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FREE DOWNLOAD Ò RANDARENEWABLES.CO.UK é Jeffrey Toobin On February 4 1974 Patty Hearst a sopho in college and heiress to the Hearst Family fortune was kidnapped by a ragtag group of self styled revolutionaries calling itself the Symbonese Liberation Army The weird turns that followed in this already sensational take are truly astonishing the Hearst family tried to. “At each stage of her life Patricia Hearst used the tools at her disposal She was a straightforward person and starting on February 4 1974 she reacted to her challenges in rational ways Surrounded by passionate charismatic outlaws who told her that the police were out to kill them all Patricia joined them in a pact of mutual self defense; when the police did in fact kill nearly all of them Patricia hit the road with her comrades to try to escape Little wonder that in such emotionally fraught surroundings a young woman would have fallen in love – twice But when she and her comrades were caught Patricia was rational once A jail cell and the prospect of many years in one prompted her to make haste to embrace her former life of privilege A clear thinker if not a deep one Patricia understood that for her rich was better than poor and freedom was better than confinement She chose accordingly” Jeffrey Toobin American Heiress The Wild Saga of the Kidnapping Crimes and Trial of Patty HearstBy any measure the 1970s were pretty tumultuous decade There was the trial of Charles Manson the end of Vietnam the Watergate scandal and Nixon’s resignation A lot of people distrusted the government A smaller number tried to change the government by force To that end as Jeffrey Toobin notes in American Heiress there was an average of 1500 terrorist bombings a year in the early ‘70s There were so many in fact that people sort of stopped paying attention to them It was an era of discord distrust and scandal With so many things happening with so many public figures falling with so many pipe bombs exploding it would seem hard to find a symbolic event But it’s not The story of Patty Hearst captures it all On February 4 1974 the young heiress to the Hearst fortune was kidnapped by members of the Symbionese Liberation Army The SLA as they styled themselves was a small ersatz collection of audacious imbeciles led by an ex convict who called himself “Field Marshal Cinue” This violent political action committee had a mushy mission statement – something about liberation disliking the status uo etc ad nauseam – but very real ambitions and energy To that end these hair trigger revolutionaries rebelling against nothing and everything all at once made the shortsighted decision to capture Patricia Hearst and stick her in a walk in closet As Toobin tells it the SLA then made a series of outrageous ransom demands to stall for time than anything else While the police and the FBI fruitlessly attempted to track Patricia down she slowly came to befriend her captors Or she was absolutely brainwashed No one can know with certainty though everyone who reads this story will have an opinion Whether Patricia “went rogue” or was a Manchurian beatnik there is no debate that she took part in a number of SLA crimes including bank robberies kidnapping and bomb making She remained on the lam until September 1975 when she was captured and charged in Federal Court And just to make sure this case had enough notoriety Randolph Hearst hired F Lee Bailey to be her defense counsel This is an incredible tale It is part thriller with twists and turns and outlaws on the run; part character study; and part Shakespearian tragedy peopled with flawed characters who hurt kill deceive and betray It is true – depending on your definition of “truth”

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READ ï American Heiress Ò On February 4 1974 Patty Hearst a sopho in college and heiress to the Hearst Family fortune was kidnapped by a ragtag group of self styled revolutionaries calling itself the Symbonese Liberation Army The weird turns that followed in this already sensational take are truly astonishing the Hearst family tried to secure Patty's releas Secure Patty's release by feeding the people of Oakland and San Francisco for free; bank security cameras captured Tania wielding a machine gun during a roberry; the LAPD engaged in the largest police shoot out in American history; the first breaking news event was broadcast live on telelvision stations across. I went into this slowly anticipating that it would be interesting for the first few chapters and then bog down in courtroom dreariness in the last half of the book I need not have worried as Mr Toobin has managed to hold the reader's interest throughout even in the stuffy confines of the courtroomWhen you are writing non fiction tales that present still living persons in a less than flattering light it behooves you to do your research Jeffrey Toobin has researched this thing to death and as a conseuence is able to give a remarkably detailed account of the movements and motives of the pathetic Symbionese Liberation Army SLA and their victimcomradebetrayer Patricia Hearst Heck he can even tell you that Patty pissed herself when she was arrested a fact I found gratuitous but strangely satisfying There are two stories here the most obvious being that of the kidnapping of Hearst and her subseuent assimilation into the SLA her wholehearted participation in criminal activities her capture and the ultimate disposal of the case The second story is a tale of what is wrong with the American justice system where having enough pull in the form of cash or fame can buy you some easy short time for what should have been a capital offenceview spoilerPatty Hearst is shown to be a chameleon turning first on her parents and fiancé adopting a persona within the SLA willingly involving herself in shootouts robberies and bombings and then welcoming parents with open arms when she realized that Daddy's fortune was her only chance to buy a chance to get off the hook I didn't like her before I started reading and I like her considerably less now In my opinion she should still be in prison fending off Big Bertha's advances hide spoiler

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American HeiressThe country; and then there was Patty's circuslike trial filled with theatrical courtroom confrontations and a dramatic last minute reversal after which the term Stockholm syndrome entered the lexicon Ultimately the saga highlighted a decade in which America seemed to be suffering a collective nervous breakdow. American Heiress by Jeffrey Toobin is a 2016 Doubleday publicationIn 1974 I was too young to understand the constant news coverage of the Patty Hearst kidnapping I do have memories of the story making headlines for what seemed like forever But I honestly had no interest in the debate surrounding her guilt or innocence As I got older I developed a curiosity about the case and hoped to find a book on the subject that would not have an agenda attached to it or was slanted in some way I wanted an in depth analysis of the events told in a journalistic manner which is hard to find There have been countless books TV documentaries movies based on actual events all telling their own version of events When I saw how highly rated and well received this book was I thought this was probably my best chance of learning the real and unbiased facts surrounding the bizarre kidnapping of Patricia Hearst and the aftermath of it It may be impossible to write such a book without having already formed an opinion or for one to develop once the task has begun Despite his best efforts to keep to the facts in the case the author’s personal opinion of Patricia is obvious Despite that the book seems to have been meticulously researched is very well organized and is told with a clear strong voice that commands the reader’s attention from start to finish For those like myself who were not old enough to remember the details of the case or the climate in the 1970’s This book will take you back to an era of violence and conflict that in our consciousness we seem to have forgotten all about In fact only a month or so ago I wrote a book review in which I expressed the opinion that the sixties were turbulent and violent but once the seventies arrived things settled down and the violence soon tapered off Toobin immediately challenges that concept pointing out various politically motivated crimes Watergate serial killers and assassination attempts on the President Jim Jones as well as factions like the Zebra killers The seventies was not all about dancing under mirror balls after all In fact it was one of the most violent decades to date So I stand corrected So not only is this book about the Hearst kidnapping but is also about the state our country was in during the seventies which apparently was rather bleakI was shocked by some of the names that cropped up in this book those associated with the Hearst family but also those associated in some ways the SLA Symbionese Liberation Army of which I had never heard a thing about before now The transformation of Patricia Hearst from being a nineteen year old college student sheltered and perhaps naïve only moderately rebellious against her parents to a gun toting bank robber spouting off extremist rhetoric and back again was shocking jarring and amazing The transformations she went through are very curious and the general consensus is that she was brainwashed and suffered from ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ It’s impossible to argue with the facts and the fact is Patricia was taken by force at gunpoint while she was uite young Living a pampered perhaps slightly isolated life she may have been easily molded by these extremist radicals but there is enough doubt based on the facts presented in this book to give one pause Although we live through the events of Patricia’s captivity the trial the afterma