosbyCrosby was at the center of the wild life of the lost generation Drugs drink sex gambling the deliberate derangement of the senses in the pursuit of transcendent revelation these were Crosby's pastimes until 1929 when. Well Mr Wolff sure brings Harry Crosby to life A little ways in I was starting to get real annoyed at the condescension the author kept leveling at his subject A little ways further I was amused at how the author had in this assumed the role of The Sun the object of Harry's worship and obsession in bringing its subject to life but also pitilessly withering him with that same light By the end it was clear that Wolff's often harsh judgements of Crosby are a product of his incredible affection for him and very likely part of Wolff's own personal issues with hero worship one of Crosby's ualities that seems to unnerve Wolff the most At times the chronology is unclear as Wolff doesn't move in a linear path through Crosby's life He starts with childhood but once Crosby is out of the war and living in Europe Wolff traces and retraces the years focusing on different relationships and interests Dude died at 31 though and Wolff is aiming for as comprehensive portrait as possible so this makes sense although I feel as if he could've helped us out a little bit keep straight what was happening when in relation to the other whats But all in all this is a very engrossing and exciting telling of Crosby's story