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EPUB Å MOBI Burning Bright ó 9780525949787 FREE ↠ Burning Bright follows the Kellaway family as they leave behind tragedy in rural Dorset and come to late 18th century London As they move in next door to the radical painterpoet William Blake and take up work for a near by circus impresario the youngest family member getsEt against the backdrop of a city nervous of the revolution gone sour across the Channel in France Burning Bright explores the states of innocence and experience just as Blake takes on similar themes in his best known poems Songs of Innocence and of Experienc This is the third Chavalier book I have read the other two being The Virgin Blue and Girl with a Pearl Earring As with the other two I found this an enjoyable and easy read As well as having a story line Chavalier does a heck of a lot of research on the period and actual historic facts Burning Bright is set in London in the late 1700's and follows a family's move there from the county of Dorset from country to city is a dramatic change for all the family members and Chavalier manages to capture their experiences by describing the sights and smells of 18th century London A thoroughly good read which made me want to next read a non fiction book on William Blake who is one of the characters in Burning Bright

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Y member gets to know a girl his age Embodying opposite characteristics Maggie Butterfield is a dark haired streetwise extrovert Jem Kellaway a uiet blond introvert the children form a strong bond while getting to know their unusual neighbor and his wifeS London at the time of the French revolution takes center stage in this beautifully written novel featuring location and themes over plot When craftsman Thomas Kellaway moves his wife Anne and teen aged children Jem and Masie from the Piddle Valley in Dorset to London in March of 1792 they are all but overwhelmed by the contrasting grandeur and ugliness of the big city Thomas hopes he can better support the family making chairs for the circus and Anne hopes distance will heal her tortured mind after the accidental death of their son TommyTracy Chevalier has drawn a deep and richly detailed portrait of London especially the Borough of Lambeth where the noisy dirty and boisterous lifestyle of the poor that differs so greatly from the uieter world of Dorset is accentuated when the circus comes to townContrasts flow through the Kellaway's lives as surely as the Thames flows through London and here the author draws upon William Blake's focus on contraries or pairs of opposites for the novel's theme London in Burning Bright becomes an alchemist's athanor wherein the Kellaways will undergo their transformations beneath the piercing gaze of Blake the adept who applies his Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience within the novel as Holy ScriptureBlake serves as a catalyst within the story line yet he is a one dimensional character who primarily speaks in philosophic riddles and uotes from his favorite poems While Jem Masie and their new streetwise friend Maggie view the home of William and Kate Blake as calm sanctuary within a world where the trials of childhood are greatly magnified by the dangerous environment the reader will come away having learned about the Borough of Lambeth and than the famous poet and print makerLike her adult characters in Burning Bright Chevalier appears unwilling to step past Blake's fame notoriety and fiery persona and confront the poet head on Doing so would have brought closure to the novel for readers and characters alike We have a well crafted slice of life portrait of a rural family's brief sojourn into the big city What we don't have is an overt look at what it finally meant to them

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Burning BrightBurning Bright follows the Kellaway family as they leave behind tragedy in rural Dorset and come to late 18th century London As they move in next door to the radical painterpoet William Blake and take up work for a near by circus impresario the youngest famil I have long enjoyed Tracy Chevalier's historical novels particularly Girl With a Pearl Earring which imagines the daily home life and creative process of 17th century Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer as viewed from the vantage point of a teenage Protestant maid This recent bookBurning Bright is set in 18th century Lambeth a suburb of London and imagines the public life and creative mind of painter and poet William Blake seen through the eyes of two adolescents While both books are entertaining and show good evidence of the author's grasp of the context in which each of these artists found himself the former novel stands out above Burning Bright in terms of its character development and the richness of the setting While Chevalier's symbolism tends to be heavy handed in both books she does have a gift for evoking the sense of place and time in which her novels are located and she offers fairly well rounded though not dynamic characters whose relationships are complicated and unpredictable She has a knack for revealing something about the now famous artists in her novels by surrounding them with rich characters and interesting locations Vermeer's growing family includes a roiling gaggle of children a spoiled and demanding wife and a business woman for a mother in law; these people not to mention Vermeer's men friends help the reader to gain a sense of Vermeer by looking at those with whom he surrounds himself in his most private moments We see Blake by coming to know his rather taciturn wife Catherine; the two young people who follow him even to his mother's funeral across town; the neighbors who are suspicious of him for being so insular and odd; and Lambeth's pro monarchy association whose members try to bully Blake into supporting their cause; these characters help the author depict the political and social side of Blake's life giving us less insight into his private world In any case Chevalier's Vermeer and Blake both benefit from the swirl of life going on all around themWhat makes Burning Bright less compelling a read than the novel about Vermeer is the distance she keeps from Blake In her earlier novel she brings her heroine Griet the Protestant maid directly into the Vermeer household where we can see him in action as an artist and as a husband and father; we do not get this view of Blake Instead Blake is spied on by an Jem and Maggie who imagine him to be strange and curious and who come to know him during the course of the novel as strange creative and caring While Chevalier attempts to narrate Blake's creative process the reader never gets enough continuity from the various scenes that show him in one moment having conversations with his dead brother Robert and in another moment etching a copper plate for eventual use in the printing press While we get a sense of what makes Vermeer tick we never gain that knowledge about Blake This could be less Chevalier's failing than it is the reality that Blake was truly enigmatic and odd set apart in his ways from the mainstream of British art and writing even as he wrote and drew etched and painted his way into history and anthologies and museums If I am to be bluntly honest I must admit that it is perhaps my own knowledge of Blake than it is Chevalier's writing that makes me view the novel as weak Having written than enough of my own about Blake and his work I probably know too much to enjoy Chevalier's development of Blake's character and creative process In my mind he is not uite the same man that she depicts on the novel's pages I suppose I'll have to write my own novel in order to understand the Blake I think I know