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Chorage and Seward in the 70s and 80s butchering up to 30 young women This book details the ext. I had heard of this case from a John Douglas book and suffice to say it’s the stuff of horror movies The book was well written and researched and for the most part formatted in a way that held my interest There were occasions when it got a bit fact heavy but it’s still one I would recommend for an interesting crime read

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Butcher BakerRaordinary work and dedication of a handful of Alaska State Troopers who brought him to justice. This book is certainly interesting enough albeit a bit anti climatic in the end

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READ ¾ Butcher Baker · The true account of Alaska's serial killer Robert Hansen the baker who hunted the streets of Anchorage and Seward in the 70s and 80s butchering up to 30 young women This book details the extraordinary work and dedication of a handful of Alaska State Troopers who brought him to justiceThe true account of Alaska's serial killer Robert Hansen the baker who hunted the streets of An. ”On the floor was the bearskin rug where he had raped her In the corner were piles and piles of wolf hides Huge caribou and goat heads graced the paneled walls Stuffed ducks and other game birds appeared to fly from their mountings A stuffed fish rested on a coffee table She got the message This guy liked to kill things‘I gotta get out of here’ she told herself”Kitty Larson did get away She fought for her life and with some luck mixed with steely determination she lived to tell her tale Except the cops didn’t believe her This was despite the guy who saved her life by stopping to pick her up handcuffed and nearly naked assuring the cops that he did see a man with a gun chasing her She was a prostitutewhat did things just get a little too rough missy As Robert Hansen would later say with a shit eating grin on his face “You can’t rape a prostitute”Kitty was promised a big money date 200 for a blow job; this was well above the market average and so even though going to his house was a big red flag she consoled herself with what that 200 would do for her She didn’t know she fit the description of every other girl that was about to go missing in the Alaskan wilderness She was between 5’4” 5’7” slender and had a big bust Just the type of figure that men like to gaze at in topless bars For the women the bars were chicken feed The real money was in tricks Alaska has a transient population of oil field workers and women from the lower 48 who drift in and out of the state to make some cash servicing those men Some of these women are runaways; some are pros who work the circuit from California Oregon Washington and Alaska and back again and some of these women are teachers or nurses who are there to earn some big cash before returning to their jobs down south As Detective Glenn Flothe started to investigate the disappearances of what turned out to be a slew of at risk women one of the things hindering his investigation was the very transient nature of the women he was trying to find Were they really missing or did they head back down to the lower 48 Alaska has by far the worst statistics for rape—1616 occurences among 100000 people The next closest is Michigan with 769 Is this because there are way men in Alaska than women Is there just pent up lust due to a lack of women that spills over into violence Alaska does have the largest split of men to women ratio than any other state but it isn’t as much a difference as you would think Men are 52% of the population Now if I were sitting in a bar with some friends and someone had asked me for my best guess I would have said somewhere in the 60% range and I would have been very wrong I believe the transient nature of the state certainly contributes to crimes against women I also think that a certain type of man is attracted to the wilds of Alaska It is perceived as one of the last places where men can live like it is still the wild wild west Where men can just take what they want Where men are men and if there are sheepthey are very very nervous As it turns out young women should be nervous as well Of course what Detective Flothe is dealing with is much than rape He is looking for a man who looks on these young women with than just lust but with murder in his heart He is looking for one sick son of a bitch And he has to catch him Robert Hansen slipped through the fingers of the justice system many years before he was actually caught He was arrested for kidnapping threatening a woman with a gun and attempting to rape her The DA cut a deal dropped the kidnapping and Hansen barely served any time The kidnapping charge should have been enough to put him away for several years It would have saved the lives of several women Maybe after a chunk of served time the Hansen we know as the Butcher Baker would have harbored dark desires that were never realized He’d been in trouble before arson back in Iowa and a few other incidents where he ran into trouble with the law but this moment in time was when the justice system had the best opportunity to stop a serial killer before he became deadly Hansen has come up in my reading before I had some interest in him after reading the Maureen Callahan book called American Predator about another demented Alaskan serial killer Israel Keyes but it was watching the Nicholas Cage and John Cusack movie The Frozen Ground 2013 that convinced me that I should learn about the “gentle” baker who killed for sport I was pleasantly surprised to learn as I read this book how accurate the depiction of the real events were portrayed by the movie They didn’t have to Hollywood the script because the story itself is so compelling that all they had to do is stick with the facts Detective Flothe is an atypical police officer He was nearly a school teacher but there are a lot of young women who are still alive today who would have been dead if he had decided on a career in the classroom instead of the police station If not for his tenacity to find survivors and convince them to testify and his dogged determination to keep looking for the evidence that would allow him to spring those search warrants on Hansenthe Butcher Baker might have slipped through his fingers The profile of the killer given to Flothe by the famed FBI profiler John Douglas was chillingly reassuringly dead on right down to the hunting obsession the stutter the low self esteem and the ultra religious wife Flothe knew he had the right man he just needed to make sure he didn’t screw up any part of the chain of evidence or he’d give Hansen a loop hole to crawl back out of the justice system and back into the hunting grounds of Topless bars and street walkers The pacing of the book is relentless and fascinating I read a big chunk of the book in one afternoon Sometimes the writing style used in true crime books is not the best but the style of Walter Gilmour and Leland E Hale was well above average We need to continue to improve our ability to recognize behavior that indicates the dark hearts of some of these individuals who vent their frustrations with their social ineptitudes and subseuent rejections with deadly conseuences If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at and an Instagram account