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ExtraordinaryIs drawn to Mallory the strange and secretive new girl at school Soon the two become as close as sisters until Mallory’s magnetic older brother Ryland arrives Ryland has an immediate hold on Phoebe but it turns into something dangerous as she begins The fey are mean little bastards No really They are Or so I learned while reading Extraordinary by Nancy Werlin Phoebe is a member of an extraordinary family You may have heard of them The Rothchilds is that ringing any bells? One of the richest families ever So Phoebe has a pretty great family but she battles some personal inadeuacy issues Phoebe is also a kind hearted individual so she decides to make friends with the weird girl in class What do you know the weird girl is a FEY named of course Mallory since that is totally a name you have when you are a fairyRead the rest of my review here

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For fans of Beautiful Creatures and Wicked Lovely New York Times Bestselling author Nancy Werlin delivers a captivating novel of friendship and trust where the past determines the future and a generations old curse reuires the ultimate sacrifice Phoebe Just to clarify naming a book Extraordinary will NOT immediately raise it to EXTRAORDINARY status And by the time I finished this book there was no way on any account that I could even think of what this author had been smoking It's disgusting to see the normal high school girl falling for that aloof couldn't care less tall dark stranger But it's absoultely revolting to KNOW that the tall dark stranger is using the girl for something and that he probably doesn't even look human I went through 200 pages of girl guy gross stuff and yes I did read EVERY SINGLE WORD of this book because I am a patient and persistant reader Being patient and persistant didn't pay off The book was horrible from start to finish I couldn't care less what happened to Phoebe I was a little annoyed at the Faerie ueen for giving up basically all the Faerie's energy to some random HUMAN which I just couldn't get into my head how can someone be that stupid? and really the only twist in this book was when Phoebe ended up partners with her human guy friend That was a different take on YA And really what was up with the use of the word extraordinary? Phoebe's ancestors were so extraordinary but she's so ordinary oh no The use of the two words nearly drove me insane the last few 100 pages of the book So yes I didn't have high expectations when starting this book it takes a lot of wit for an author to name their book Extraordinary when it clearly turns out to be a rather ordinary book and so was not immensely disappointed with how it ended

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Extraordinary ePub ä 393 pages ↠ randarenewables à For fans of Beautiful Creatures and Wicked Lovely New York Times Bestselling author Nancy Werlin delivers a captivating novel of friendship and trust where the past determines the future and a generations old curse reuires the ultimate sacrifice Phoebe is drawn to MallTo uestion her feelings about her best friend and worse about herself Soon Phoebe discovers the shocking fantastical truth about Ryland and Mallory and about an age old debt she’s meant to pay Will she be strong enough to save herself from the curse? Four years ago Phoebe Rothschild knew she wanted Mallory Tolliver as a friend–as her best friend She was not sure why but she knew that Mallory with her tawdry unsuitable clothes and her strange behavior would be a good friend to have much better certainly than the friends Phoebe had previously foundAnd Phoebe was right For those four years at leastMallory always knew she needed to befriend the Rothschild girl She knew what was reuired and expected of her by the Faerie ueen and the rest of her people But still for just a little while she wanted what Phoebe had; she wanted the chance to be a normal teenaged girlWhich is exactly what Mallory got For those four years at leastBut time is running out A debt must be repaid by an ordinary girl a dangerously magnetic man will draw Phoebe to a perilous choice and a friendship will be tested in Extraordinary 2010 by Nancy WerlinExtraordinary is uite impressive Well written clever and compelling this story will leave readers enchanted Werlin’s looping prose and melodic tone are masterful and work wonderfully with this fairy tale styled story The book combines a delightful plot with very arresting characters and as the title might suggest also offers an interesting commentary on what it really means to be ordinary or extraordinaryPhoebe is a really uniue narrator She has asthma and comes from a prominent Jewish family–both of which are important elements of the story But the great thing is neither of those things are the main event in the story they are just facets of Phoebe’s complex character Phoebe also spends a lot of the story being beguiled or out and out tricked by other characters The interesting thing about Werlin’s writing is that she conveys that while simultaneously evoking Phoebe’s own often confusing emotionsThis story is also uniue in that at its center readers will find two friends instead of the romantic threads that are becoming so prevalent in fantasy books and of course also spawned their own genre called “paranormal romance”There is definitely nothing ordinary about this book In short Extraordinary is a remarkable story about the transformative power of friendshipPossible Pairings White Cat by Holly Black The War for the Oaks by Emma Bull The Blue Girl by Charles De Lint Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly Guardian of the Dead by Karen Healey Fire and Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones The Demon Trapper’s Daughter by Jana Oliver The Last of the High Kings by Kate Thompson The Replacement by Brenna YovanoffYou can find this review and on my blog Miss Print