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Born Criminal doc Ó Hardcover read Þ randarenewables â Radical feminist writer suffragist Matilda Joslyn Gage changed the course of history She fought for eual rights not dependent on sex race class or creed Yet her name has faded into obscurity She is forgotten when her comrades Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady StRadical feminist writer suffragist Matilda Joslyn Gage changed the course of history She fought for eual rights not dependent on sex ra Gage was a major figure in the early women's suffrage movement alongside Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton yet has been mostly forgotten Even Anthony and Stanton downplayed her contribution failing to give her the credit she richly deserved As a girl Matilda had hoped to become a doctor like her father who tutored and encouraged her expecting that by the time she grew up women would be allowed to become doctors But it was not to be She turned her talents to organizing speaking researching and writingGage was tireless in her activism continuing with considerable energy even in the face of political opposition money troubles ill health and later the death of her husband She organized a daring protest of the 1886 dedication of the Statue of Liberty saying It is the greatest sarcasm of the nineteenth century to represent liberty as a woman while not one single woman throughout the length and breadth of the land is as yet in possession of political liberty One of the many fascinating facts we learn is that her youngest daughter Maud married L Frank Baum author of The Wizard of OzThis inspiring piece of women's history was made enjoyable by its many photographs

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Ce class or creed Yet her name has faded into obscurity She is forgotten when her comrades Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton a I first learned about Matilda Joslyn Gage 1826–1898 from Mary Daly's GynEcology The Meta ethics of Radical Feminism which I read soon after it was published in 1978 A year or so later Gage's Woman Church State was reprinted by Persephone Press edited and with an introduction by Sally Roesch Wagner then as now the #1 scholar of and advocate for Gage's work I was both blown away and angry blown away by Gage's perceptiveness and powerful writing; angry that neither I nor my feminist friends had heard of her She had been erased from history in spite of her determined efforts to prevent itI discovered this 2018 biography while compiling a reading list about the US women's suffrage movement Why I wondered was the first non academic biography of Gage published by the South Dakota Historical Society? I didn't realize that several of Gage's children had lived and raised families in South Dakota that Gage had spent a fair amount of time there and that it was Sally Roesch Wagner's home state In fact it was partly through one on one contact with one of Gage's granddaughters that Wagner learned about Gage Born Criminal seems to have been published as a YA young adult title there's a section in the back suggesting projects and discussion uestions for high school use But it's solidly researched and well documented and it doesn't assume extensive prior knowledge of either the suffrage movement or 19th century US history I heartily recommend it to everyone interested in the movement and the period and especially to those who want to know about feminism's radical intersectional rootsMatilda Joslyn Gage really was as Gloria Steinem has said ahead of the women who were ahead of their time Unfortunately this helps explain her erasure not only from US history but specifically the history of the suffrage movement Susan B Anthony and her authorized biographer Ida Husted Harper deserve a large share of the blame for this Why?As the 19th century turned into the 20th the suffrage movement became and laser focused on the vote conservative if you will Women's rights in general and especially the rights of women of color became not just peripheral but seen as liabilities Gage's detailed and unsparing critiue of religion's role in the oppression of women was especially dangerous Elizabeth Cady Stanton's Woman's Bible was used by anti suffragists in their campaign to prevent ratification of the 19th Amendment leading suffragists to distance themselves from it even though Stanton had been dead for almost two decadesAngelica Shirley Carpenter has done us a huge service by documenting Gage's life and political activism so thoroughly I hope that other biographers and writers will build on her work perhaps by exploring her historical context and her legacy Part of that legacy is what caught Carpenter's attention She was an avid than avid fan of L Frank Baum a household name for generations and this led her to Baum's remarkable mother in law none other than Matilda Joslyn Gage She speculates that this might have had something to do with the feminism and remarkable female characters of the later Oz booksFor about Gage check out the Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation established in 2000 by Sally Roesch Wagner and dedicated to educating current and future generations about Gage’s work and its power to drive contemporary social change

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Born CriminalRe celebrated To explain Angelica Shirley Carpenter explores Gage's life including her rise and fall within the movement she helped bui This is SUCH an important book about a key figure who was written out of women's history Gage was born in 1826 to parents who were active abolitionists their home an underground railroad stop when she was growing up as was her home after she married She became involved in the women's suffrage movement in 1852Gage was considered radical than Susan B Anthony or Elizabeth Cady Stanton who she knew extremely through their joint work for the National Woman Suffrage Association Gage was very well educated and particularly interested in shining a light on forgotten women in history and women's inventions Anthony and Stanton who out lived Gage are the key people responsible for writing her out of history Both took credit for Gage's writings and research at various times before and after her death Anthony most egregiously Gage's writing was often praised and her book Woman Church and State garnered a personal letter from Tolstoy with the back handed compliment It proved a woman could think logicallyGage was also L Frank Baum's mother in law and it's thought that she greatly inspired how he wrote women and girls particularly in the Oz books and the books written under his Edith van Dyne pseudonym Given that Baum had only sons I think this is probably uite trueHighly recommend this book or at least doing a good Wikipedia dive