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FREE DOWNLOAD é Matched by Ally Condie È In the Society officials decide Who you love Where you work When you dieCassia has always trusted their choices It’s hardly any price to pay for a long life the perfect job the ideal mate So when her best friend appears on the Matching screen Cassia knows with complete certainty that he is the oneuntBetween Xander and Ky between the only life she’s known and a path no one else has ever dared follow between perfection and passion Matched is a story for right now and storytelling with the resonance of a class. Soo basic storyline being of a society where officials decide every aspect of a person's life from the big stuff as in who they'll marry or be 'matched' with and when they'll die to the little stuff like what they eat how they dress and their daily routines The story tells how Cassia is matched to a boy but falls for another and suddenly begins to uestion the rules of the society heading as she does so straight into a world of secrets and danger Great sounding plot am I right Too bad it turned out to be rather mediocre in practiceWell for me this book managed to redeem itself right near the very end and escape being the it's ok marker One of the biggest problems was the hype about this book I've been waiting to get my hands on this for ages just dying to sink my teeth into it after all dystopian fiction is my one true literary love So because of this the disappointment fell even heavier I love the idea but there were just so many things about the story that made me feel it never really took off and reached it's full potential To make my point I'm going to review the novel as two parts first as a dystopian novel and then as a love storyAs I already mentioned I love dystopian societies and I have done ever since I read Nineteen Eighty Four when I was twelve However my love for dystopia is concentrated on the high action andor shocking tragedy that define the genre In my opinion it's hard to feel a great sense of dystopia in Matched Nothing majorly tragic or gripping happens until the last few chapters and by then you've lost touch with the story and the characters It's slow moving and though I never thought I'd use this phrase in a review it 'lacks drama' If you compare it to 'The Handmaid's Tale' or 'Declaration' for example there's none of that built up tension throughout I read these books on the edge of my seat feeling every emotion with the protagonists and even beginning to panic at the peaks of the two novels Matched just never got my blood pressure up there was no sense of urgency or despair For a long time the society didn't really seem that bad at all Where's the dystopia The action The despair Maybe I'm just a twisted individual but the society wasn't 'bad' enough for meAnd the love story Because that's the other thing this novel is about Well the only time I felt any real connection or chemistry between Cassia and Ky was in the last few chapters I could sense that the author was attempting to build it up slowly but I never latched on to it In fact for a good while all I did was feel sorry for poor Xander and wish she'd just except a life with him and let Ky get on with being mysterious and weird But it did pull back and the novel ended with me wanting Cassia to go find him There may be hope for this love story yetThe ending was the most commendable part of the novel I'd started to think that there would be no point in me buying the second book in the series as the first one had done nothing for me And then the ending left me interested engrossed and eager to find out It opened up a wider mystery that would have been so much better if the author had built it up by slowly alluding to it throughout the novel then I wouldn't have been so shocked to find that the book wasn't so terrible overall I will say though I loved her Grandad from Cassia's first conversation with him I found him cute and lo

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In the Society officials decide Who you love Where you work When you dieCassia has always trusted their choices It’s hardly any price to pay for a long life the perfect job the ideal mate So when her best friend. The fart was this I justthe FART WAS THISThat beautiful cover is mean It drew me right in with its pretty lime green bubble bait of death Can't help wanting to have some of my favorite color on my reading shelf Hnnnnng It said READ ME OR I WILL MURDER YOU FAMILY And I bought it so it'd stop glaring at me in the teeny bopper section of BNI opened Matched and snails came at me with their shells and antennae of slime and grime and chime and dime SNAILS EVERYWHERE I couldn't move I couldn't breathe I was forced to understand things that weren't first explained It was horrible I tell youMatched tells the story of Cassia Reyes robot extraordinaire who lives in this nameless City run by the Society It has a Hill an Arboretum and Outer Provinces and special 'emergency tablets' but don't worry they're not dove into right away so you're supposed to know all about this place right the fuck away Thankfully Cassia finds it necessary to tell us about this Matching ceremony that binds people together for life but teens have flings anyway so how is this Matching accurate Then Cassia gets her Match her bff Xander Carrow cool kid the best of the best She goes Yay But then a NEW FACE APPEARS SHIT It's this kid that she knows named Ky Markham who's an Aberration you know people who's parents got an Infraction and now the kids are screwed too or something Whatever forbidden love all around Take it in folks But Cassia simply must know why the Society fudged up and thus says Looks like it's up to MELet's burn this little suckah down to the GROUND WHERE IT BELONGSWriting I will give a nod to Ally Condie for not completely fucking up the style in this book There was some nice prose especially with the scenes with Ky and Cassia writing poetry while hiking OH BUT WAIT we discuss later in this book that even though these citzens can read and operate computers they can't write Someone tells me how that makes sense and I'll give them a cookie or something Until then fook that noiseAnother point on the writing was the pacing The snail pace of Matched was the exact reason why I ran to Vladdy Tod said HOLD ME SWEET LORD finished it in a day cried my heart out figuratively then stumbled back into this mess There was nothing exciting going on in this book I'll give a bone to Condie for providing some nice romantic scenes and one scene where I actually had a small sense of grief but everything else was robotic plain and uninteresting Even good old Robot Jones had personality than most characters in the beginning of this novelSPEAKING OF CHARACTERS WHO ARE ROBOTIC how about that Cassia Reyes Or hell the entire Reyes family Molly and Abran Reyes are just drones to the Society in the beginning Mr Reyes gets better later on and even Cassia does too I mean she even makes strong good decisions STUNNING INDEED Bram was adorable though I'll give Condie that tooXander and Ky were the two dudes in this pain stakingly unnecessary love triangle but then again what is YA without one right It must be some new reuired rule that I could give less than a fuck about Moving on the good thing the ONLY good thing is that both of these guys aren't abusive douchey lust filled or cocky They are normal guy friends with Cassia and THANK YOU LORD FOR BLESSING ME THAT MUCH Sadly the need for this love triangle is never seen to me I just see that forbidden love

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Matched by Ally CondAppears on the Matching screen Cassia knows with complete certainty that he is the oneuntil she sees another face flash for an instant before the screen fades to black Now Cassia is faced with impossible choices. 15 stars