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Taken on Trust An Autobiography Read & Download é 104 ä In his prison cell in Beirut where he spent 1460 days in solitary confinement Terry Waite wrote his autobiography in his head Here he reveals the inner strength that helped him endure the savage treatment he received his constant struggle to maintain his faith and his resoT struggle to maintain his faith and his resolve to have no regrets no false sentimentality no self pity of photos. This is an intense and honest account of Waite's terrible isolation during his years as a captive Suddenly when reading it and sharing the awfulness of his suffering his doubts and sorrow and self hatreds and all the other things that lie in we humans under the surface the fragility of our faith and values and principles suddenly something fell away and when you read it you may be lucky enough like me to discover an amazing truth

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In his prison cell in Beirut where he spent 1460 days in solitary confinement Terry Waite wrote his autobiography. A five star review for an autobiography must be a rarity but this is an exceptional book It is articulate considered and above all a testament to the sheer courage and integrity of an unassuming man called Terry WaiteThe author states that he mentally wrote this autobiography in his prison cell in Beirut and freuently asserts that this was one of the things that kept him sane through his 1460 day ordeal It begins several hours before his capture recording his thoughts and feelings immediately prior to this There is a kind of inevitability in reading this section which does not come from any sense of being wise after the event He had been advised countless times that such a thing could happen if he persevered in his meetings with representatives of some of the religious factions face to face but felt a strong conviction that this was the only way forward for any sort of peace negotiationsThe bulk of the book is a day by day account of his experiences in solitary confinement He never knew where he was or where others were There were occasional fleeting impressions of other prisoners but nothing consistent Neighbouring prisoners would disappear His guards would change Sometimes they would be almost courteous almost regretful sometimes brutal Terry Waite makes it clear that he did not feel particularly brave; that he was just as frightened of pain and torture as any other person but that he had determined to see this through behaving with calmness and courtesy It was clear that his captors were just as confused about the religious situation as anybody Their affiliations changed daily Clearly there was turmoil with so many factions that nobody seemed to uite know whose orders to follow or even who was giving the ordersDuring his time he was ignored for most of every 24 hours with just enough food to survive He developed a regime of exercise in his tiny cell though there was barely room His bunk or blanket might disappear for no reason If he considered that he had made some headway and established a trusting relationship with a guard he would reuest pen and paper but this was always refused Once the prison governor came to see him Although Terry Waite did not get his pen and paper he was given a book an odd English translation which he had read before but which he read over and over and evidently cherished in such circumstancesBut most of these hours were devoted to reflection and introspection Reading through this daily chronicle we learn about his early life and work Every so often the anecdotal flashbacks would be interrupted by his captors a clever device in the book which mirrored the situation he was in When the author was released he says he immediately spent several months in a room writing this all down verbatim; an incredible featThe sheer inner strength of the man shines through in this work There is absolutely no self pity and no condemnation of his captors Sometimes he had a struggle to maintain his faith and found this perhaps the most difficult thing to endure However the reader does not need to be at all religious to appreciate this extraordinary and very readable account

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Taken on Trust An AutobiographyIn his head Here he reveals the inner strength that helped him endure the savage treatment he received his constan. I had the good fortune to meet Terry Waite at a dinner where he was the featured speaker I was seated next to him at the end of the table and for some reason the other people at the table didn't seem interested or able to talk to him very much So I had a chance to really engage him in conversation I found him to be a fascincating individual and immediately went out and purchased his book Taken on Trust To have lived through such an ordeal and be as wonderfully positive and inspiring a person as Terry Waite is is one of the truly astounding things I have seen in the world His book is a true life thriller that I could not put down I still find it hard to believe that someone could be so forgiving and understanding This book makes you realize how different people can be in a positive way as not all his fellow hostages came through feeling the same way