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Now What The formation of the English people starting with the arrival of the newly confederated Germanic tribes of Engels. History made immediateAustralian author Michael Kramer earned degrees in architecture and engineering and now adds the Arts to his arsenal Michael served in the Australian Army during the Vietnam War in 1968 1969 He has published three books – FULL CIRCLE FOR MICK based on the Vietnam War and its aftermath ANGLO SAXON INVASION and FOR THE LOVE OF ARMIN the last two examine ancient history with an emphasis on the Roman conuests Michael is a fine researcher and in his Introduction he shares some little known facts – ‘After AD 449 the original homeland of the Engel Tribe Angle tribe was left totally deserted because the entire tribe had gone to Britain as a mass migration which also left several of their longships which were at various stages of construction behind It is thought that the difference between the Engel longship and the Danish Viking ones may have been that the Engels used a keel plank whereas the Viking longship which may have appeared than 110 years later had a 'T’ shaped keel which gave it better performance in rough weather What was the reason the Germanic tribes may have gone to Britain The actual reason is lost in time but it may have been that the Saxons could not expand toward the west and south west towards the Rhine because the Franks were there There was pressure coming from Wends who were also living in the Jutland peninsular at the time and the Danes who also needed to expand Once the Engels left so did many of the Kimbern and Saxons this made the entire Jutland peninsular depopulated a fact not missed by the Danes who moved in and made use of the deserted country side Centuries later the Germans would take back most of the Jutland peninsular All three Germanic tribes settled in Britain with the Engels calling where they settled “Engel land In his usual manner of relating the history of ancient peoples Michael spikes our imagination by including all the incidents and facts that today seem like fairytales or Marvel comics Not that he jests; he simply writes this fine history of the Anglo Saxon invasion by the Romans in a way that makes it entertaining as well as instructive The synopsis distills the facts – ‘In 449 AD The call for help from the king of Britons called Vortigern was answered by the Germanic tribes of Engels Angles kimbern and Saxons all three tribes operated autonomously but always under the banner of the Saxons with whom the other had amalgamated The Saxons were therefore dominant among them they did as vortigern wanted and stopped the raiding by Picks and Scots After these successes against the enemies of the Britons the Germanic tribes bought in their women and families and in due course took over much of the British Islands in time these Germanic tribes became the English people’Fine writing well considered research and a sense of immediacy make this a fine history book Where will Michael take us next

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Summary Í Now What?!! Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook À The formation of the English people starting with the arrival of the newly confederated Germanic tribes of Engels Kimbern and Saxons The story continues through to the arrival of St Augustine and his 40 monks and their work of converting the early English pagans to ChristanityKimbern and Saxons The story continues through to the arrival of St Augustine and his 40 monks and their work of c. In AD 449 the king of the Britons was Vortigern and he was needing to obtain help to stop the Picts and Scots from coming though openings in Hadrian's Wall and raiding his people since the Romans left Britain in 417 AD With help not forthcoming he asked the newly confederated tribes of the Engels Kimbern and Saxons to come to his aid They did so and this resulted in the Saxons settling in Wessex Essex and other areas while Engels settled in areas that made up Anglia East Anglia and Northumbria The Kimbern who some people call Jutes settled in Kent and the Isle of Wright Together these people formed what woud become the English I found this research both challenging and satisfying The story goes as far as the end of reign of King Alfred the Great and includes his fighting of the Danes who were attepting to take his country After the Death of Alfred he was succeeded by his son known as Edward the Elder and he completed the defeat of the Danes which his father had started I think of this as a great read and a help for those who may be studying English history Kind regards Michael G Kramer OMIEAust

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Onverting the early English pagans to Christanity The story continues to the end of reign of King Alfred the Great. Now What by Michael Kramer is an intense compilation of historic facts wrapped into a fictionalized story The depth of knowledge Kramer exhibits is fascinating and truly represents a great deal of well thought out research We begin with the early years of the Germanic tribes and finish with the earlier English kings The telling of the story is through a ghost of Horsa a Kimbern war lord and through this mediumpersona goes into great detail about the expanding horizons and history of the Engels Saxons and others including the Vikings Sometimes it's hard to remember this is a fictionalized story because the facts presented are so daunting and in depth You can tell the author has a passion for his subject matter Not a book to be read in one sitting this book is to be picked up and absorbed slowly in order to fully glean the knowledge contained within Highly recommend