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Brary Journal Provocative packs an allegorical punch The parade of increasingly elaborate and ridiculous armaments makes a telling point Booklist. Reviewed for THC Reviews The Butter Battle Book is another of Dr Seuss's titles which reflect his activist side Through satirical humor he explores the ridiculousness and futility of war The Yooks and the Zooks have an age old disagreement over which way to eat their bread butter side up or down and as a result they eventually start a war over it They begin with sentries guarding the wall separating their borders which of course could be taken as a metaphor for anything that separates us from our fellow man One side fires upon the other with a slingshot and from there the conflict continues to escalate with each side coming up with increasingly preposterous weapons until both possess a small bomb which could blow the other side to smithereens and in essence wipe out the worldIt's doubtful that younger children will understand the deeper meaning behind the story but they're sure to be delighted with the classic Seuss rhyming text and whimsical illustrations of Seuss ified characters and their silly machines With parental or educator guidance older children can glean an important message about getting along with others who have different views in order to prevent conflict from happening and not feeling like you have to one up each other until you either reach an impossible situation or the worst occurs I think this simple lesson could be applied to our daily lives as well as the world at large for preventing warfare Overall The Butter Battle Book was another fabulous Dr Seuss story that has earned a spot on my keeper shelf

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The Butter Battle BookIllus in full color Dr Seuss chronicles the feud between the Yooks and the Zooks from slingshots through sophisticated weaponry until each side h. 6 stars Being a huge fan of Dr Seuss’ works over the years I was in that mode where I wanted to read everything that was written by him and I remembered reading “The Butter Battle Book” many years ago when I was little Well I stumbled upon “The Butter Battle Book” again when I got older and at first I was a little hesitant about reading this book again because of its war themes and I usually do not like reading books about wars but after reading this classic book by Dr Seuss I actually found myself really enjoying this book “The Butter Battle Book” is definitely one of Dr Seuss’ most impactful and darkest stories ever toldThe book starts off with a grandfather character telling his grandson about the great battle between the Zooks orange uniformed people who ate their bread with the butter side down and the Yooks blue uniformed people who ate their breads with the butter side up The battle between the Zooks and the Yooks started when one of the Zooks shoots off the grandfather’s Snick Berry Switch with a slingshot and the grandfather goes to Chief Yookeroo to get a better weapon that can beat out the weapon of the Zooks Unfortunately the Zooks keep on making better weapons than the Yooks while the Yooks constantly try to build a better weapon to match with the Yooks’ weapon which causes the book to come to a surprising conclusionWowjust wowWho would have ever thought that I would ever come across a Dr Seuss book that discusses about war Well I have come across other Dr Seuss books that have a heavy message “The Lorax” and “The Sneetches” but this was what I called one of Dr Seuss’s darkest books since it discusses about a topic that is often serious to many childrenWAR It was also surprising that this book was actually a parody of the Cold War the war between the United States and the Soviet Union as both the Zooks and the Yooks tried to best each other with having a better weapon than the other side Even though I do not usually read books that have war themes because of the whole “only one side can win in this war” mentality that is constantly being shown in these types of books this was one of the few war books that I had read that actually had a brilliant moral to the story WAR I S POINTLESS Since the premise of this book is about how both sides do not like each other because they spread their butters a different way on their breads you might be thinking to yourself about how ridiculous this all is and why both sides could not reach a compromise about spreading their butter on both sides of the breads But what I loved about the way that Dr Seuss wrote this book was that both sides were not portrayed in a positive light since the Zooks seem like bullies and the Yooks are prejudiced towards the Zooks for buttering their breads differently and that might sound a bit odd but it was appropriate enough to bring the theme of this book home The reason why I have such a huge dislike for wars is because both sides that participate in the wars can be shown in a negative light if they believe that fighting is the only solution to whatever problem arises instead of sitting down and talking about the problem and coming to a reasonable solution that can benefit both sides I loved the way that Dr Seuss made a statement about how ridiculous the war between the Zooks and the Yooks really was because having a war about who has the best weapons seems like a ridiculous reason for countries to fight each other and we can easily see that through the Zooks and Yooks’ actions throughout this book Dr Seuss’ illustrations may look a bit darker than usual but still has the usual creative flair as the Zooks are always shown in orange jumpsuits while the Yooks are always shown in blue jumpsuits and I also loved the different weapons that each side has especially the Zooks’ weapon that was called the Eight Nozzled Elephant Toted Boom Blitz which looks like a machine that has eight nozzles and is being carried by two mean looking purple elephantsProbably one of the most controversial things about this book was the abrupt ending I will not tell you what happens at the end since I do not want to spoil this book for anyone but you will be left wondering about what happens next after the events of this book I will admit that I was actually mad at how the book ended but then since this book was written during the Cold War it is understandable about why the book ended the way it did It makes me wonder about if they ever thought about making a “Butter Battle Book” movie will the conclusion be changed in the movie and how will they go about it Also the theme about the Zooks and the Yooks going at war with each other might be a bit disturbing for younger children especially if they do not understand about the motives of wars or if they do not like seeing characters fighting each otherOverall “The Butter Battle Book” is easily one of the best books about anti war ever written and anyone who is a fan of Dr Seuss’ works or would love to read about how terrible wars are will definitely not be disappointed in this book I would recommend this book to children ages six and up since the war themes might upset younger childrenReview is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog

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The Butter Battle Book review Ë 103 Á Illus in full color Dr Seuss chronicles the feud between the Yooks and the Zooks from slingshots through sophisticated weaponry until each side has the capacity to destroy the world The language amuses the drawings are zesty and humorous and the demand for this book will be large School Library Journal ProvoAs the capacity to destroy the world The language amuses the drawings are zesty and humorous and the demand for this book will be large School Li. We all are intimately familiar with the glorious rhyming and the honest joy of reading a Dr Seuss book aloud Considering some of the check outs that my kindergartner has brought home this year the kind I begrudgingly cracked open and read each night with the sort of over taxed smile and forced lilt necessary to make it through the inane children's books seeing a Dr Seuss was a great relief One that I've never read or heard of to bootUnfortunately the nightly recite until turn in time for this library book has probably already been nixedThat was boring Sigh Even though I poured every ounce of theatre into that first reading I have to admit that I tend to agree Not only that but I had to do some uick thinking about how to talk about the book with my kiddo in a surprising turn for a Dr Seuss book I wish I would have known the subject matter before diving in This book published in 1984 is anti war cautionary tale It probably has good intentions There's no denying that it could be said to be relevant to today Ahem As told by a Zook grandfather to his dear grandson the Yooks butter their bread on the wrong side which cannot be tolerated so a wall had to be built patrolled and armed But with each Zook arm came a better spectacular Yook arm to the Zook Tough Tufted Prickly Snick Berry Switch a Yook VanItch Sling shot to smash it smithereens And so it goesuntil they both come up with the Big Boy Boomeroo which will destroy both Zook and Yook land with loads of toxic blue goo or something very close to that Zooks and Yooks march underground The last page a cliffhanger a face off between the two sides ready to drop the annihilating boomeroo The uestion hangs will they or won't they The problem I faced with this possibly timely and important subject matter is that it's relevant to adults than it is to my child We're not born with war we teach it It was boring because for my kid the conflict was worse than stupid it wasn't even something he could comprehend Why would two people be so angry over which side the bread is buttered on Beyond the fact that I had trouble with the story that euates some real moral issues with something as simple as a matter of opinion I was faced with a slightly deeper dilemma do I explain to him that this type of supreme idiocy exists in the world Surely he'll find that out for himself soon enough Because it was bedtime I decided to put off that revelation for another day and preserve whatever uiet innocence I could for just a little longer I'm sure many people would disagree with me there but I think a parent should follow their own compass It was boring Last book for the night should we let the Pigeon drive the bus again