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Bleak HouseBleak House opens in the twilight of foggy London where fog grips the city most densely in the Court of Chancery The obscure case of Jarndyce and Jarndyce in which an inheritance is gradually devoured by legal costs the romance of. Shivering in unheated gaslit uarters Mrs Winklebottom my plump and inuisitive landlady treats the heat as very dear and my radiator which clanks and hisses like the chained ghost of a boa constrictor when it is active had not yet commenced this stern and snowy morning I threw down the volume I had been endeavoring to study; certainly I am not clever neither am I intrepid nor duly digligent as after several pages I found the cramped and tiny print an intolerable strain on my strabismic eyes Straightening my bonnet I passed outdoors into the frigid sooty streets where shoppers bustled by in a frenzy now rushing into the 99 cent store bedecked with PVC Santa Claus banners now into Nelson's Xmas Shoppe in search of glistening ornaments Bowing my head perversely against busy crowds and fierce wind I stepped into a subway which conveyed me to a winding street down which I hurried until I reached a peculiar establishment the shingle for which had been battered by the strain of city winters by pollution and no doubt by the small mischievious hands of vandals who had modified the sign with their colorful signatures and illustrations but upon which could still be read with some effort Amperthump Hagglestern BooksellersI entered to a sound of tinkling bells affixed to the heavy door the hinges of which creaked as I propelled myself through its narrow passage Proceeding forward I heard a sullen voice sueak Check yer bag miss and glanced up to see an urchin nearly lost amidst piles of remaindered volumes beckoning with one grubby hand while clutching a wrinkled comic in the other; I refused smiling gently and passed into the densely cluttered shop where I was intercepted by Mr Amperthump the proprietor a gentleman of about three and forty whose thick rimmed spectacles and corpulent physiue recall two of a tragic trinity of dead singers who upon seeing me took my cold hands in his ink stained ones and kissed them How can I assist my dear he boomed so loudly that a little one eyed spaniel started from its slumber and the urchins shelving books glared up at their master with undisguised annoyanceDrawing out my small copy of Bleak House which I had obtained from the ueens Public Library supported to wonderous effect by the subsciption of tax dollars and no doubt supplemented by charitable impulses of certain gentleladies and endeavored to explain as simply as I could that I desired an edition of the same narrative writ larger and in mercifully legible print However Mr Amperthump appeared distressed and could not remain silent long flinging my book away NO he cried You are too young and pretty at this I blushed and tried to protest for I am not pretty in fact I am plain to be reading this antiuated rot Here instead is the latest experimental fiction from Rajistan D McGingerloop At this he placed in my hands a ueer volume unlike any I had seen before Throughout his controversial career McGingerloop has exploded one by one conventions of the novel in this latest work he has done away with pages And indeed when I examined the book I discovered he was uite right and that the book I held was a brick of paper and could not be opened having as he indicated no pages at all I thanked Mr Amperthump for his solicitude at which point he pressed that I try Petunia al Gonzalez Mjobebe's story of a love affair between an Iranian transexual and a Chinese android a meditation Mr Amperthump assured me on globalization and identity but also he said a suspenseful legal thriller in its own right albeit one subverting the conventions of that genre uite he added subversively Finally I was given to understand that in addition to Mr Amperthump's conviction that I should not be reading Dickens he had none in stock and finally I gave my thanks for all his kindness and passed out again into the filthy snow and gloom

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Read & Download Bleak House ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Bleak House opens in the twilight of foggy London where fog grips the city most densely in the Court of Chancery The obscure case of Jarndyce and Jarndyce in which an inheritance is gradually devoured by legal costs the romance of Esther Summerson and the secrets of hList has done Bleak House in its atmosphere symbolism and magnificent bleak comedy is often regarded as the best of Dickens A 'great Victorian novel' it is so inventive in its competing plots and styles that it eludes interpretatio. Incredible blows away any other Dickens that I have read although it has been a couple of years Now there are issues with it it FEELS long in a way that some great long books don't which I think is due to the varying narrative stakes of the subplots; Esther Summerson though delightfully written is perhaps the most consistently GOOD character in the history of literature you root for her but it is the rooting of a manipulated reader; and the absurdity of the coincidences is just downright staggering But it's a huge achievement on 5 fronts1 On the line level it's gorgeous Dickens was on a roll for 800 pages I am often guilty of skimming through landscape descriptions but not here2 The plot should seem Byzantine but there are confluences of subplots and A plot that are massively satisfying the love stuff is mostly juicy and good there is a 70 page seuence toward the end that is so suspenseful that you'll read it in 2 seconds and it is varied enough in voice that you mostly sail along with it A lot of the criticism I've read focuses on the alternating 1st and 3rd person I really dug that and thought it was an accomplishment3 I think a great book needs to have at least one completely uniue scene that just sears itself into memory eg the flood seuence in the Makioka Sisters This book has it the spontaneous combustion section is as good and creepy as anything 4 The most important part for me; This is even beyond Gaddis the most generous book with tertiary characters that I have EVER read 40 50 characters deep and they are all uniue and well drawn and uirky and hilarious A few favorites are Detective Bucket who is a mixture of Gene Parmesan and Marlowe; the woman who loves her two ex husbands than her current husband; Mr Chadband a preacher who runs on train oil; and the foppish Mr Turveydrop Throw in the exceptionally likable main supporting characters and it's a helluva cast5 it's really really really funny Bleak House is I think not uite as good as East of Eden but it slots in with it nicely It's epic familially inclined socially critical has some great evil characters and as far as I have read is an accomplishment beyond the rest of the author's oeuvre Recommended if you can spare it the time and the occasional eyeroll

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Esther Summerson and the secrets of her origin the sleuthing of Detective Inspector Bucket and the fate of Jo the crossing sweeper these are some of the lives Dickens invokes to portray London society rich and poor as no other nove. Is a lawsuit justice when it goes on and onand on seemingly in perpetuity In Bleak House located in the countryside outside of London that is the center of the story years pass too many to count the lawyers are happy the employed judges likewise ; the litigants not money is sucked dry from their bodieslike vampires whose fangs are biting hard the flesh weakens and the victims blood flows cash evaporates and soon nothing is left but the corpses the gorged lawyers are full until the next too trusting suckers walk by In the case of Jarndyce and Jarndyce the uite unimportant truth be told little known except to thoseinvolved in the Court of Chancery notorious well renowned for its slow pace ZZZ The court clerks audiences or should I say spectators and even the attorneys are amused laughter freuently heard not a surprise this British institution no longer exists Esther Summerson is a typical orphan in another Charles Dickens book raised by a cold woman and others previously of the same type that calls herself the child's godmother Miss Barbary with a mysterious background too somehow connected to the young girl but how Often telling the unloved Esther it would have been better for all if she had never lived Nevertheless this enigma which the few people in contact with Summerson maybe that name is really hers none will discuss with the teenager The unfriendly lady keeps the puzzle a puzzle from the past she won't reveal who the Miss is the old woman Barbary can keep a dark secret Sent to a girls boarding school later Esther bills are paid by an extraordinary kindly gentleman John Jarndyce yes the man unwillingly entangled in the detestable lawsuit like many others started by his uncle ironically deceased still he inherited the case Soon the courts give custody to him his two distant cousins orphans there are many in Victorian England set circa the 1830's before the railroads made travel easy Richard Carstone an amiable but lazy boy and the beautiful loyal Ada Clare they are also distant relatives Bleak House Mr Jarndyce home is not empty any to this rather gloomy place arrives another ward of the court Esther their guardian is the bright spot strangely she has somehow a relationship to the suit also The three become uick friends all around 17 Richard and Ada fall in love Esther is their best friend Sir Leicester Dedlock the arrogant Baronet get the symbolism is a party in the suit his haughty wife Honoria pretty and intimidating but there is something not uite clear there The family lawyer Mr Tulkinghorn has unseen power over the proud aristocrats he is a very capable man yet somewhat soft spoken and very uiet for his noisy professionbut what is it And the Inspector Mr Bucket of the London police he never seems to sleep hovering over everyone especially the notorious underworld criminals ofthe entire city solving crimesOne of Dickens best novels and I've read ten so farThe opening scene a description of London's famous bad weather is priceless nobody could have done it better