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FREE EBOOK º EPUB Sort of Beautiful ä 9781616956578 ´ RANDARENEWABLES Ã Since sixteen year old Riley Strout lost her mother two years ago her saving grace has been her uirky little family in the grief support group she joined as a freshman Jay Kate and Noah understand her pain; each lost a Ts her mother shopping in a grocery store she fears she is suffering some sort of post traumatic stress Then Jay and Kate report similar experiences Only Noah hasn’t had some kind of vision which is perhaps why he’s become so skeptical and distantWhen Noah disappears Riley fears she’s lost another loved one As they frantically search for him she I would like to thank Soho Teen Penguin Random House for sending me a finished copy of this book for the #ThrillerThursday campaignThis doesn’t affect nor influence my review This was my first time reading something like this book it was my first time reading something by Emily France I didn’t know what to expect Thriller Drama Mystery Romance mostly thriller though goosebumps This book was all in one It was way than what I expected it to beThe name of the main character was Riley Strout Her mom died 2 years ago One day she went to the grocery story and she saw her mom shopping too WHAT EVEN It instantly gave me chills bookworms You’re not feeling any chills yet The same thing has been happening to her friends tooI was also amazed by the friendship circle in this book They might have broken some rules but they stayed together and didn’t let each other downI personally believe that when we die we don’t instantly go to our “true home” we’re given the time to wander and spend our last time here on Earth looking for answersSigns of You was wonderfully written it made me teary eyed and freaked me out BIG TIME This book is a must read Make sure to grab your copy when it comes out on the 19th Thank you so much for this Emily France Hands down to you❤

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Since sixteen year old Riley Strout lost her mother two years ago her saving grace has been her uirky little family in the grief support group she joined as a freshman Jay Kate and Noah understand her pain; each lost a loved one and they’ve stuck together in spite of their differences united by tragedies only they understandWhen Riley thinks she spo Visit Stay Bookish for book reviewsAs an avid reader it's always refreshing when you come upon a book that completely takes you by surprise Going into Signs of You I never really knew what to expect especially since it was a debut novel It baffles me now why this book isn't acclaimed and hyped because oh my goodness it's brilliantFrom the very first chapter the voice establishes itself right away It's strong and emotional which made me interested and invested in Riley's narrative then and there Riley feels like she's going crazy when she sees her dead mother at the grocery store Her distress about this was unmistakable and definitely left me longing to know what unfolds from this inciting event Moreover Riley's grief and guilt from losing her mother because of a tragic accident after a huge fight really resonated Emily France portrays grief in such a genuine way and I love how she ties it all together later on as the plot thickens“That old familiar ache fills my body I know it's grief I've lived with it for over two years and I know it so well It's like a roommate who never leaves the house like the brother I never had And sometimes you almost forget he’s there Almost”Perturbed and feeling haunted Riley turns to her closest friends Jay Kate and Noah who understood tragedy just as much as she did having each lost a loved one To her disbelief she finds out they've been seeing their own dead family members as well Connected by their heartache and adversities the group ventures to find out the reason for their strange visionsOne of my favorite things in the book was Riley's relationship with her friends I think it's so rare and beautiful to find people who truly understand you and what you've been through and who are as close as family Each character was different in their own way but I really admired how tight knit their friendship was that they would travel lengths to find Noah when he suddenly vanishes later on“My deepest darkest fear is that maybe we don't ever get over some things maybe we just carry them around permanently these heavy dull aches in the heart And maybe they don't heal; maybe we just learn to work around the pain”I loved how being there for your friends is given such a huge importance in the book as well as the fact that people connect not because of shared grief but because they share what grief has let them see Aside from the friendships I also loved the father daughter dynamics in this book Riley's relationship with her dad was complex but also very real especially after mourning Riley's mom for two years“If I’d never been hurt if I’d never been through anything I might have only seen the bright stars like Sarah and those other super popular girls And they’d blot out the really beautiful people The people who sometimes get overshadowed—the intricate flares and filaments” He looks at me directly at me with those eyes “I wouldn’t wish what has happened to us on anyone But if it hadn’t happened I would never have seen you—a beautiful complicated loop of light”Another thing that I think Signs of You portrays really well was unreuited teenage love Riley who's been crushing on Jay for the longest time was a true image of a girl pining over her clueless guy best friend one thing I'm sure a lot of readers will find relatable Unreuited love aside I loved the light romance in the book so much I pretty much shipped Noah and Riley since the first uarter of the book  The brief but sweet happily ever after was so so gratifying that it made my heart soar“And I kiss him Like really kiss him I’ve never kissed a boy before not like this And I feel it From the top of my head past my glued together heart all the way down to my unpainted toenails I’m two places at once—forever in this moment on this porch grounded by this kiss this warmth this now ness and simultaneously soaring in the storming sky Swooping like dizzy birds unafraid of rushing dark clouds And then I soar twenty feet higher let the ground get smaller and smaller—because he’s kissing back”The huge mystery of the book revolves around the reason why Riley and her friends are seeing spirits and I was perplexed in the best way but also incredibly satisfied with how it was explained Seriously the whole mystery plot was remarkable I love how so much of it was trying to decrypt an enigmatic ancient relic related to St Ignatius The author did such a great job looking into this aspect and I admit that I was totally captivated by the mystical elements in the book that I even did my own research right after reading It was just so fascinating and I think the mystery and mystiue are what makes this book so memorable and one of a kind“Portae ad caelum doorways to heaven We’re all doorways To the other side That’s what the dead are trying to do To cross through us”But what makes Signs of You so special for me is how I was absolutely moved by the amazing introspection on the way spirits influence us and how we can let ourselves be their portals by truly living I've never been a spiritual person but I loved how this brought out this side of me I was touched by how lovely and inspiring the spirituality in the story was written that I was actually in tears after reading one of the best scenes in the book I'm so impressed by Emily France's poignant prose and I wish YA books grappled with spirituality so teenagers can get in touch with their own beliefs“Missing my life is no way to remember you

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Sort of BeautifulKate and Jay are drawn into the mystery surrounding a relic that belonged to Jay’s dead father and contains clues about the afterlife Riley finds herself wrestling with her feelings for both Noah and Jay which have become clear only in Noah’s absence If Riley is to help those she loves and herself she must set things right with the one she’s lo I loved SIGNS OF YOU so much I barreled through it one day and that is a major accomplishment for me because I am not a fast reader by any means The premise of SIGNS OF YOU was in itself so uniue and intriguing sightings of departed loved ones and a mysterious relic that I knew I needed to read this book But when I began reading I connected with Riley's voice so strongly I was immediately pulled in from the very first pageand did not look up again until I was halfway through the book surprised that several hours had passed The writing was so beautiful and engaging the characters real and relatable and the plot fast paced and completely engrossing Emily France has created something truly special in SIGNS OF YOU managing to somehow strike a delicate and difficult balance telling a story that is at once spiritual though not religious mysterious but not dark Rather this book is full of light and hope carrying with it a beautiful message about life and death love and loss humanity and forgiveness and the freedom that comes with learning to let goThis is a memorable inspiring and moving debut novel from an author I will certainly be keeping my eye on I can't wait to see what Emily France will write next I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review