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Read & Download Boot Camp Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ In the middle of the night Garrett is taken from his home to Harmony Lake a boot camp for troubled teens Maybe some kids deserve to be sent there but Garrett knows he doesn't Subjected to brutal physical and psychological abuse he tries to fight back but the battle is futile He In the middle of the night Garrett is taken from his home to Harmony Lake a boot camp for troubled teens Maybe some kids deserve to be sent there but Garrett knows he doesn't Subjected to brutal physical and psychological abuse he tries to fight back but the battle is futile He won't be allowed to leave. Boot Camp 350 starsFirst the MCs Garrett the major MC Pauly the wimp Sarah the beaten down girl that still has a fire inside of her and Joe the sadistic father to Garrett and PaulyIn the middle of the night Garrett is taken from his home and transported to Lake Harmony a camp that is presented to perspective parents of troubled or out of control teens under 18 years of age as a place where through strong discipline and reeducation the camp returns to the parents a normal child that they have always wantedBut nothing is normal about Camp Harmony It is a boot camp not a reeducation camp And the emphasis is not one that teaches strong discipline but hardcore physical and mental abuse for the slightest infraction of the many rules the camp has in its Bible Joe the father of the group of boys known as the Dignity group is a horrendous cruel and sadistic person who takes any opportunity to break Garrett of his wrongs with pure mental and physical abuse so bad that the boy ends up in the infirmary after a particularly vicious and brutal beatingPauly is constantly picked on by the stronger and meaner teens in his group with Joe's blessing Since Joe cannot be caught actually harming a camper he has a select group of boys do it for him and they do so eagerly to curry favor and advancement up the levels within the group that gives them privilegesPauly and Sarah create a plan to escape from the camp by turning off the power to the entire camp and then setting a fire When the fire trucks arrive the three slip out past the gate and spend the next few days walking hitchhiking and dumpster diving to attempt to get to Canada They finally reach the southern shore of the St Lawrence River and steal a motor boat and head across the river but not before cleverly pulling the plugs from the bottoms of the remaining boats As they set out towards Canada Garrett notices that his two transporters are giving chase not aware that their boat is slowly sinking until they are half way across the riverGarrett and his friends reach the Canadian shore and Garrett decides to turn around alone to save the two drowning people The woman Rebecca is grateful but the man Harry hauls Garrett back to Camp Harmony where Joe heaps untold abuse upon him once againThe day after Garrett is back in camp his parents arrive after learning from Pauly and Sarah backed up by Rebecca of what actually goes on at the camp When Garrett's mother asks him is he was harmed in any way he says Yes they did Then he adds But I deserved itThis book reveals the true nature of the possible 100 to 200 such camps throughout America that are making enormous amounts of money off parents grasping at any straw to have the perfect child Some are actually government run but most a privately operated and unregulated Is this the manner that we should be using to correct troubled teens This reader thinks not How do you feel about such boot camps

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Until he's admitted his mistakes and conformed to Harmony Lake's standards of behavior And there's no way to fake it Beaten humiliated and stripped of his pride Garrett's spirit is slowly ebbing away Then he hears whispers of an escape plot It's incredibly risky if he's caught the conseuences will be unt. I know that these types of places are real and it makes me mad to think of parents sending their kids there and paying people to treat them this way I felt so sorry for Garrett I think had his parents let him live up to his mind that things with Sabrina wouldn't have happened I also think that there would have been lots of other ways for Garrett's parents to deal with things By wanting to keep things nice they just brought on troubleI loved that Garrett kept trying to buck the system even at great cost to himself I was glad that he took the out that came his way but really wish that he wouldn't have done the right thing there at the end I do admire him for making that choice knowing what was waiting for him The last part of the book broke my heart but what was even worse was the last couple of pages I find the parents actions to be too little too late and absolutely hated Garrett's last words Life will never be the same for him and shame on his parents for it

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Boot CampHinkable but it may be his only way outIn this tense riveting novel award winning young adult author Todd Strasser reveals what really goes on in highly secretive and notoriously dangerous boot camps a stealth prison system where any teenager under the age of eighteen can be imprisoned at his parents' wh. Garrett is abducted by transporters in the middle of the night from his parents’ house They take him to a facility designed to transform problem kids into model teens – docile obedient and perfect Upon his arrival Garrett learns that his parents have paid to have him taken away and will continue to pay for the next six months at least until his behavior improves – to their satisfaction – or until he is 18 whereupon he can decide to remove himself from the facility But Garrett like few of the others at Harmony isn’t a bad kid He’s not involved in gangs or violence he’s not completely disrespectful he’s not a drug addict He is however involved in a relationship with his former teacher – a woman who’s 8 years older than he is That is the straw that breaks the camel’s back so far as his parents are concernedHarmony modifies teens' behavior through abuse and violence and eventually brainwashing The environment is bleak and the other kids play a major role in handing out the abuse – they’re rewarded for reporting on one another and for taking part in verbal and physical violence against other inmates When the kids can’t take any they break they come to believe that the system is right and eventually they adopt its practices as their own Garrett resists this as much as he can even though his defiance and refusal to cooperate land him in Temporary Isolation TI again and again In TI Garrett must spend most of his time lying on the floor face down During this time he is often beaten by other kids Occasionally his captors allow him to sit up so that he may eat or defecate This punishment often lasts a week or longerTwo other kids Sarah and Pauly also notice Garrett’s difference They are desperate to escape having been at Harmony for years to Garrett’s months They finally convince him to come along with them and the three break out and head for Canada Sarah and Pauly make it but Garrett is caught by the transporters who have been engaged to follow and capture them he rescues his captors when their boat sinks en route to the USCanadian border When we next hear from Garrett he’s a new teen – polite obedient contrite His mom arrives on the scene after hearing rumors of the abuse that kids have endured while at Harmony and Garrett makes the sickening admission that he deserved everything he received The endIt was disturbing to read and learn – in the Afterword that places like Harmony really exist – and that parents are willing to leave their kids in the hands of strangers who will literally work them over into something new Some of these places even exist in other countries where US authorities have no powerjurisdiction Garrett sounds like he’s just a normal kid in most ways – one who was bored in school whose parents weren’t available for him much who experimented with his freedom like most kids do He had what many people would consider an unusual and perhaps disturbing relationship with his teacher but he was also extremely mature for his age His parents scared of the damage that news of his relationship would do to their own careers made a rather extreme choice when they sent him to boot camp Making that relationship public would likely have brought about its endThis story had a genuine feel to it and should shake readers up It manages to horrify without being too terribly graphic and thus objectionable It also serves to educate readers about these mysterious and abusive boot camps