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Cary Stayner (True Crime by Evil Killers #4) characters Ý 109 Ð While some would say that American serial killer Cary Stayner was influenced by family tragedy – his already troubled family was shattered when his brother was abducted for seven years and held as a sex slave before his heroic return inspired the miniseriWhile some would say that American serial killer Cary Stayner was influenced by family tragedy – his already troubled family was shattered when his brother was abducted for seven years and held as a sex slave before his heroic return inspired the miniseries “I Know My First Name Is Steven” – in reality Cary Stayner’s true crime story is much ominousThe handsome outdoorsy guy with a love for marijuana nude beaches and the Sierra Nevada mountain range where he once spotted Bigfoot had been harboring fantasies of brutally killing women years before his brother’s abduction turned the Stayner family upside down. Story 30Narration 40Very basic story about the Cary Stayner caseI don't think this author spends a lot of time on each of his crime books

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And in the annals of historical serial killers Stayner’s story stands out because for months he made one of the most beautiful places on earth a nightmare for women when California’s majestic Yosemite National Park became his own devil’s playground and he finally found himself unable to control his long suppressed urgesBecause he didn’t look menacing the man one FBI agent compared to actor Tom Laughlin in “Billy Jack” was able to gain the trust of his victims and three vacationing women who were staying at the lodge where he lived and worked during the busy tourist season and a nature loving teacher who he. Being a criminology student myself this true story really does a great job in introducing readers to a killer that hid in plain sight The novel follows the story of Cary Stayner big brother to Stephen Stayner child who got abducted for 7 years before escaping the grasps of a pedophile while saving another child Cary Stayner is an ordinary person just like most criminals He roamed around without anyone ever noticing a slightest hint of his criminal activities Jack Rosewood recollects the events lived by this criminal but also everyone that was in any way affected by the crimes he's committed I wasn't too surprised reading the story especially about all the attempts to try and explain why Cary Stayner became a killer all the possible criminal factors that can explain why this man chose to kill absolutely innocent people His story unfolded to my eyes as a typical story tale killer and didn't leave me intrigued throughout the story Putting aside the fact that I've been overwhelmed by biographies of killers because of my field of studies I still have to stay that Jack Rosewood does a great job in presenting Cary Stayner's timeline while integrating the victims point of views The story manages to make you wonder how a person could get themselves to do such gruesome acts and still stay calm after the fact I didn't enjoy too much the fact that there was a lot of news reporters that were uoted I found myself uestioning the veracity of the facts and thought it took away from the emotional side of the story especially when I think readers need to sympathize with the victims when reading about a killer than being intrigued by a killer and his actions The author still does a great job in giving us uotes from the victim's parents and the killer's relatives This helps readers feel the pain and loss of the Armstrong family Sometimes I thought the story could've needed a little content just to give us details on what happened It felt like we only had the key elements of the event and I think that takes away a little of the stories potential to keep the readers hooked On the other hand the structure still leaves readers interested and gives readers the opportunity to glide through the story fairly uickly in order to get the most important points of this killer's life What was really enjoyable in this story is how you can tell that the author managed to integrate the killer's point of view only to add insight into what happened and how it happened The amount of research done to get the most facts into this book was also visible I think true crime stories need a different kind for narration than what was done for this story I think they need a narration that has a flow to keep the reader intrigued without being interrupted by different uotes from different people Maybe short true crime stories aren't meant for me since I would prefer details in order to understand further the criminal and his life course This novel still is brilliant in showing how this particular criminal might have had key events that triggered his criminal obsessions It showed the inside of the mind of a killer who was slowly forgotten by his family A criminal who isolated himself from others only to one day start killing to satisfy the craving he was holding in for years A criminal that blended into the village without annoying suspecting him to be the Yosemite Park Killer If Cary Stayner's story interests you this short true crime story is for you Jack Rosewood will definitely deliver if you're looking to know what happened in Yosemite Park In my books this story deserves a 35 stars Big thank you to the author for providing us with a copy of his book for an honest reviewYours trulyLashaanLashaan Trang | Bloggers and Book ReviewersOfficial blog

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Cary Stayner True Crime by Evil Killers #4Lp kids become stewards of the land she loved made that fatal mistake before they were savagely sadistically murderedThe biography of serial killer Cary Stayner and his psychopathic crime spree leaves spine tingling chills because as far as the outside world was concerned he was a fairly normal guy who found himself uncontrollably compelled to killStayner has been on death row in California’s famed San uentin for than 10 years but for the families of his victims no punishment is just enough to make up for the vibrant lives Stayner took making him one of the most depraved American serial killers in contemporary histo. listened to on youtube