FREE DOWNLOAD ¶ Roadkill Ù New from the national bestselling author of Deathwish It's time to lock load and hit the road Once while half human Cal Leandros and his brother Niko were working on a case an ancient gypsy ueen gave them a good old fashioned backstabbing Now just as their PI business hits a slow patch the old crone shows up with a job She wants New from the national bestselling author of Deathwish It's time to lock load and hit the road Once while half human Cal Leandros and his brother Niko were working on a case an ancient gypsy uee. We used to have a neighbor when I was ten for a few months before we moved again as we always did She’d once told me that I was no better than I had to be I hadn’t gotten that as a kid and Niko for once hadn’t felt the need to explain it to me No better than I had to be; seriously what did that mean I’d long since learned what it meant and I knew Suyolak was no better than he had to be either certainly no kinder than he had to beIT'S ROAD TRIP TIME Sure it might be a cliche but shoving Robin into a car with anyone and driving across the country is bound to be a disaster Especially when it means he has to be away from his new boooyfriend ; Anyway I just really love this book and you could hardly pick a mismatched group of people to throw in a car together There's a lot of great character dynamics going on with the close uarters and it's great to see of Rafferty and Catcher I also love Catcher's POV and the parallels between Rafferty Catcher and Niko Cal I'm a bit disappointed that Promise was not included here but I absolutely love Deliilah so it's great to see of her as well I know it's by no means a 'healthy' relationship but I love her and Cal together and if nothing else at least they are being 'honestly dishonest' with each other as Niko would say Suyolak is a great villain and as a result this book has a lot of great body horror moments with all the diseases and really just a lot 'horror movie' moments in general so it's nice to get a slightly different tone Also I love the progression of Cal's Auphe powers here although they do also suffer a setback too I know it's awful but the Auphe Cal is the happier I am which is why the next book in the series is always a struggle for me ; Oh well onwards and upwards

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N gave them a good old fashioned backstabbing Now just as their PI business hits a slow patch the old crone shows up with a job She wants them to find a stolen coffin that contains a blight tha. THIS BOOK IS AMAZINGI laughedbut I also criedSimply AWESOMEYou can see this review also here am speechless I really don’t know how to review this book Five stars are not enough Actually the whole night sky hasn’t enough stars for me to rate this book This is definitely the best book in the series so far “Roadkill” made me laugh and cry The laughing I was expecting it but the crying part not so much And I cried a lotIt’s not an easy story Our favorite characters have to deal with an evil like nothing before known as the Plague of the World But this evil isn’t the only thing that they have to deal with They have to make very tough choices and that changes themCal is going to be a great man It’s like watching the making of now He is wiser stronger and determined He knows what he’s doing and he’s the kind of man who appreciates what he has in his lifeNiko once shows us the power and the determination he has even if he’s only a human I admire him because he’s a born fighter and survivor It’s not a secret that he would do anything for his brother and I respect him for that Many believe that it’s dangerous that but I don’t agree They live in a dark world and his brother is his only family It’s necessary to do whatever it takes in order to protect himGoodfellow is amazing as always He has the funniest lines in this story but I also liked the way he tries to change because of Ishiah He seems like he doesn’t care for anything but that’s not true at all And I am not going to say anything about Salome his catThe only character I don’t like at all is Delilah She’s cold and boring I don’t want to say anything about her just that I neither like her or trust herBut in this book we are learning about Rafferty and Catcher I liked them both and for them I cried a lot They are cousins and their relationship is pretty much like the one the brother have I am not going to say anything because it would be a spoiler but I have to say this prepare yourselves It’s an emotional rollercoaster An amazing book from a great series If you are a fan of urban fantasy you have to read these books


RoadkillT makes the Black Death seem like a fond memory But the thief has already left town so the Leandros brothers are going on the road And if they're very very lucky there might even be a return tr. This one was a little too introspective and talky compared to previous books in the series and less action sometimes taking up only a couple of paragraphs The plot was fine if a little predictable The final battle wasn't one of her best not enough characters almost dying but it was good But those Brothers moments just get me and there were several although I wanted Instead we got moments between cousins who were raised as brothers and a delightful Wolf who was dog like than wolf with his happy go lucky personality We also get a sweet mm romance as well that had me oh sound you make when an adorable puppy face plants kind of that's so adorable it makes me want to cryDelilah is back who I can't stand but we aren't supposed to like her as much this time around I do like that she's lethal and can hold her own against many werewolves as a woman because there are so few women in this series but the only other woman in this story is evil My favorite parts though this time around involved Goodfellow I've always loved his character anyway but he's vulnerable and confused here He is wrestling with a big decision and trying to be celibate during the trip as a test to himself His struggles are both hilarious and sympathetic as he is tempted by everything and everyone and is crabby as a result But we see of his goodness even if Cal doesn't always give him credit for it But the best part The mummy cat Now everyone knows I am not a cat person they torture me with love on purpose as I am horribly allergic and they ALWAYS come to weave around my legs and climb on me; not anyone else me Most are strategically evil or stupid or both But this cat is amazing It's death on dead paws and everyone is scared of it It's also really smart The book explains why Robin is so enad of it but I'm sold I want a mummy cat too I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be allergic either