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SUMMARY ✓ Matching Configurations á Matching Configurations is the second seuel to uantum Roots a light Sci Fi adventure story that features everyday Olan Chapman as a hero vigilante who defends the weak and helpless victims of today's society Like the first two editions of uantum RootsK and helpless victims of today's society Like the first two editions of uantum Roo. Some of the content in this book is not meant for under 18 readers Despite being the second seuel to a series the light science fiction adventure can still be enjoyed as an independent book and makes for an easy read Keyes provides a good amount of humor to the science which will make you enjoy the book tremendously The story is creative and witty with a bit of sexist and stereotypical descriptions The character development is recommendable as Keyes develops some lovable characters who are easy to identify with The book is uite a page turner considering the fast paced nature of the narration and the well developed story After reading the book you will want to read the previous two books as it piues your interest

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E story that features everyday Olan Chapman as a hero vigilante who defends the wea. Whilst it is probably not absolutely necessary to read the first two in the uantum Roots Series before reading the third instalment but it will probably help you get into the flow of the narrative and understand the primary concepts that run through all three Plus if you do read the first two novels you will already be well acuainted with our hero Olan Chapman and the hilarious Federal Agents Jeremy and AlexisNot since Hot Tub Time Machine has humour and time travel come together so well with 'Matching Configurations' being Kyle Keyes funniest instalment yet Keyes has once again managed to make uantum physics fun and exciting with his engaging plot non stop action and brilliant characters Science fiction has never been so funny

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Matching ConfigurationsMatching Configurations is the second seuel to uantum Roots a light Sci Fi adventur. A fun rocket through timeAuthor Kyle Keyes takes science fiction to a new level one interspersed with copious laughs and good hud parody MATCHING CONFIGURATIONS is volume 3 in his uantum Roots series and for this reader this book is the first encountered – and most assuredly will be followed by exploring the other two volumesOn his site the story is summarized – ‘Olan Chapman returns as Calvin Cannonball Cooper a vigilante from yesteryear who uses powder guns throwing knives and cannonballs to neutralize the bad guys of today’s society History books fail to mention Calvin Cooper but this defender of the weak and helpless went down with Jim Bowie Davy Crockett and William B Travis in that 1836 slaughter we remember as The Alamo Acknowledged or not Cooper lives again each time Olan Chapman dons a cavalry outfit found in a New England attic overlooking the sea The novel is based on a belief that any uark assembly that spins through a series of worm holes must format with a matching configuration triggered on this side of the Time Wall’The flavor of Keyes’ writing as evidenced in opening chapter pervades this wild ride of an hilarious tale – ‘The intruder slipped into the masuerade party unnoticed an easy feat in a noisy room filled with zany people and daffy costumes Mickey Mouse was there and Donald Duck As was Bugs Bunny Bat Man the Green Lantern and a host of other rubber faces The intruder wore a black head stocking to cover a black mustache and two evil eyes spaced too close together His name was Muhammud Dym Lyt Farouki He had a picture of a camel painted on his car top and a Luger tucked in his black waistband He was here on a holy mission to kill women and baby infants “I don't see any children” he whispered to a woman dressed as Xena Warrior Princess “This is an adult party” said the woman “Allah will be angry” replied the intruder “I'm sure you can find your way back to your camel” said the woman World wars have been started with less fuel The intruder pulled the Luger and aerated some mildewed ceiling tiles Bedlam continued The terrorist walked calmly to a roped off dance floor and targeted a be speckled senior dancing with his wife He shot the senior through the head Screams filled the air as blood suirted to the floor Party goers stampeded to the exits of this fire house second floor only to find the stairwell doors locked The terrorist fired shots into the ceiling All fell silent’Keyes is a fine writer and has found a niche in the bizarre realm of science fictiontime travel – one with a terrific twist of humor and fun