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Read à Refuge for Masterminds Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ó It’s 1814 Napoleon has escaped his imprisonment on Elba Britain is at war on four fronts And at Stranje House a School for Unusual Girls five young ladies are secretly being trained for a world of spies diplomacy and warNapoleon’s invasion of England is undShe tends to grasp the facts of a situation uickly and by doing so she’s able to devise and implement a sensible course of action Is Jane enough of a mastermind to save the brash young American inventor Alexander Sinclair her friends at Stranje House and possibly England itsel. Of all the Stranj school girls I think the one I'm most like Jane I live the way she thinks and the way she scolds Alexander and the way our loveable American representative teases her All the romances are sweet but theirs might be my favorite It was also nice to see a love interest fibally step forward for Maya it'll be gun to get both hers and Sera's stories Though I wonder if I'll enjoy them as much as this one Can't wait for book four so we can see what happens next in not only their personal stories but also the political landscape e sg pecially after that cliffhangerNote this book had the least bad langauge of them all since Jane thought 'drat' was swearing but some bad langauge does come out when the tension mounts

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It’s 1814 Napoleon has escaped his imprisonment on Elba Britain is at war on four fronts And at Stranje House a School for Unusual Girls five young ladies are secretly being trained for a world of spies diplomacy and warNapoleon’s invasion of England is underway and someone a. As a teacher of middle school students I’m always looking for books I can enthusiastically recommend to my students Particularly I keep an eye out for books with positive female role models characters who are uirky and confident and gifted Kathleen Baldwin’s Refuge for Masterminds gives me not just one girl for my students to look up to but several In addition Emma Stranje the headmistress of the school for unusual girls is a teacher who is brilliant and mysterious Who doesn’t love thatThis is the third book in the series and I read it without reading the first two I was not lost at all and felt as comfortable in Ms Baldwin’s world as if I had all the background the other two books provided And her world is a vibrant place of gowns and balls and pet wolves She must have done a good bit of research since I did not get pulled out of the reading by any anachronismsI loved the relationship among the girls and their teacher all of whom have uniue strengths and characteristics They function well within the confines of their society while still showing how they can be independent and influential Following Jane through this story was a delight The conflict is centrally focused on her and she works throughout it with creativity humor and poiseThe romance subplot was sweet and entirely age appropriate Alexander and Jane have a fun time playing off each other and it’s entertaining for the readers to witness the growth of their intellectual and romantic relationship I would have no ualms recommending this to my teenage readersI look forward to reading the other novels in this series and commend Ms Baldwin for giving me a book I will definitely get my students to read in the future

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Refuge for MastermindsT Stranje House is sneaking information to his spies Lady Jane Moore is determined to find out who it is If anyone can discover the traitor it is Jane for according to headmistress Emma Stranje Lady Jane is a mastermindJane doesn’t consider herself a mastermind It’s just that. Again Miss Kathleen Baldwin has outdone herself This book was amazing I absolutely loved all the suspense the romance the tension and my goodness all that action I loved how it made me physically tense up when worrying that she would get caught gush over a very charming Mr Sinclair dread the anticipation of mounting danger and sueal with excitement at all the action packed scenes I really liked the introduction to all the new characters and was very curious about Ladies Jersey Castlereagh and de Lieven I can't wait to see of them in upcoming books While I don't think I loved Lady Jane's character uite as much as Georgie I loved seeing the bit of character development She really did fulfill her potential though she couldn't even see it herself at first And I positively adored the romantic tension between her and Mr Sinclair Honestly it is so much fun getting to ship each girl with their own uixotic Adonis😅🤣 view spoilerWhile Georgie and Sebastian will probably forever remain my favorite couple the deep adoration between Tess and GabrielLord Ravencross is pure beauty and the tension that built up between Jane and Alexander had me dying😍👏🏼 I'm also so ready to see of Sera and young Mr Chadwick and when Maya met Lord what's his name I gave my full approval👍🏼 Side note I would positively scream if there was a side book about Miss Stranje and Captain Grey😍😍 hide spoiler