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A Philosophical Investigation Characters  6 ✓ London 2013 a world in which serial murder has reached epidemic proportions Tested positively by the government as one disposed to criminal violence Jake Jacowicz breaks into the computer to erase his name where he discovers a list of others so accused and hits on a horrifying idea what iRs a list of others so accused and hits on a horrifying idea what if he were to become a killer of serial kille. Philip Kerr wrote this thriller in 1992 and has staged a futuristic vision to his most original idea He has mixed cyber punkish techno language with a serial killer detective mystery and added strong philosophical psychological and sociological terms for depth One could say in those years this complex science fiction techno thriller was highly thoughtful Today’s reader will probably see the denouement with a deferent light and perspective The year is 2013 London has been chosen for a pilot project called “Lombraso” the program is to identify and track male citizens who are genetically predisposed to be aggressively violent The database has been an excellent tool to law enforcement When a serial killer appears to be stalking and killing the individuals whose code names appears on the records In this case the killer’s code name is “Wittgenstein” named after the famous philosopher his language and mind set both were highly influenced by the genius’ ideasand were the root of most of his problems Detective Chief Inspector Isadora Jakowicz Jake is assigned to the case and the cat and mouse game beginsand the inevitable showdown I will spare you the many detailsThe narrative unfolds from a dual perspective Wittgenstein's and the female police lieutenant “Jake assigned to catch him Wittgenstein's portion is told from the first person as a diary of his assassinations and subseuent downfall; the detective's portion is told in a traditional third person perspective Along the narrative are citations from works of Ludwig Wittgenstein and other philosophers In my view the freuent philosophical discussions were overplayed and for me this brain teasing game became a huge distraction Unfortunately the plot mystery side was overshadowed by the weight of too many philosophical ideas and with this the story suffered and felt underdeveloped This story may have been a fascinating one in 1992 but many years later it is just the run of the mill type With this said even if “A Philosophical Investigation” is far from being a favourite I am still one of Mr Kerr’s biggest fans and will not hesitate to gradually read all of his books

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London 2013 a world in which serial murder has reached epidemic proportions Tested positively by the government. If you want to read the inner monologue of a serial killer trying to ape Wittgenstein's style then this is the book for you I would have enjoyed it if every single one of those chapters had been cut Also if the portrayal of the female detective had been handled better is it really necessary for the killer to create and rape a virtual simulation of her when he is not a sexually motivated killer Is it really necessary for her to feel a bizarre and uncharacteristic attraction to him Yuck

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A Philosophical InvestigationAs one disposed to criminal violence Jake Jacowicz breaks into the computer to erase his name where he discove. I didn’t get on at all well with A Philosophical Investigation It sets out to be a dystopian thriller with serious philosophical content but I’m afraid I just found it over long convoluted a bit tedious and rather show offyPublished in 1992 the book is set in 2013 and one problem is Kerr’s vision of a time we have lived through It’s prescient in some ways but the sheer unrecognisability of the setting does get in the way especially things like the hopelessly under imagined technology no NHS and expensive dirty hospitals and so on The story concerns one of a plague of “recreational” serial killers who has been found to lack a part of the brain which inhibits violence and is killing others on the secret list of similarly affected people Each has been given a codename; the killer’s codename is Wittgensteinand so we get into a lot of philosophical discussion Much of the discussion is in Wittgenstein’s internal voice and for me it doesn’t work I’m happy to wrestle with philosophical ideas butI found much of this unconvincing both in its context in the book and in its content Rather than being intellectually stimulating I found it often tendentious and frankly interested in showing the reader how frightfully clever the author is than in developing a reasoned readable argument and story Tellingly I thought I was reading it for the first time until well after half way I came across a scene I recognised I had plainly read it when it came out and remembered almost none of it This says something about my memory I admit but also much about the book because I can recall books I liked from well before thenI know many people admire Philip Kerr’s books greatly but I’ve never been wholly convinced by them and this has done nothing to help It’s minority view I suspect but I can’t recommend thisMy thanks to uercus for an ARC via NetGalley