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Eating Animals Review ☆ 0 Õ Jonathan Safran Foer spent much of his life oscillating between enthusiastic carnivore and occasional vegetarian Once he started a family the moral dimensions of food became increasingly importantFaced with the prospect of being unable to explain why we eat some animals and not others Foer set out to explore the origins of maBeing unable to explain why we eat some animals and not others Foer set out to explore the origins of many eating traditions and the fictions involved with creating them Traveling to the darkest corners of our dining habi. I was torn how to rate this book It isn’t perfect I noted many flaws in its comprehensiveness but it’s amazing enough so 5 stars it isI’ve read so many books such as this but none for a while and it’s because reading about how humans use animals is so devastating for me It’s not just the books’ contents it’s knowing that at most only 1% of Americans feel as I do that my feelings and beliefs are shared by so few The latest statistics I have are that 3% of Americans are truly vegetarian and 1% are vegan vegetarian never any meat poultry fish vegan adds never any dairy eggs honey leather wool silk beeswax or as much as is feasible any product of animal origin Also disturbing for me is that I know that others will read this book and won’t absorb what it offers but will dissociate that even people won’t have the courage or the interest to read it at all Oh I kind of told a lie The information in here is incredibly disturbing whether or not you’ve known it I don’t want to discourage readers from reading this book though so I’ll say it’s upsetting but hope that people will want to make an informed consent about what they do I’m hoping that’s the case because I want many many people to read this book I highly respect Foer He is thoughtful and philosophical and maybe most importantly non judgmental and empathetic and he’s very funny and that helps with taking in the disturbing facts I appreciated how he incorporates his Jewish background into the book and enjoyed the family stories that he tells I’m truly puzzled why he doesn’t have better communication with his dogwhy he can’t interpret better his dog’s communications but given that he started off not even liking dogs I guess he’s made great progress in dog human relationshipsHe provides little snippets of information that are so interesting For instance Americans choose to eat less than25% of the known edible food on the planet I always know I’ll learn a little with every book I read and I learned a lot especially about some individual animalscasesThe letter on page 84 is hilarious if the reader is already aware that the last thing any factory farmer wants is for the public to see their operations I laughed and laughed at this letter and I’m so grateful it was there because so much of the book’s contents caused me much emotional pain When I needed cheering up while reading the book I kept going back and rereading that letterI’m glad he touched on the connection between animal agriculture and the existence of influenza illnesses in humans It’s one of my perennial rants and with H1N1 in the news and scaring me it’s very topicalThis book – well it will depend on what the reader brings to it and who the reader is For me it’s so obviously a cogent argument for veganism but it’s like my last stint as a juror At the end of the case as the twelve of us were about to go into deliberations I said to myself it’s obvious how we should vote but our first vote when we got into the jury deliberation room was 6 to 6 not so obvious in the same way to everybody and the deliberations ended up being very stressful People feel different ways and believe different things Foer respects that and that’s one reason why I think this book can strike a chord in anyone who reads itThis book is very well researched and Foer spent three years in some hands on type research The book proper including acknowledgements went through page 270 the notes went from pages 271 331 and the index is on pages 333 341 but it read

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Jonathan Safran Foer spent much of his life oscillating between enthusiastic carnivore and occasional vegetarian Once he started a family the moral dimensions of food became increasingly importantFaced with the prospect of. TO SERVE MANi can't review this book can't even finish it the page count to tears shed ratio is just too high and my head's not in the right place for this shit and talk about preaching to the choir i haven't read jonathan safran foer's novels and fuckoff what he's ever written or what he ever will write he's a great man for this book alone he's a great man by default perhaps because most people are such evil and miserable cunts but no set apart from a race of miserable cunts he's still a great man the problem really with hitler and stalin and mao and all those other guys is not what they did but what they didn't do a bad case of extreme short sightedness they set their crosshairs on specific targets when what they really should have gone after was the destruction of the entire human race logistically i know this is problematic; you need to start small but i can dream eh if i found a magic lantern before the genie uttered 'and your first wish can't be for a million wishes' i'd already have made my only wish that every human being on the planet be instantly transformed into a dog except for me and rosario dawson or marisa tomei decades of silence and masturbation and i'd probably end up throwing myself off a bridge after a week long romp with a border collie and i'd hang out with all of 'em i'd toss a few hundred dogs into a swimming pool and do laps i'd play tag in forests with 'em i'd take 'em swimming in oceans and lakes and then i'd retire to my cabin start a fire pour myself and rosario a cold beer stuff about 3 or 4 hundred dogs into a large room and me and my woman'd take a long nap withon them the human race is capable of such beauty and goodness and life is not easy there's little clarity it's seldom easy to know what is truly right or wrong but factory farms the torture and intense suffering of creatures weaker than us no brainer and all the war and peaces all the mona lisas all the moonlight sonatas all the oskar schindlers and MLKs cannot possibly justify what we've done to one another what we've done to the planet we inhabit and most offensively to the rape and utter destruction of the animal kingdommy dream scenario as a result of the evil actions perpetrated on animals a variant of swine or bird flu gets ultra deadly goes airborne and wipes us all out yes we have reached the point in which the kanamits should come and 'serve' us we've earned it and we should know what it's like to be on the other end as human beings we simply must lie to ourselves about much but not about this it is not necessary but we do and for what for the least interesting of our five senses because stuff tastes good we tolerate factory farms because stuff is 'yummy' evil and miserable cunts do i sound too angry hyperbolic unstable juvenile like some blood throwing PETA nut am i 'not going to convince anyone with this tone' good i don't want to convince anyone i just want the human eradicating disease to come and come soonand if considering a vote for this review understand that it's almost totally certain that if i knew you i'd wanna toss you in a woodchipper keep your vote miserable cunt

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Eating AnimalsTs Foer raises the unspoken uestion behind every fish we eat every chicken we fry and every burger we grillPart memoir and part investigative report Eating Animals is a book that in the words of the Los Angeles Times place. I don’t mean this dismissively but I feel like I finally get what Charlton Heston meant when he cried out “Soylent Green is people It’s peeeeople” Just I don’t know That movie’s pretty silly but I keep walking around the house feeling like all those years that I ate meat I was really eating human souls And I even knew almost all of this information before reading the book I know I’m being dramatic as per usual but there really is something about food that brings out both the best and the worst in humans I think that’s part of the point of the title of this book It’s about eating animals but it’s also about us being eating animals See what he did there Anyway I can’t give this book a full 5 stars because I have really high expectations for JSF and honestly this book isn’t extremely well organized I think the topic of what we eat is probably the most important one in American society today though and the dialogue Foer creates is very representative of the arguments that smart people make in legitimate disagreement over the topic of eating animalsI saw Foer read from this book at Powell’s last October and the day after that was the last time I ate meat For a long time I knew about the health and environmental issues of factory farming but I really love hamburgers so I thought I would just be really careful about where I bought meat I realized though that I really do care how we treat each other and how we treat animals and I was not careful about where my meat came from I became a vegetarian partly because it’s easier than having that mental dissonance where I really care about all of the corruption and waste of the meat industry but I set it aside because something tastes good Other things taste good too It’s not worth the energy I guess the other part of why I became a vegetarian is that I forgot how to put up the mental walls between the human behavior that is so disgusting to me that is almost uniformly represented in the food industry and my condoning it by eating its products The points that Foer read from this book in October just haunt meI don’t think that death is the worst thing and so eating animals doesn’t horrify me because of the killing I really get that other people do think that death is the worst thing and I don’t necessarily think I’m right but that’s the place I’m at in life My friend pointed out how silly this is of me yesterday when he was asking why I love the movie True Romance so much I was talking about how wonderful I think it is and then I was ualifying it by saying that the part between Christopher Walkins and Dennis Hopper is so racist and makes me really uncomfortable So my friend started laughing at me and was like “So you don’t care about the total disregard for human life but it really gets to you that they’re being racist” What can I say Maybe someday all of the things I’m offended at will line up really neatly As it is obviously it would offend me a lot in real life to see someone killed than to see someone be really unpleasant but in movies the opposite is true Even then even in real life I think that pointless suffering not death is the worst thing And when pointless suffering is knowingly caused by humans I think it’s bad just for the suffering itself but also because of what it means for the people causing the suffering What have we done to ourselves What have we made each other There is a letter toward the end of this book written by a slaughterhouse worker that describes this slaughterhouse at