READ & DOWNLOAD ☆ The Lover Í Ellieuick recap My dad died leaving me an orphan Jake stepped in and married me rather than letting me go to a foster home Did I mention I was only sixteen at the timeIt was okay for a while until it wasn’t Because those feelings that I had for Jake as my oldest friend slowly turned into something else over the years FeReJakeI had to let her go I had to let her see there was to the world than the ranch Than me She’s never had a choice really in any of this I think I did the right thing I know I did the right thing Did I do the right thing More importantly if I didn’t how do I get her ba. I really enjoyed this series It was funny though sometimes I've frustrated with Jake and Ellie especially in the third book Overall it was a lovely series to read


Ellieuick recap My dad died leaving me an orphan Jake stepped in and married me rather than letting me go to a foster home Did I mention I was only sixteen at the timeIt was okay for a while until it wasn’t Because those feelings that I had for Jake as my oldest friend slow. 4 ★'s ♦ Note this series is made up of five novellas or something similar to chapters books They are all under two hundred pages so they go really uick What's that saying Absence Distance makes the heart grow fonder Well it certainly does in this case Ellie is off at college and Jake feels it in every bone in his body He really misses her but he can't let her know that She needs to get out and live a little And she does make some new friends and they give her some perspective about Jake and he actually steps up his gameand it was oh so wonderful sigh And Ellie is definitely a woman who knows what she wants and goes after it I love how she gives Jake a run for his money at every turn Then there's some good news and then sad news My heart just goes out to Ellie She really needs to catch a break Luckily Jake gives it to her and it was sooo sweet and yes a little sad The story fast forwards ten years and we get to see where they are This part was a little unexpected since there's another book or two but we'll just have to see where it goes

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The LoverLy turned into something else over the years Feelings he could NOT deal with So I did the right thing and divorced him It was the right thing I’m pretty sure it was the right thingOkay it was probably the wrong thing but I don’t think either of us know where we go from he. Spoiler Free Series Review‘We were Ellie and Jake Jake and Ellie’S Doyle is a new to us author and the synopsis for this trilogy immediately sucked us in It sounded angsty gripping and we were told from readers who had read the first book it had a Kristen Ashley ‘feel’ about it so we couldn’t wait to dive in We’ll be honest and say we didn’t get the KA vibe at all with neither the story nor the writing bearing any resemblance to the KA books we’ve read however each reader feels a story differentlyThis coming of age drama was laden with drama and angst Boy did these two make life difficult for themselves as they adapted to living together At first we struggled to get into the story however we soon found our groove and needed to know how this was all going to play outBecause of Ellie’s age we will disclose that there is no underage sex in this story in fact Jake shows a tremendous amount of restraint with the hormonally awakening Ellie respecting her age and their platonic predicament implicitly and Ellie wanting to give herself over to love settling for nothing lessThe trilogy is told in dual POV’s with Ellie’s side of the story was told in the way of a memoir and so it read as a naïve hormonal confused 16 year old so the immaturity of her voice was to be expected We loved that Ellie remained strong sticking to her guns about her worth with Jake’s pov bringing a balance to the story “Jake I deserve to be loved as much as I love you” At nearly 17 Ellie Mason is left an orphan and a multimillion dollar cattle ranch in Montana after her father’s death With no legal guardian the only option available for Ellie is to go into Foster care However this option doesn’t suit Jake Talley the family cattle hand who lives in the bunkhouse on their ranch was right hand man to Ellie’s dad and really the only ‘family’ Ellie now has Jake decides the best solution and to avoid the foster system even if it is for sixteen months is to marry Ellie divorcing when she turns 18 There’s a 10 year gap between the pair and Jake looks upon Ellie as a little girl he hasn’t yet noticed to maturing woman before him So he can do this for sixteen months can’t he Stay in a platonic marriage to keep the ranch and Ellie’s dad’s legacy Except Ellie is blossoming before his eyes and Jake wants to make sure Elllie’s virtue remains intact so as not to draw town gossip to their relationship‘What if I married Ellie thinking I could save her but instead ruined her life because people though she was the type of girl who could be seduced’The story takes us from Ellie being the bride the wife the lover as is evident from the titles and in that process we see the growth of Ellie’s character as she comes into her own from young innocence to womanhood “You are the most important person in my life I’m the most important person in yours I don’t want you to end up hating me This is one angst ridden ride The kind that makes you want to throw your hands up in frustration whilst at the same time flipping to the next page to see what happens Jake and Ellie’s relationship is a whirlwind of emotions that’s for sure An entertaining read tracing the trials and tribulations of a friends to lover’s romance THE BRIDE TRILOGY is available to purchase belowThe Bride Book One US UKThe Wife Book Two US UKThe Lover Book Three US UKCome visit and follow us at✲ TotallybookedBlog✲ TB on Facebook✲ TB on Twitter✲ TB on Pinterest