READ & DOWNLOAD ↠ Brideshead Revisited The Sacred and Profane Memories of Captain Charles Ryder

READ & DOWNLOAD Brideshead Revisited The Sacred and Profane Memories of Captain Charles Ryder

READ & DOWNLOAD ↠ Brideshead Revisited The Sacred and Profane Memories of Captain Charles Ryder ç The most nostalgic and reflective of Evelyn Waugh's novels Brideshead Revisited looks back to the golden age before the Second World War It tells the story of Charles Ryder's infatuation The most nostalgic and reflective of Evelyn Waugh's novels Brideshead Revisited looks back to the golden age before the Second World War It tells the stor. Please note contains spoilers One's head is rather spinning there are so many terribly good things and likewise so very much abject wretchedness it's hard to begin Let us try1 This book is the twisted story of a homosexual affair which I was truly not expecting it to be It's famously set amongst the upper classes firstly in Oxford so you get pages of blissed out descriptions of life amongst British aristocratic students in the 1920s and how many plovers eggs they eat and which claret they guzzle That part is what I was expecting and very lush and delectable and appalling it is too But what surprised me is that it all takes place within a thick pall of implied and overt homosexuality The two principals of the first half Charles and Sebastian are in love clearly they do everything and go everywhere together And the best character in the whole book is a uentin Crisp style flaming ueer called Anthony Blanche who says things like Good evening Mulcaster old sponge and toady are you lurking amongst the hobbledehoys Have you come to repay me the three hundred francs I lent you for the poor drab you picked up in the casino It was a niggardly sum for her trouble and WHAT a trouble Mulcasterand The gallery after luncheon was so full of absurd women in the sort of hats they should be made to eat that I rested here with Cyril and Tom and these saucy boysAt one point Anthony takes our hero Charles to a gay club which Charles refers to as a pansy bar But here's the thing a this novel is not notorious for its gay subject matter; it is true there is no explicit buggery going on but neither is it especially coy As it was published in 1945 when English men were being imprisoned for homosexuality a crime which was only removed from the statutes in 1967 that year of liberation this seems to me very interestingb Nor in the book is there any trace of disapproval anywhere from anyone that homosexuality is wrong The only sin which gets its religious comeuppance is adultery From this book you would get the notion that the upper classes tolerated openly gay relationships in the 1920s and 1930s This is surprising to me It could be something to do with the public school system and the worship of classical Greece It's all very ueer2 This book appears to think its point is a religious one So that the climactic sundering of the lovers in part two is because one of them is a passionate disbeliever and the other one realises that religion by which we mean Catholicism is genuinely important As a confirmed what's God got to do with it agnostic this washes right over my head but leaves me feeling damp and annoyed I trudged through 330 pages for a stupid religious damp suib ending like that Give me my money back In the words of The Shangri Las and that's calledbad3 this book is a love song to wealth and class and as an only slightly reconstructed old class warrior I was sailing on ueasy seas but could not help enjoying Waugh's tremendous atmospheric prose and beautiful dialogue In the words of The Shangri Las and that's calledglad4 This book presents us with one of my least favourite types of characters the doomed agonised male with whom we are supposed to agonise along with and swoon over and indeed love You get this creep popping up all over the place He's there in The English Patient he's there in that stupid movie Damage he's there in Dead Man Walking he's in la Belle dame Sans Merci there's a million of them all doomed all with soulful eyes all suffering In the words of The Shangri Las and that's calledsad5 This book appears to endorse some extraordinary behaviour Charles gets married to someone who turns out not to be his true love at all and has two kids and goes off to paint in Guatemala for 2 years and comes back and his wife asks him to please come and visit his own children which he hasn't seen for 2 years and he regards this reuest as vulgar And he just doesn't see them And no criticism from Waugh either In the words of The Shangri Las and that's calledmadSo ultimately I don't really know what this book was really about but as a portrait of a set of upperclass bastards in England in the 1920s it's almost enthralling Three and a half stars Note Donna Tartt so ripped off part one of this book for The Secret History with her languorous cliues of uber rich students She had of a story going by page 100 I think although that was a slowly crawling overfed turtle of a book too But Evelyn Waugh is just a shade better at writing than our Donna

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Hen by his doomed Catholic family in particular his remote sister Julia Charles comes finally to recognize only his spiritual and social distance from the. Evocative and nostalgic tale infused with religion and homosexuality and hence passion betrayal and guilt The later part about Charles and Celia and then Charles and Julia is subtle realistic and sad than the light frivolity of Oxford daysHollinghurst's The Stranger's Child has many echoes of this review here It's five years since I last read this but a few ideas that have come back to me by discussing it elsewhereSEGREGATIONPeople were strongly segregated by class and gender in those days Not only were the schools at least the sort that Charles and Sebastian attended single sex so were the colleges at university The fact that people of their background were invariably packed off to boarding school from the age of 7 or 8 not returning until the holidays created segregation from their parents as well And of course there weren't many scholarship boys to broaden the social mixHOMOSEXUALITYWhen I first read the book as a naive teenager I thought the book was somewhat ambiguous about Charles and Sebastian's relationship As an adult I have no doubt that it was sexual but that although Sebastian is gay Charles is towards the straight end of bisexual his attraction nay obsession is with the Marchmain family than any individual member of it Naked male friends sunbathing may seem very gay nowadays but was less so for Charles and Sebastian in Oxford Nudism and health and efficiency were popular at the time and there was nothing inherently gay about it Kafka was a straight man of the period who was an enthusiastAlso as recently as the early 1980s there was a men only nudist club on the banks of the river in central Oxford infamously freuented by dons professors and clergy It may still be there though if so it might be mixed sex as the colleges themselves are If you want to Google it it was is called Parsons' PleasureALOYSIUS Sebastian takes his teddy bear to Oxford and treats him as a living pet Although his presence clearly signals a certain immaturity I suspect that in Sebastian's mind it was at least as much a deliberate ploy to be seen as appealingly eccentric Apparently this element is based on John Betjeman taking his bear Archibald Ormsby Gore to Oxford CATHOLICISMTo me the Church is portrayed pretty negatively yet some Catholics see it in a positive light and Waugh himself converted I'm not sure whether that reflects a strength or a weakness in Waugh's writingEven so how is this for biting satire when Lady Marchmain is talking to Charles about her wealth and the perception that wealth can interfere with following ChristIt being very rich used to worry me and I thought it wrong to have so many beautiful things when others had nothing Now I realize that it is possible for the rich to sin by coveting the privileges of the poor The poor have always been the favourites of God and his saints but I believe that is is one of the special achievements of Grace to sanctify the whole of life riches includedBook 1 Chapter V p 113BRIDESHEAD OXFORD AND MEI have many fond associations with this book I was at secondary school in Oxford a single sex school where I was a boarder so know the city well and something of communal single sex living I first read the book and also saw the excellent Granada TV adaptation at that time and had a bit of a crush on Anthony Andrews who played Sebastian

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Brideshead Revisited The Sacred and Profane Memories of Captain Charles RyderY of Charles Ryder's infatuation with the Marchmains and the rapidly disappearing world of privilege they inhabit Enchanted first by Sebastian at Oxford t. 255When I first started reading this book I was puzzled lost even in my effort to find what exactly the author was attempting As time and pages passed I grew horribly angry with it all and wondered if I would be able to finish and review the story without a note of fury running through it and wrecking what analysis I could present Now that I've finished I find myself saddened by the entire experience With that in mind let me explainThis story had a great deal of potential in it obliue mentions of heartrending stories of religious guilt and tortured shame and individual souls beating themselves bloody on the walls of an uncaring sociocultural framework and it is largely this potential that kept me going through pages of insipidly flat characters running around trampling on everyone without the slightest attempt to understand their desires or care about the ones of others To put it plainly I loathed every single one of them the narrator most of all who made great friends with the one person whose storyline could have redeemed the entire book Instead of caring the slightest bit for said 'friend' he wasted countless pages on selfish pursuits of 'love' and 'art' and philosophical meanderings that were the most pitifully idiotic things I have seen in a long time Why is he alone Why does life pass him by What is beauty history and why has he been driven from Arcadia Because he's an emotionally stunted git who makes friends and discovers passions and finds love and doesn't care about any of it or if he does chooses to expound on it in the most unbelievable of ways drawing upon learning and knowledge that are nothing than out of character information dumps formatted in purple prose laughably ridiculous than beautiful excessive semicolons are not to everyone's tasteAnd then I thought to myself wait It isn't just the narrator that suffers from this but the entire cast of characters the whole story even a whole flat mess of caricatured nonsense that is trying to convey a message in the most contrived of methods Which means only one thing This is the author that is failing miserably at delivering and there's no wonder whyThis is the kind of book that English classes would adore or at least the teachers would as while the work is not so great in itself it is the perfect springboard for discussion of all matters of issues Best of all the flat characters that drown their passions in meaningless prattle the obvious distinctions between when the author is droning out plot and when he is attempting to convey themes and meaning the constant hints at powerful emotions of religious suffering cultural decay and sexual deviancy All perfect material for discussions and essays as there are barely any obvious overtones for the students could grasp at a paltry amount of uotes for easy access to what teachers would consider to be critical thinking Chances are this is what the author took away from the classroom and these are the methodologies by which he chose to write his bookIt's disappointing really to see the effects of classroom indoctrination in something deemed a classic which raises the uestion of what a classic really implies I've read many that are certainly worthy of the title in my mind novels that pushed and pulled at my sensibilities opened my mind to gorgeous forms of prose and powerful emotional themes changed my worldview countless times while managing to achieve the simple goals of making me laugh cry feel for characters that I will never truly know but find them as fascinatingly complex nonetheless regardless of whether they inspire love or hatred This book though It fulfills the aspects reuired for the average education well enough and is worthwhile in its own way But it could have been so much and the fact that it isn't is a tragedy in itselfBack when I was still feeling angry with the story I considered not reading the rest of the author's works that I have added I've decided that I will but not for a while and only for the hope that he made some improvements It's not his fault that the education concerning literature is not what it could be and shows itself so plainly in his writing I can only hope for improvement in the future