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characters For the Love of Armin ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Å In September of the year 9 AD the young Germanic warrior known as Armin to his friends and Arminius to his Roman enemies successfully took on and defeated three entire Roman legions This resulted in the deaths of over twenty thousand Roman soldiers This in They did not want any king from anywhere telling them what to do In due course this resulted in even the members of his own family taking up arms against him in order to make sure that the tribes of Germania remained independent and free Such was the concern of the ancient Germanic tribesmen that this might not be the case that Armin was murdered by the members of his own famil. The is a whole lot of research gone into this book that much was clear right from the off with the intense level of detail and comfortable way in which the author sets scenes and describes the eraThe writing is fluid and the style fits well with story and plot line and I’ve read a lot bigger titled historical based novels in the past that didn’t manage this near as well Overall I found For The Love Of Armin to be an enjoyable book that I have since recommended to a friend Looking forward to from the author

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D associate for their common good often meeting and forming up for offensive or defensive war but they were always separate and very independent Armin knew that the best way to ensure that his country was not bothered by outside invaders again was to become a single country complete with it own army and navy In this he crossed swords with the independent temper of his own people. Whoa I am so relieved I read this entire book because honestly I was becoming overwhelmed by the bloodshed the sexual content and the endless animosity between the ancient Romans and the peoples of Germania Even though this was not my usual genre for reading I kept on with it because somehow my curiosity was piued since this was about two out of the many countries of Europe that I am fascinated by due to their individual histories and cultural aspects I wanted to know even though I was informed at the beginning by its narrator that it’s a work of fiction based on actual happenings back then I was eager to discover any bizarre and interesting data about the ancestors of Italy and Germany Anyway here are some information about this grueling read I say that because it’s a war novel and there is a lot of bloodshed and other inhumane practices that were performed by both the Romans and the Germanic people The narrator of this fictional work is a ghost called Adalhard who was an ally of the leading protagonist—Armin Armin was a Germanic man who was taken from his people by the Romans and schooled by them on intellectual subjects like Math Latin and Science to name a few The Romans even gave him a leadership role in one of their militant organizations only resulting in planting hatred in his heart for them leading to him formulating a plan of revenge that was successfulIf you have a timid heart then you should be warned that this book does not censor itself of its graphic details of certain Roman practices like crucifixion and impaling their enemies as punishment There is also strong sexual content here which is not too intense but still may set you off if you are against sex and that stuff These mentions of the Romans’ sexual behavior are not new to me though as I already knew about them from the movie Spartacus and historic individuals such as Caligula Anyway what I really enjoyed about this book was the author’s inclusion of some Biblical events like the villainous King Herod and the birth of Jesus Christ as well as the slaughter of the innocents by King Herod Moving on I felt empathetic towards Armin and his people and the sufferings they went through while under the power of the Roman Empire back then I was amazed and in a way fascinated because this was the history of Europe the wars not the story which I must remind you is a work of fiction that the rest of the world are not that familiar with Haha Interesting huhI recommend this book to lovers of war stories and those who are veterans of war I also advise those who are admirers of historical fiction that have to do with Europe to buy this one now because it will shock and soothe their tastes just by reading about the historical regions of Europe covered in this book like Gaul for instance which is present day France Belgium and the Netherlands There is mention of Odin Woden and his son Thor who are figures of ScandinavianGermanic mythology There are also references to the well known Roman figure the gladiator All in all I give this book 4 stars because although it was entertaining and at times fascinating its structuring formatting was off putting and if you buy it for yourself or a friend of yours you two will come to know what I am talking about But have a great day and enjoy the positives

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For the Love of ArminIn September of the year 9 AD the young Germanic warrior known as Armin to his friends and Arminius to his Roman enemies successfully took on and defeated three entire Roman legions This resulted in the deaths of over twenty thousand Roman soldiers This in turn resulted in the Roman emperor called Tiberius recalling all Roman military units from Germania The Germanic tribes woul. In recent years I have developed a real fondness for historical fiction becoming hooked after reading 'Wolf Hall' by Hillary Mantel An interest in the Roman Empire led me to 'For the Love of Armin' by Michael Kramer and what followed was a novel that easily matches Mantel's for accuracy writing skill and ability to weave historical facts into a compelling narrative Told through the eyes of an ancient Germanic spirit we follow the aftermath of the Battle of the Tuetoburg Forest a devastating defeat for the Roman Empire focusing on Germanic soldier Armin and his familyThe descriptions were vivid the characters invoked real empathy and the facts behind the story were fascinating If you have an interest in the Roman Empire or the early history of Europe you are certain to find 'For the Love of Armin' a worthwhile and enjoyable read