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Crossroads and the Dominion of Four Read & download Ç 2 ☆ At first glance Jake Shayna Seneca and Conner seem like average teens Maybe even like some kids you know But theyre special They know that magic spells and prophecies are real In Crossroads and the Dominion of Four author C Toni Graham continues the tale introduced inAs defenders of the Otherworld The realms mythical beings have chosen sides in a deadly magical war but its not always clear to whom they pledge their allegiance Jake Shayna Conner and Seneca must use their new magical abilities to battle treacherous creatures and face life altering crossroads Only a powerful druid and her loyal minions s. The second installment in the 'Crossroads' trilogy by C Toni Graham is just as exciting and thrilling as the Book One the 'Himalayan Crystals' In fact it may be one of those 'Empire Strikes Back' situations where the seuel is better than the original Graham has amped up her imagination another notch She firmly cemented the plot for her teen protagonists in the first novel 'Crossroads and the Dominion of Four' she can get straight into what she does bestfast paced fantasy action and plenty of it Jake Seneca Connor and Shayna look like your normal teens but their lives are anything but normal There is a whole other world that exists and they have been tasked to defend it from whatever nefarious creatures would do it harm They are the Dominion of Four and with each threat to the Otherworld that they extinguish the closer they are to fulfilling their destinyWhat a great great I can't wait until the final part of the trilogy and to see how much further Graham can push the limits of imagination

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At first glance Jake Shayna Seneca and Conner seem like average teens Maybe even like some kids you know But theyre special They know that magic spells and prophecies are real In Crossroads and the Dominion of Four author C Toni Graham continues the tale introduced in Crossroads and the Himalayan Crystals The teens have accepted their fate. If you are looking for magic and a battle between forces of good and evil try this one out Four teenagers who were chosen by their magical ancestries from our world Seneca Shayna Jake and Conner must help the Otherworld a world of fantastical creatures and magic before an evil and ancient female druid by the name of Brigara takes over with her minions and wickedness This is the second book in a beginning series about these four teenagers who at the start of the book are found in a forest wandering on foot while being guided by Shayna’s grandmother Dreya who has taken the form of a bird flying in the sky above them They eventually come face to face with a whole bunch of diabolical creatures like the poison spitting fairies and the extremely grotesue Murkgoblins In the midst of their battles with these creatures the four are saved by their trainer a mythical creature by the name of Rileau who takes them under his wing and trains them with the proper techniues for their eventual fight with BrigaraHonestly I found this book to be a little bit annoying even though it was mostly entertaining It dragged for the beginning and in the middle There was a time when I felt like giving up on it because of this but my reader spirit won in the end Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the magical and mythical elements it contained and the characters’ sense of humor I enjoyed the food references as always I also enjoyed the many different fantastical creatures that came up throughout What I did not find amusing was Jake’s attitude towards their trainer Rileau He was rude and plain jealous and definitely ungrateful for all that Rileau did for him and his friends altogether I would have bopped his head if I was Conner just for his behavior Anyway I enjoyed the character of Brigara I found her devious agenda of disguising herself as an educator in order to retrieve a magical box from the earthly high school that in the opening of the book she had set fire to very cunning and plain wickedAll in all I would recommend this read to the age range that it was written for I am disappointed with the fact that this is the second book in this series titled the Crossroads because then I would know the original story of how the dominion of four Seneca Shayna Jake and Conner were recruited from their earthly families and how Seneca went from plain human girl to fairy girl with wings I guess in the first book Crossroads and the Himalayan Crystals the growth of these appendages was introduced and in this edition a growth on another member of this foursome was introduced and I will not spoil it you will have to get this gem to find out So overall great storyline great setting great characterization but the buildup of events was a bit slow and needed some wisecracks or some witty and fun wordings to keep the reader’s attention on point because honestly and I don’t mean to offend the author because this is my honest review of his or her book it took me two weeks to finish this Buy it if you are a fantasyYA fanatic or give it as a gift to such a friend Alright have a great Sunday afternoon Later

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Crossroads and the Dominion of FourTand in their way to fulfilling their destiny of becoming the prophesized Dominion of Four The Crossroads series brings together creatures and humans as they fight for the common goal of returning harmony to the Otherworld and rid the realm of evil forever Teen readers and fans of action packed fantasy genres will enjoy this thrilling saga. I enjoyed this book much than the first I found that the description issue was better than in the first book Also the plot setting and characters stayed fun and intriguing I also found that the characters developed a lot in this book That's something that's important to me in general as a readerAgain I really loved the uniue magic in this book like I did in the first one It got even better in this book but I really don't want to give it away The book also uses a really fun plot device toward the middle of the book which totally threw me off Once I'd figured it out I really liked it though Totally adds to my opinion of the awesome creativity in the writingFair warning this book ends on a bit of a cliffhanger than the first book did So be ready to want the third and final book right away like I doOverall 45 starsI would definitely also recommend this book to younger readers even highly than the first Again I'd say in the realm of the 8 12 category and for younger teens