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MOBI Ä DOC Mockingjay 9780439023511 FREE ä The final book in the ground breaking HUNGER GAMES trilogy this new foiled edition of MOCKINGJAY is available for a limited period of time Against all odds Katniss Everdeen has survived the Hunger Games twice But now that she's made it out of the bloody arena alive she's still not safe The CapitoUrvived the Hunger Games twice But now that she's made it out of the bloody arena alive she's still not safe The Capitol is angry The Capitol wants revenge Who do they think shou B 78% | Good Notes Rather than tell an interesting story it's meant above all to repulse us into reflection on the cruelty and horror of war

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Ld pay for the unrest Katniss And what's worse President Snow has made it clear that no one else is safe either Not Katniss's family not her friends not the people of District 12 35 starsWell hmmm I'm not sure how to react to Mockingjay I didn't love it and I'm not sure it satisfied me but it was a disturbing read that will stick with me Sadly I can't say that I'll be recommending the series as fervently as I did after reading The Hunger Games Not that the series isn't good but I'm not longer sure it's for the masses of YA readersLike Catching Fire Mockingjay took awhile for me to get into When the pages turned into the triple digits and I wasn't hooked I got worried it wouldn't be epic And maybe that's problem I expected this to match The Hunger Games when I don't think anything can Like Catching Fire the stakes are upped the gruesomeness of war real and the intensity fierce And in the end that was my biggest problem In my opinion this crossed the line with violence into shock value for the sake of shock value Yes it's meant to be thought provoking and show the price of war to humanity but at the peak of all this violence I pulled out of the story It wasn't President Snow or President Coin I hated that name torturing Katniss; it was Collins I could see the uestions running through her head What is the worst thing I could do to Katniss What will break her the mostIn war the casualties fall randomly if heavily but this was all targeted at Katniss The death that should have hurt most hardly fazed me view spoilerPrimrose hide spoiler

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MockingjayThe final book in the ground breaking HUNGER GAMES trilogy this new foiled edition of MOCKINGJAY is available for a limited period of time Against all odds Katniss Everdeen has s SPOILERS AHEADWhat the f Words can't begin to express my disappointment I bought Mockingjay the first day it came out and I was preparing myself for a truly epic novel one worthy of its predecessors I loved The Hunger Games; it was fast paced thrilling suspenseful Catching Fire wasn't as good but it was still enjoyable I was majorly impressed by the game arena I wasn't let down by Catching Fire though; I figured it was just a transition novel build up to what would undoubtedly be a mindblowing epic conclusion in Mockingjay Maybe I set my expectations too high I do think Collins is a good writer; she definitely knows how to write and tell a story But I feel like she lost her way in this book Or maybe the only thing that made this series so great was the Hunger Games and now that it's absent there's nothing to drive the storyThe love triangle wasn't well played out First of all I'm getting a bit tired of reading about love triangles especially in novels where there's a much greater plot present But I'll admit I was on Team Gale throughout the series because he was strong and resilient and resourceful and caring There was this attractive manly uality about him and he was so in sync with Katniss and hot to boot But towards the end of this novel I didn't give a flying fart about Katniss's love life and who she ended up with because everything seemed like such a hopeless depressing mess that there was no point I also hated how she kept flip flopping and toying with both Gale and Peeta I've been bothered by this since CF She should make up her mind about who she wants instead of leading them both on Her fickleness is pretty inconsiderate to these two guys whom she supposedly cares about And if she can't decide I can see why they both have great ualities then she should give herself some spacetime to decide and in the meantime don't go kissing or showing romantic affection to either one She ended up with Peeta which would have been fine if it had been executed properly But even in this aspect of her life she didn't get to CHOOSE which is basically the story of her life She just ended up with Peeta because he was the only one who stuck around At the end I found myself wanting her to end up alone of her OWN choice Heck instead of spiraling into bleak depression and continuing life as a puppet I would have rather seen her die for a noble cause and for doing the right thing That would have been a satisfactory ending and that's saying something because I normally HATE when characters dieI didn't like that we didn't get to experience the action close up As the war unraveled I felt like Katniss was always on the sidelines only called in when other people commanded her to We didn't get to see Katniss kicking butt against her enemies we got to hear from other characters about events that occurred or watch them on the TV It is so mindnumbingly dull to be watching a character watching something instead of experiencing the action with the character Everything she did was for show for a propo or campaign or whatever It was all so fake Here they are in the middle of a war people are dying left and right and all they care about is filming and getting good shots and angles and putting on a pretty face It felt so staged and it was boring and infuriating to read The only real action is towards the end when she and her team are going on the assassin mission to kill Snow and even THAT was originally only for a propo that went astray The last third of the book the assassin mission was gorey and bloody which I didn't mind It's war after all But many characters' deaths were so rushed and pointless Prim's death didn't have the impact that I'm sure Collins was aiming for; I didn't feel sad when she died as she's barely in the story as it is so I didn't get to know her well enough and connect with her beforehand She was absent for at least 100 pages before her death came out of nowhere for God's sake so her death felt like any stranger's death Although it seems her death kind of defeated the point of sparing her from the Hunger Games What DID kill me was Finnick's death Finnick was one of the characters I loved most in this series and call me petty but I can't forgive Collins for killing him off after he'd been through so much and finally got to marry the love of his life It wasn't even a death of purpose He got eaten by mutts in a sewer along with half their assassin team It annoyed me so much because their deaths felt so UNNECESSARY like they were just a way for Collins to emphasize that this is a DEATHLY SERIOUS VERY BLOODY BOOK It felt like she was just randomly and meaninglessly killing off supporting characters because she couldn't bear to part with her main ones Deaths are fine when they're important to the plot but this felt like death for the sake of deathOkay now on to the REAL disappointment of this book Katniss herself One of the reasons why I loved this series was because of Katniss She was strong resourceful clever and cunning she had an amazing survival instinct and she knew how to persevere In Catching Fire these ualities diminished; she was mainly a pawn a puppet for others to use for their own objectives But she still had some semblance of control and she was still Katniss In Mockingjay all these traits are scrapped and we get a Katniss clone who is angsty and bitchy and whiny wasn't Bella in Twilight bad enough Half the book she's throwing herself pity parties in the closet literally Sure she definitely has reason to be sad and angry and her life is full of hardships and tragedies But I thought that the Katniss from the Hunger Games the Katniss who had to keep her family alive since the age of 12 would be able to fight through and persevere I guess I wanted a strong victor a strong heroine not a self pitying victim who can't make her own decisions That's another thing that bothered me throughout the whole book she had no control over ANYTHING not even her own life and actions She was a empty lifeless pawn a zombie if you will who didn't do anything that wasn't directed or commanded by other people In this novel I was expecting her to STEP UP embrace her role as Mockingjay use her powerinfluence to get involved in the rebellion take control of her life and make a difference in the outcome of her world I was expecting to see her grow and change and I was excited for her metamorphosis Instead we get this weak girl who's shirking all responsibilities addled on drugs half the time and lashing out at people the other half Not only did she not improve herself from the first book she was kickass in the first book btw she got WORSE an empty shadow of her former self At the beginning I could understand her confusion her pain her reluctance to be the Mockingjay It'd be weird if she DIDN'T feel this way if she didn't have that time of indecision and unwillingness But after I expected her to be strong and work through it to face her fears and obstacles and choose to do the right thing to really fight for justice The best things in life never come easy; anybody who's done anything has had to overcome obstacles to accomplish their goals When she decided I must be the Mockingjay my heart soared cheesy but it did and I was rooting for her 100% When I heard her inspirational words during the propos the fire behind them my heart soared because I thought Kat