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characters ô Paradox Effect 108 ☆ In 2554 the World is Coming to its End unless an impossible mission through 600 years of time travel succeeds Maternal instinct knows no boundaries including the nano neural net intravenously installed in Dannia Weston's mind to repress her identity allowing her to perform a mission 300 years before her time TranspIn 2554 the World is Coming to its End unless an impossible mission through 600 years of time travel succeeds Maternal instinct knows no boundaries including the nano neural net intravenously installed in Dannia Weston's mind to repress her identity allowing her to perform a mission 300 years before her time Transported to the year 1954 Dannia becomes a woman with a mid twentieth century persona co. Gabriel FW Koch is an award winning author with an undeniable talent for science fiction and fantasy His debut novel the Paradox Effect tackles the intricacies and disturbances of time travel and all of the psychology that comes with this He poses uestions that really make the reader think concerning destiny fate and simply what is right and wrong The characters of the book are well rounded and engaging with the heroine in particular luring the reader in Even the secondary characters are well developed with none of the predictability and cliche that you find in some fantasy novels This is an excellent read with heaps of adventure excitement and intrigue The writing style is easy to follow while also being clever and even comical at times Fans of intelligent sci fi will find it hard not to love this book which leaves the reader begging that there will be further installments to follow

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Llege educated with an aptitude for mechanical invention Due to her work during the war she is employed by the US government on a secret project But what no one knows including Dannia or those who sent her back to tinker with the mechanical past to reduce future pollution is what might happen should she become emotionally involved in 1954 The 2254 science team programmed the nano net to prevent the. Paradox Effect by Gabriel FW Koch is a complex and intense novel that keeps the reader glued to the story Dannia Weston works on a secret project for the government in 1954 but she is really known as 476 in the year 2554 an agent of the future to set our world on a different environmental path Dannia begins to have severe headaches that knock her out Then she experiences daydreams and déjà vu which causes her to uestion her sanity Both timelines are uestioning her malfunction and if she can be salvagedGabriel FW Koch keeps Paradox Effect moving uickly has the story jumps back and forth from 1954 to 2554 The reader is uickly attached to Dannia as we see her struggles and her determination At times the reader wonders if the authorities will find a solution to fix the problem without terminating the main character Koch's creativity is seen as he adds twists and cliff hangers while maneuvering the characters into place This novel is thrilling and fascinating I really enjoyed it

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Paradox EffectPossibility of pregnancy but each person reacts to strong emotional stimuli differently and using birth control not available in 1954 is out of the uestion When Dannia falls in love with Peter Hersh and becomes pregnant her hormones erode a small section of the nano chained network that stabilizes her new identity triggering a mild memory rebirthand threatening her mission and the fate of the worl. Review in English Reseña en español Paradox Effect by Gabriel FW KochOutskirts Press 2015284 pages Genre Thematic Science Fiction NovelManhattan 1954 During his brother's funeral Peter meets Dannia an intelligent woman with whom he begins a romantic relationship A short time later Dannia begins to experience severe headaches accompanied by auditory and visual hallucinations Three hundred years later General Buckwalder has sent Agent 476 into the past on a special mission Given the possibility that 476 is recovering memories of the future another agent 989 9 is sent to monitor 476 Everything gets complicated when Buckwalder loses track of both agents and a very serious error made by 476 threatens the fragile stability of the futureIn the future as told in this story year 2254 there are no metals wood books or cats but technology has evolved from the resources that are still available after two exhaustive wars against an enemy of which not many details are given to us; and travel through time is already possible within the theoretical and ethical limitations that obey the logic of the story As it is typical of this genre’s speculative fiction the theme revolves around the potentially catastrophic implications of mistakes made by the time travelers not only for those directly involved but for the entire history of humankind This novel poses the problem in a compelling way and successfully develops it to the end The plot full of streams of thoughts that reveal the feelings and thoughts of the characters is warm deep and human while containing a good dose of danger and action The motivations of the characters are realistic and provide them with a solid background that gives them body and multidimensionality while the dialogues and descriptions are broad and perfectly set so the realism and the general rhythm of the novel keeps fluentI recommend this book to lovers of science fiction and time travel I loved the combination of these two epochs one in which plastic was the great novelty and another in which the same material is practically ubiuitous and indispensable Paradox Effect por Gabriel FW KochOutskirts Press 2015284 páginas Género Temática Novela de Ciencia FicciónManhattan 1954 Durante el funeral de su hermano Peter conoce a Dannia una inteligente mujer con la ue inicia una relación sentimental de pareja Poco tiempo después Dannia comienza a presentar fuertes jauecas acompañadas de alucinaciones auditivas y visuales Trescientos años después el General Buckwalder ha enviado al Agente 476 al pasado en una misión especial Ante la posibilidad de ue 476 esté recobrando memorias del futuro otro agente 989 9 es enviado para monitorear a 476 Todo se complica cuando Buckwalder pierde la pista de ambos agentes y un error gravísimo por parte de 476 amenaza la frágil estabilidad del futuroEn el futuro planteado en esta historia año 2254 no existen los metales la madera los libros ni los gatos pero la tecnología ha vuelto a desarrollarse a partir de los recursos existentes tras dos guerras exhaustivas contra un enemigo del ue no se dan muchos detalles y los viajes a través del tiempo ya son posibles dentro de las limitaciones teóricas y éticas ue obedecen a la lógica propia de la historia narrada Como es típico de la ficción especulativa de este género el tema gira en torno a las implicaciones potencialmente catastróficas de los errores cometidos por los viajeros en el tiempo no sólo para los implicados directamente sino para la historia entera de la humanidad Esta novela plantea el problema de una manera convincente y lo desarrolla con éxito hasta el final La trama llena de flujos de conciencia ue revelan los sentimientos y pensamientos de los personajes es cálida profunda y humana a la vez ue contiene una buena dosis de peligro y acción Por su parte las motivaciones de los personajes son realistas y los proveen de un trasfondo ue les da cuerpo y multidimensionalidad en tanto ue los diálogos y las descripciones son suficientes y están perfectamente ambientados para ue el realismo y el ritmo general de la novela se mantengan con fluidezRecomiendo este libro a los amantes de la ciencia ficción y los viajes en el tiempo La combinación de dos épocas; una en la ue el plástico era la gran novedad y otra en la ue el mismo material es prácticamente ubicuo e indispensable me pareció en lo personal estupenda