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Rment group he called Shining Hope for Communities SHOFCO Then in 2007 Wesleyan undergraduate Jessica Posner spent a semester abroad in Kenya working with SHOFCO Breaking all convention she decided to live in Kibera with Kennedy and they fell in loveTheir connection persisted and Jessica helped Kennedy to escape political violence and fulfill his lifelong dream of an education at Wesleyan UniversityThe alchemy of their remarkable union has drawn the support of community members and celebrities alike The Clintons Mia Farrow and Nicholas Kristof are among their fans and their work has changed the lives of many of Kibera’s most vulnerable population its girls Jess and. Wow This is one of those books that you read and start to wonder about what you're doing with your own life The story of Kennedy and Jessica is phenomenal primarily of course because of the impact they are having on the world but also because of the grit and determination it reuired for them to get to that point Clearly there is a lot that had to have gone on that didn't make it into the book the story definitely got jumpy the further into the timeline it went but even just what is there is impressive I love how clearly Kennedy grew to understand the needs of his community and ways in which he could meet them and how passionate Jessica became about supporting and declaring a vision that wasn't originally hers Together they form an unbeatable team each able to take the lead on navigating different challenges and that give and take comes through beautifully in the book Definitely worth reading and also an organization worth a further look in general for its purpose vision and overall difference making

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Find Me UnafraidKennedy founded Kibera’s first tuition free school for girls a large bright blue building which stands as a bastion of hope in what once felt like a hopeless place But Jessica and Kennedy are just getting started they have expanded their model to connect essential services like health care clean water and economic empowerment programs They’ve opened an identical project in Mathare Kenya’s second largest slum and intend to expand their remarkably successful program for changeUltimately this is a love story about a fight against poverty and hopelessness the transformation made possible by a true love and the power of young people to have a deep impact on the wor. The partnership of Kennedy and Jessica has resulted in a successful model for positive change in challenged areas They do not sugarcoat the problems but the combination of education for girls social services for the community clean water and improved sanitation hope where there once was little of that Their love story of two people from radically different cultures learning to connect and grow was also inspiring I hope to read of their story and the continuing story of the Shining Hope for Communities movement in the future

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Find Me Unafraid Read & download æ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook è Find Me Unafraid tells the uncommon love story between two uncommon people whose collaboration sparked a successful movement to transform the lives of vulnerable girls and the urban poor With a Foreword by Nicholas KristofThis is the story of two young people from Find Me Unafraid tells the uncommon love story between two uncommon people whose collaboration sparked a successful movement to transform the lives of vulnerable girls and the urban poor With a Foreword by Nicholas KristofThis is the story of two young people from completely different worlds Kennedy Odede from Kibera the largest slum in Africa and Jessica Posner from Denver Colorado Kennedy foraged for food lived on the street and taught himself to read with old newspapers When an American volunteer gave him the work of Mandela Garvey and King teenaged Kennedy decided he was going to change his life and his community He bought a soccer ball and started a youth empowe. One of the best books I've read this yearKennedy grew up in Kiberia Kenya one of 8 children living in the slums There was no electrity no running water no sanitation no employment no education no health care He lived on the streets avoiding his abusive father his younger sisters being raped opposing tribe members killing their neighbors At age 16 he was inspired by the written words of Martin Luther King and others through community there had to be a way to make their lives better With a 20 cent soccer ball he started a youth group that became the basis of Shining Hope for Communities In 2007 a student from Wesleyan College opted to do a semester overseas She chose Kenya and met KennedyThe 2 fells in love Jessica was from a wealthy Jewish family in Denver well educated but determined to have an impact on the world Kennedy lived in a tin house with sewage running through his neighborhood Over the next several years the 2 of them work together to build a school a health center and a water system for the slums Jessica was able to get Kennedy into Wesleyan so that he could return to Kenya an educated man As their story and efforts became known in both Africa and the rest of the world they found the support that they needed to break some of the chains of poverty hunger and women's rights