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Immortal BelovedNastasya has spent the last century living as a spoiled drugged out party girl She feels nothing and cares for no one But when she witnesses her best friend a Da 2016 Isn't it utterly marvelous when a favorite aces the re reading experience with flying colors after almost five years? 2011 I can't really comprehend that I am sitting here pressing determinedly the five star button in spite of the first chapters which obviously have been patched together rather sloppily and almost caused me to switch books with one click on my Kindle and in spite of the undeniable cliffy Yet here I am am doing precisely that and feeling completely comfortable with itReally at the beginning I had the fleeting horrible impression my paranormal favorite Infinite Days would manage to catch up with me The cruel excitement addicted immortal heroine unable to feel for mere mortals and her gang of eually shiny but worthless companions who break a taxi driver's spine for fun I got very angry about repetitive sentences that should have been edited away and I moaned about unbelievable scenarios like an immortal girl hiding a burn mark from her best friend under a scarf for over a hundred years in spite of drunken and drugged party nights shared hotel rooms and beach holidays or like the same girl being shocked about said best friend's pleasure at causing someone deadly pain As if it would be possible to hide a personality this rotten for over a century from someone that close to you I held out and was rewarded with 180 degrees style improvement From the moment Natasya boarded the plane in order to leave her old life behind the nasty crinkles smoothed out and the story enfolded beautifully in front of my eyes And NatasyaLilja magickally wormed herself into a cosy nook of my heart the one reserved for heroines who are prickly and nasty and damaged on the outside but hurt and helpless and lovable deep within Immortal Beloved could probably be described as a cross between Rachel's Holiday Secrets of Truth and Beauty and maybe Succubus Blues It is the story of a girl whose long long life has made her unable to feel attachment unable to sleep without self medication unable to decide for herself what she really wants It is a story of a girl at the point of no return A girl who turns herself in at a rehabilitation center for wayward immortals because she vaguely remembers a woman inviting her 50 years ago to come and stay with her should she hit the bottom end of things and change her mind The rehab plot unexpectedly uncovered some very interesting strings of thought about the burdens of immortality but also about a fulfilled life in general That might have easliy turned into something preachy soppy but Natasya's own snarky sceptical attitude and her ongoing inner monologue fueled by exaggeration lightens the mood and gives her stay at River's Edge a pretty hilarious note I was really relieved not to have to read about the hot hot hot love interest without reprieve He is of the in my opinion hot sort and I began to look forward to Natasya's encounters with him nothing like enemies falling for each other hard isn't there but I was glad that the romance was not taking over the already interesting story as soon as the potential supernatural heartbreaker made his first entranceI have to say I not only guessed the connection between Natasya and Reyn I really knew when she implied that his face looked familiar But at that point I did not mind any I was too much enamoured already to care So Same as with Die for Me for instance falling in love with this book has been an entirely individual process that cannot be easily explained by check marking off its shining points Thus it makes recommending it to all my friends a tricky thing I won't do it to be on th

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Download Immortal Beloved Book Á 407 pages ☆ Nastasya has spent the last century living as a spoiled drugged out party girl She feels nothing and cares for no one But when she witnesses her best friend a Dark Immortal torture a human she realizes something's got to change She seeks refuge at a rehab for wayward immortals where she meetRk Immortal torture a human she realizes something's got to change She seeks refuge at a rehab for wayward immortals where she meets the gorgeous undeniably sexy So I took a Mary Sue test for this book and it included uestions such as14 Does your character have a scar or other small flaw that is noticed by someone but does not actually detract from your character's appearance from your point of view? Check42 Does your character always have money to spend on frivolities or whatever she really wants or needs at the time? For no apparent reason? EG your character never works or gives any clue to any source of income Check52 Your character alone uses a weapon that aIs famous or legendary before the character acuires it? bWas given by some kind of spiritmagical being? cIs magical? Check 75 Is your character some kind of 'chosen one' andor a major part of a prophecy? Check78 On the subject of your character and her family aWas your character orphaned abandoned kicked out or at least raised by a familyperson that was not her own family? CheckbWas a major villain responsible for the death of the parents or guardians? CheckcWas your character responsible for the death of her parentsguardians?dDid your character witnessed the death of the parentsguardians? CheckeWas she adopted by a cruel family or person? fRan away at any point? CheckgRaised herself? CheckhLived in the streets? CheckiThe very last or only survivor of anything? CheckjAdopted by another speciesracial group?And there are so many uestions I'll just skip them and go straight to the result 36 Fanfiction authors you might just want to start over Role players and original fiction authors at this point your characters are likely to provoke eye rolling and exclaimations of yeah right from your readers Well at least from me Immediate workover is probably in order Haha Awesome I wonder if Cate Tierman knows about that testI hated the writing First there are the random OMG WTF ha ha ha whatever you know and the infamous I mean I'm telling it like it is people yeah that's directed to you reader Second the book is weirdly written and suspiciously drafty There's a sentence at the beginning she says Maybe it was in the 70's Or was it in the sixties? Well which one is it? 1970's and 1960's or seventies and sixties? Characterization Reyn is a joke he's some kind of washed out copy of Dimitri Belikov's twin brother Only with even less personality and believe me I did not think this was possible Are we supposed to swoon? The descriptions throughout the book are terribleAnd I kept thinking that there was going to be a twist at the end because view spoilerreally Nell is the culprit? Come the fuck on hide spoiler

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Reyn who seems inexplicably linked to her pastNastasya finally begins to deal with life and even feels safe until the night she learns that someone wants her de I absolutely love this book It surprised me because I've read some of Cate Tiernan's Sweep series and while I enjoyed those they never in a million years would have led me to believe Teirnan was capable of the kind of writing I encountered in Immortal Beloved The characters are believable beautifully flawed and interesting The dialog is simple and realistic The romance alternates between sweet confusing terrifying and heart wrenching At first glance it may appear that the protagonist is awfully immature for someone who's been around for over 400 years but that's kind of the point Tiernan's making; Nastasya IS immature And she's immature because she's spent 459 years avoiding her traumatizing past and refusing to grow up This book combines a little romance with the supernatural world of Immortals but it's mostly about Nastasya's struggle to find herself and that journey isn't an easy one for her I loved her as a character She's strong and funny but there is an underlying fragility that keeps her from coming off as uber bitchy The love interest Reyn is not your typical supernatural YA hunk either He's a villain who's reformed sure but he's not wallowing around in self pity or trying to come off as a bad ass While he seems genuinely contrite regarding his past behaviors he knows he can neither justify them nor will them away No projections or illusions with Reyn and that makes for a thoroughly enjoyable characterThere's a small bit of mystery interlaced as we travel with Nastasya through her memories and slowly uncover who she is and where she came from and the mysterious tie that she and Reyn share There's also rivalry in the form of a younger immortal who is vying for Reyn's attention Not to mention some rather unsavory friends of Nastasya's who are out looking for her when she doesn't want to be found I found this book altogether enjoyable and completely worthy of a second third and maybe fourth read The only complaint I have is that I have to wait until September for the next in the series