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Interviews with the suspect’s family relentless legal sleuth Piu Eatwell has gained unprecedented access to evidence and persuasively identified the culprit Black Dahlia Red Rose layers these findings into a gritty cinematic retelling of the haunting taleAs Eatwell chronicles among the first to arrive at the grisly crime scene was Aggie Underwood the tough as nails city editor for the Los Angeles Evening Herald Express; meanwhile the chain smoking city editor for the Los Angeles Examiner Jimmy Richardson sent out his own reporters Eatwell reveals how through a cutthroat race to break news and sell papers the public image of Elizabeth Short was distorted from a violated beauty to a man crazy delinuent As rumors of various boyfriends circulated the true story of the complex young woman ricocheting between jobs lovers and homes was lost Instead kitschy headlines tapped into a wider social anxiety about the city’s girl problem and Sh. I had to suirm and occasionally skim my way through this book because I’m sueamish when it comes to violence but the Black Dahlia murder and Piu Eatwell’s deep dive into the evidence are fascinating enough to make the ick factor worth it I didn’t know anything about the case going in but even if you have some background Eatwell fought for access to evidence never before released—and she has a compelling argument as to the identity of the culprit She’s also an accomplished historian who excels at creating a sense of place Black Dahlia Red Rose is as much a snapshot of postwar LA as it is an analysis of the murder investigation and even though I’ve never been to California having read this book I now feel like I have True crime can be tough to read With crime novels no matter how sick and twisted you can at least comfort yourself with the thought that it’s all a figment of the author’s imagination We’re granted no such distance here Elizabeth Short was a real person whose life was ended purposefully and brutally So what makes the book worth reading despite the gruesomeness of the crime itself In my opinion it’s the opportunity to explore who the so called Black Dahlia really was behind the sensational headlines and prejudice of the times It’s too easy to cast a beautiful young female murder victim as either a saintly virgin or a disgraced harlot Based on the picture Eatwell paints of Short I personally think she like all women was complicated than that false dichotomy allows Adding to the intrigue is Eatwell’s exposure of the bald faced corruption of the LAPD and their unwillingness to bring the killer to justice As a cock eyed optimist I found the department’s failure appalling but if you’re the jaded type you probably won’t be too surprised I guess we’ve seen several examples in the news just recently that prove rules don’t apply to white men in powerful positions I should have known Recommended for true crime enthusiasts history buffs and anyone who likes non fiction that reads like fictionMore book recommendations by me at wwwreadingwithhipposcom

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Black Dahlia Red RoseOrt’s black chiffon and smoldering gaze become a warning for loose women coming of age in postwar AmericaApplying her own background as a lawyer to the surprising new evidence Eatwell ultimately exposes many startling clues to the case that have never surfaced in public From the discovery of Elizabeth’s notebook inscribed with the name of the city’s most notorious and corrupt businessman to a valid suspect plucked from the hundreds of confessing Sams by a brilliant well meaning doctor Eatwell compellingly captures every big break in the police investigation to reveal a truly viable resolution to the case In rich atmospheric prose Eatwell separates fact from fantasy to expose the truth behind the sinewy networks of a noir tinged Hollywood Black Dahlia Red Rose at long last accords the Elizabeth Short case its due resolution providing a reliable and enduring account of one of the most notorious unsolved murders in American histor. The Black Dahlia murder case remains a brutal unsolved mystery murder case Committed by someone familiar with surgical techniues the murder of twenty two year old Elizabeth Short the so called Black Dahlia because of the lingerie she wore and her jet black hair The investigation has never been solved but I believe Piu Eatwell has finally done that Using previously unreleased FBI and LAPD files in addition to the first hand accounts of people like news reporter Aggie Underwood and Dr DeRiver psychologist of the LAPD during the time of the murder the author makes a compelling argument about the identity of the killer She also explains who else might’ve been behind the scenes of the murder as well as the corruption and cover up perpetrated by the LAPD and their associates Highly recommended 5 stars I personally loved the way the author set the story for Los Angeles in 1940s post war America Narrative nonfiction doesn’t always work but I really liked the way she blended fact and story to get a let’s face it not pleasant topic across Elizabeth Short was brutally murdered according to the author’s website by being “bludgeoned to death her mouth slit wide on each side Severe post mortem lacerations had been made to the body Most shocking the corpse had been hacked in two”The influences of Hollywood are all over Los Angeles as they have been since the movie industry has been in existence but there is also the influence of of gangsters and their cronies like Mark Hansen who peddled sex and drugs and encouraged women to sell themselves body and soul to get into pictures and become famous I had heard stories about the corruption of the LAPD but to read about it and the depth to which it went was fascinating and really makes me want to read a book about that all on its own The lengths to which they went to in order to cover up the dealings of certain members of the force basically sabotaged the entire Black Dahlia murder investigation After reading this book I can very much imagine a scene as described by the author between the man who ordered Elizabeth Short’s murder and the man who actually committed it just like Henry II telling his knights to “get rid of this troublesome priest” when they murdered the Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas a Becket I found it very fascinating that the author at the end of the book discovered Leslie Dillon’s daughter was named Elizabeth adding that just extra bit of creepiness to an already creepy story Disclaimer I received a copy of the book from WW Norton Company in exchange for my honest review

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Download ☆ Black Dahlia, Red Rose 102 Ý A Times Book of the Year 2017 Shortlisted for the 2018 Gold Dagger Award for Crime Non Fiction Los Angeles 1947 A housewife out for a walk with her baby notices a cloud of black flies buzzing ominously in Leimert Park An unsightly object is identified as the mutilated body of Elizabeth Short an aspirinA Times Book of the Year 2017 Shortlisted for the 2018 Gold Dagger Award for Crime Non Fiction Los Angeles 1947 A housewife out for a walk with her baby notices a cloud of black flies buzzing ominously in Leimert Park An unsightly object is identified as the mutilated body of Elizabeth Short an aspiring starlet from Massachusetts who had been lured west by the siren call of Hollywood Her killer would never be found but Short’s death would bring her the fame she had always sought Her murder investigation transformed into a real life film noir featuring corrupt cops femmes fatales gun slinging gangsters and hungry reporters replete with an irresistible legendary moniker adapted from a recent film The Black DahliaFor over half a century this crime has maintained an almost mythic place in American lore as one of our most inscrutable cold cases With the recently unredacted FBI file newly released sections of the LAPD file and exclusive. For readers familiar with the noir soaked unsolved murder of Elizabeth Short aka the Black Dahlia this book recounts much of the information already printed and glamorized in film but it does so in a way that is refreshing and feels 'new' If anything Black Dahlia Red Rose reads like crime fiction with a rolling narrative emphasizing the criminal investigation and spotlighting one key suspect in particular Lesley Dillon who was staying as the Astor Hotel the suspected place of Shorts brutally violent murder the hotel is still standing today but only rents rooms by the hour and has no advertising website or phone listing according to the author The Dahlia case aside there's a lot of page time dedicated to the alleged corruption of the LAPD of the time which immediately get's the reader thinking of cover ups and coercion The Gangster Suad features heavily and is portrayed as a beacon of justice despite some of the suad members uestionable interpretation of the thin blue line a line they weren't afraid to crossMy rating 55 This is a great book which true crime enthusiasts will lap up Jeff Harding narrated the audio edition and did a nice job of ensuring the tone of the book didn't come across as a newsreel rather complimenting the free flowing narrative of the investigation