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The Ghost Years free read ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ WINNER OF THE NEW APPLE BOOK AWARD YOUNG ADULT INSPIRATIONAL CATEGORYA lovingly crafted tale of damnation and redemption Poetic and beautiful Editor's Pick Publication ReviewThis is the work of a sensitive poet who molds language as though on a potter’s wheel that resOry chronicles the obstacles of depression drug addiction and the trials of homelessness that he endures on his path to self discovery He is taken to unimaginable and devastating places both physically and mentally How much control does he really have over his fate The Ghost Years goes deep beneath the surface through unflinching plot twists and hauntingly poetic prose. This story stares into the heart of society to point out its ills It focuses on the effect of drug abuse and how its effect can be long lasting on its victims Here we are faced with a young man struggling with the side effect of addiction and all the severe side effects that are associated with itThe pages of this book are thought provoking as it breaks down in details the life of this young man from his early years up till his struggles and complete detachment from family He slowly drifted into the dark paths not fit for an intelligent boy as he is He suffered in the hands of people who only despised and took advantage of himKatsonga is a very good writer with a strong sense of expression and the desire to expose societal ills from the perspective we rarely see on the popular media He certainly has a good way of getting his readers engaged in this book by relying on the first person narrative style to tell his storyIf you get excited reading philosophical materials you will definitely love reading this book

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He most difficult to attainThe Ghost Years is brutally honest and jarring from its immersive beginning right through to its startling unpredictable conclusion It's a young man's attempt to pick up the pieces and start over only to be presented with greater obstacles than he could ever have envisioned Through visceral first person accounts and stark vivid imagery the st. This book is emotional and gripping but I have to say it’s not my favorite by this writer My favorite is Beyond the Spiral Gates The Ghost Years follows a young man cast out by society into the netherworld of homelessness as he struggles with addiction and the horrific side effects of drug abuse—and I’m not just talking about the toll it takes on your bodyThe story takes readers from the protagonist’s younger years—before he was even born—and into his twenties showing them the ups he had with his loving family and the downs he suffered as he gradually lost his connection with his loved ones and took a dark path which once would not have been imaginable for such a bright boy Readers witness as people look down on him take advantage of him spit on him all while he chases after the “dragon” that is the perfect high—and wrestles with the Hydra that was his inner demonsKatsonga has such a poetic voice in this novel that it would be hard not to be captivated by it The emotional but intelligent writing perfectly matches the first person narrator perhaps to a fault While the philosophical and self reflective sections make sense for this character I struggled at times to get through them in order to continue with the meat of the story I love philosophy and deep thinking as much as any other reader but I was also so wrapped up in this young man’s journey that those asides grew tediousOddly enough the metaphors of the dragon and the Hydra were actually my favorite part While they take the reader as much away from the main story as the philosophical and self reflective asides do I was bewitched by how Katsonga wove these metaphors throughout the novel starting with the protagonist’s early fascination with St George and then wrapping it up nicely with remarks on how anyone can overcome these dragons and hydras Perhaps that’s why I liked them whereas the philosophy and self reflection sometimes lost meI noticed some proofreading errors some of which could be brushed off as a way to create Katsonga’s poetic voice Regardless not all of them could and these mistakes were at times distracting Overall though they rarely detracted from the reading experienceAll in all The Ghost Years is great for those looking to think deeply about the world If you have a passion for the issues of drug addiction and homelessness or you want to gain a better understanding of them you’ll want to join this protagonist on his journey from a troubled college drop out to the confident caring volunteer at the nursing home which we meet in the first chapter The philosophy might bog you down some but the rest of the story is worth it

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The Ghost YearsWINNER OF THE NEW APPLE BOOK AWARD YOUNG ADULT INSPIRATIONAL CATEGORYA lovingly crafted tale of damnation and redemption Poetic and beautiful Editor's Pick Publication ReviewThis is the work of a sensitive poet who molds language as though on a potter’s wheel that results in unspeakably beautiful art San Francisco Review Of BooksSometimes our simplest wishes can be t. This was a startling and gripping look into a person’s personal demons from depression to drug addiction and homelessness Drawing on his own personal experiences the author gives us an unprecedented look at the ups and downs of lie in the hardest and bleakest of times I think I would say this book falls almost into the autobiography category as it follows the author from his earliest childhood and happy times with his family into his years of homelessness and finally we see what happened that allowed him to claw his way out of the dark I was surprised to see just how much emotion the author poured into this book He wrote this book for us to see unapologetically just how desolate he was at times The good the bad and the ugly and then the really ugly it was all chronicled for us to see Eye opening and certainly jarring it certainly shined a spotlight into a misunderstood portion of American life