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Summary Hur man löser ett spaningsmord Therese Tangs berättelse ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ú A chilling true crime story of poisonous family secrets love gone wrong and a cold case that refused to stay buried In late summer of 2012 millionaire landowner Göran Lundblad went mA chilling true crime story of poisonous family secrets love gone wrong and a cold case that refused to stay buried In late summer of 2012 millionaire landowner Göran Lundblad went missing from his farm in Sweden When a search yielded nothing and all physical evidence had seemingly disappeared authorities had little to go on except a disturbing phone call. 30 Stars — I decided to read a true crime book for my next read and “The Dark Heart” caught my eye because it has been heavily promoted on Kindle Unlimited “The Dark Heart” was written by a Swedish crime reporter and details the investigation into a missing person murder of a very wealthy Swedish businessman One drawback of books that are translated from its original language to English is that the writing usually comes off stilted and unclear but this was one of the best translated books that I have read However this book’s narrative seems to have been stretched too long with minimal information about the relationship and problems that existed between the victim and the suspects and too much information regarding the background of the leader of the missing persons’ rescue organization The author also misses out on a golden opportunity of being much detailed about the unusual way the case was solved and the intensity and fear involved in a day long interrogation by a civilian left alone with a murderer Instead the author tried to make the book into a whodunnit even though there were only 2 potential conspiring suspects from the beginning of the book til the end With all that said I have definitely read much better true crime books

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Five weeks later from Göran’s daughter Maria She was sure that her sister Sara was somehow involved At the heart of the alleged crime Sara’s greed her father’s land holdings and his bitter feud with Sara’s idler boyfriend With no body there was no crime and the case went as cold and dark as the forests of southern Sweden But not for Therese Tang Fo. The Dark Heart A True Story of Greed Murder and an Unlikely InvestigatorThis is the story of a missing Swedish millionaire Goran Lundblad who has a couple of farms and other properties Before he went missing he’s been trying to convince his daughter Sara who lived and worked with him to get rid of a boyfriend she’d acuired that has become a bone of contention between them Finally Therese Tang gets involved a mother of 3 former model and security guard who is an investigator for a missing persons group She won’t take no for an answer and risks her neck I thought the narration was uite decent the man was great at pronouncing all of the tricky place and people names that I often wondered how they looked in text The story while a little predictable is still a good one although there is a bit of padding It’s an enjoyable true crime book on audio well performed I would choose to read the book from the cover descriptionI read the ebook after listening to the Audible just to check out all of those names I couldn’t uite understand during the Audible reading It’s kind of like the second time watching a movie where you pick up on things you didn’t uite get the first time through I probably should have done this in reverse but I hadn’t really planned to do both until I reached the end of the Audible and was so curious about so many spellings of the foreign names My thanks for the advance electronic copy that was provided by NetGalley author Joakim Palmkvist and the publisher for my fair reviewEbook Narrator – Ulf Bjorklund Translator – Agnes BroomeCrossing 314pages Pub Nov 1st 2018Audible Audiobook Narrator Ulf Bjorklund Translator Agnes BroomeBrilliance Audio 9hrs 13mins Pub Nov 1st 2018RATING 355 StarsMy BookZone blog

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Hur man löser ett spaningsmord Therese Tangs berättelseR two years this case was her obsessionA hard working ex model mother of three and Missing People investigator Therese was willing to put her own safety at risk in order to uncover the truth What she found was a nest of depraved secrets lies and betrayal All she had to do now in her relentless and dangerous pursuit of justice was prove that it led to murder. No body no murderThe body was missing There were no videos no recorded confessions and there was no evidence of foul playA wealthy Swedish man has gone missing Has he been murdered From the very first police investigation where nothing is found they do feel that something is amiss and all fingers point to his eldest daughter and her boyfriend I am giving nothing away here This is all set up in the first 10 pages The dark heart of a Romeo and Juliet story Around seven to eight thousand people a year disappear in Sweden The majority are foundWhat makes this book different is the investigator Therese Tang who volunteers for Missing People Sweden She would work on this case for 19 months A waitress former model hairdresser make up artist and nuclear power plant worker with three children Did I mention that she ended up as a Police Custody Officer I am not kidding Her contact with one of the lead protagonists is creepy unnerving and damn right tenseThe author has put in a lot of research especially tracking all the Lundblads money The web of money reaches out to different places Where will it all end up Money as they say is the root of all evil It certainly is here If you enjoy reading true crime then this is recommended It is easy to read and kept my attention throughout