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The 19th Wife Free download ↠ 105 ☆ Jordan returns from California to Utah to visit his mother in jail As a teenager he was expelled from his family and religious community a secretive Mormon offshoot sect Now his father has been found shot dead in front of his computer and one of his many wives Jordan's mother is accused of the crimeOver a cenJordan returns from California to Utah to visit his mother in jail As a teenager he was expelled from his family and religious community a secretive Mormon offshoot sect Now his father has been found shot dead in front of his computer and one of his many wives Jo. In a world where the term 'marriage' has taken on such a variety of forms as well as meanings this book with its focus on American Christian polygamy and the history behind it fits in perfectlyThe novel centers around the story of Ann Eliza Young who in the 1800s was married to the Mormon profit and leader Brigham Young The church is also known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints In 1875 she fled the marriage and the church and spent practically the rest of her life campaigning for the legal abolishment of the system in the United StatesParallel to this story is the one of Jordan Scott's mother BeckyLyn who allegedly murdered her husband a modern polygamist from Utah Jordan tries to prove his mother's innocence through skillful sleuthing The two stories interconnect at the end Both women were Mrs19 in their plural marriagesThe book raises uestions about marriage and religion and allow the reader to form an independent opinion What I found interesting about the theme is that so many forms of polygamy existed in the world still do and that this 'barbaric' practices by this religious group was not appreciated at all but mostly because of the spiritual and moral enslavement of women and children in this system Sins plural marriages were illegal the women and children captured in it had and still have no legal protection In the extreme cases such as the Warren Jeff case it even exposes pedophilia and child rape Edit These heinous barbarity can be classified under the same religious crimes such as Female Genital Mutilation of little girls in certain Muslim groups It is also legal in ±30 countriesend of edit When freedom of choice and movement is denied especially in our modern world all red flags should be up and furiously billowing in the wind This book is about those red flags that almost destroyed this sect churchThe murder mystery thrown in focuses the attention on the modern state of affairs the existence of totalitarian theocracies within democracies and is certainly relevant after the Warren Jeff debacle Yet although this particular religious groups are vindicated for the abuse of women and children in this particular form of a mating strategy the alternatives and just as polygamous relationships in modern society almost obtained general consent chain marriages one person marries and divorces one partner marries and divorce a second and often third partner and have children with all the partners; unmarried individuals have different relationships with different partners over a long period of time ie basketball player Wilt Chamberlain who claimed to have slept with 20 000 women; and in upper society it is common knowledge that a wife is chosen to produce the heirs being contractually rewarded with property jewelry and money It is often used to merge companies and other business interests and has nothing to do with love The male partner is allowed to have mistresses on the sideline for his 'other' needs These mating preferences are regarded as alternative forms of polygamy by its own definitionHistorically marriages took place within an extended family where parents grandparents brothers and sisters with their spouses and offsprings all cohabitated on the same land and it was possible for children to be raised by than just the parents It relieved the pressure on the nuclear family and provided a much needed support system It takes a village to raise a child is an African proverb confirming the century old practice of polygamy on the continentPolygamous marriages offered the same benefits for young women who did not enjoy a support system who otherwise faced a difficult road on their own often immigrants who struggled to survive It becomes even relevant in the modern society where single parent homes are challenging environments for children in which the single parent often must work two to three jobs to survive Professor Cheshire Calhoun of the Philosophy Department at Arizona State University failing to recognize polygamous marriages results in a kind of black market that comes with all of the familiar problems of black markets in other domains If a woman informally enters a polygamous marriage and then gets a divorce she can be left without any legal rights to financial support etc By analogy drugs aren’t a good thing but a world with legalized drug markets is better than one with black markets in drugs Similarly polygamy might not be a good thing but a world with above board polygamy is probably better than one where it is driven undergroundThe only reason to appose the legalization of polygamy from within these theocratic communities in Utah Twin Cities Arizona et al is the fact that the husband of so many 'single' mothers and children draw millions in social benefits which becomes a major source of income for him Anyone apposing them are in danger They have their own heavily armed security forces Mmmm can it be regarded as legitimate robbery of government resources A goal in itself perhaps Just thinking A religious fanaticism and paranoia drive these subgroups not to mention hatred of the federal government who can cut their wealth and prosperity by legalizing polygamy and force these 'priests' to marry their 'concubines' to protect the women financially as well I even suspect that it will eradicate this practice on a grand scale if legalization can happen As soon as these single mothers become married women they lose their social benefits from the government and one man will be the fool of a century to take on so many wives Didn't Warren Jeff or his father had than 100 'wives'The only measuring stick to condone any practice is to ask the uestion does a person willingly consent to and choose an arrangement and maintain freedom of choice and movement If 'yes' then compare the benefits of each possibility since the modern world is not about being right or wrong it is about being free to make choices Minor children should not be allowed to marry We choose the conseuences when we choose the action The choice should always be a free one And that does not happen in all these different religious groups Hence books like these are so important to be written Both sides of the coin is being addressed relatively well Oh well pardon me I'm getting off my soapbox here It is from this perspective that I read the book Yes looking at both sides of the coin was my main aim I have read hordes of other books reports papers news articles and whatnot on modern polygamy including the Mormon version and thus enjoyed reading the historical background once again in this particular form The author really managed to bring the background of the characters aliveUnfortunately the sleuthing part of the book just did not cut it at all It felt unnecessary and not well executed Totally lame It cheapened an otherwise brilliant piece of work If the murder mystery in its current form was a stand alone I would have put it down after the first chapter Perhaps it was the reason why the book contained two parallel stories On the other hand the historical fiction as well as the dramatization there of was very well done and could have and should have been offered as an excellent book on its own Hence the three star rating

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Rdan's mother is accused of the crimeOver a century earlier Ann Eliza Young the nineteenth wife of Brigham Young Prophet and Leader of the Mormon Church tells the sensational story of how her own parents were drawn into plural marriage and how she herself battled. I was really looking forward to reading this book; it has great reviews and mixes historical fiction with a modern mystery About polygamy history and mystery I expected to love this novel I was deeply disappointed First the reader can't tell when the author is writing a fiction part of the historical fiction and what is indeed part of history There are no chapter notes of any kind to give the reader an idea of what is true and what he made up An uneducated reader may be left believing things about the Mormon religion that are simply not true The author ought to have noted what was a work of his imagination The modern mystery throughout the novel had foul language than necessary However the most disturbing part for me was the carelessness with which the author wrote about the Mormon religion; detailing with inaccuracy sacred covenants that any faithful Latter Day Saint would be offended to hear is written about frivolously in a novel Too bad I thought this book was a good idea

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The 19th WifeFor her freedom and escaped her powerful husband to lead a crusade to end polygamy in the United StatesBold shocking and gripping The 19th Wife expertly weaves together these two narratives a pageturning literary mystery and an enthralling epic of love and faith. I was asked to answer uestions at a Library Book Club about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints that sparked because of this book On doing research to know how to respond to some of the uestions many have on why our faith practiced polygamy over 100 years ago I came across an article that I felt answered a lot of uestions that I agree withhttpwwwfairldsorgMiscPolygamyThe book club was very excited to ask difficult uestions in a setting that was not offensive I found the experience to be valuable and faith promoting I also thought it was nice of them to ask going right to the source to ask about our history and beliefsOn that topic I suggest also to visit or are the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints' official websitesOverall I feel that this book is not worth anyone's while to read It is full of opinions and part truths However the subject is interesting You could read ABOUT polygamy and never run out of things to read I personally enjoyed reading biographies about Brigham Young called Brigham Young Modern Moses Prophet of God and Lion of the Lord The website also had many other documents that were interesting to read These are not official church books or websites however they do look at it in a positive way which is a needed twist after this book I'll end with this uote The sole danger which historical information about polygamy poses to members of the Church or sincere investigators occurs only if they stop their research too soon Church critics are uite happy to lead their marks part of the way only to abandon them when the story is just getting good by Gregory L Smith MD