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Margaret Atwood takes the art of storytelling to new heights in a dazzling novel that unfolds layer by astonishing layer and concludes in a brilliant and wonderfully satisfying twist Told in a style that magnificently captures the collouialisms and clichés of the 1930s and 1940s The Blind Assassin is a richly layered and uniuely rewarding experienceIt opens with these simple resonant words Ten days after the war ended my sister drove a car off the bridge They are spoke. So are you still trudging through the Margaret Atwood George you should stop being so dismissive Have you ever read it Well I think I got as far as chapter three Typical po mo cleverness with a story inside a story inside anyway I decided I couldn't take any so I gave up So do you want to know what it's about You're going to tell me aren't you Only if you want me to Okay okay I want you to Snuggle up and tell me all about it Satisfied Mmm Well satisfied for now anyway You know George you actually might like it Some of it's a bit depressing but there's this very sexy thread where in each episode she meets her lover and they lie in bed together and he tells her this bizarre science fiction story A bit like we're doing now A bit I like that So what kind of story is it Well he's a pulp SF writer so it's very pulpy but in a good way There's this planet with three suns and seven moons and deadly mountains haunted by beautiful nude undead women with azure hair and eyes like snake filled pits That does sound sexy I like the snake filled pits too I knew you would And he's telling it in a very clever ironic way and some of the time he's just having fun and some of the time it's sort of about him and her Where does the blind assassin come in Well in the science fiction story there's this character who's a blind master assassin That's sort of the guy telling the story And he falls in love with this beautiful girl who's supposed to be sacrificed on the altar She's sort of the girl he's telling the story to How could a master assassin be blind Honestly George don't be so literal about everything Anyway you liked Daredevil didn't you Okay you got me Carry on Well the science fiction story is the innermost one The guy and the girl are characters in a book that was written by a girl who killed herself by driving off a bridge Why did she kill herself You don't find out until the end of the book It's a whydunnit You mean there's a plot and everything Honestly George of course there's a plot There's even a twist Wow Okay so the girl killed herself driving off the bridge Yes and her sister who's now very old is writing about her and her book and what happened to make her write it And I suppose the book she wrote is about stuff that happened to her and her sister Could be I don't want to drop too many spoilers I still don't see why it has to be so complicated Well you thought Inception was great didn't you All those layers Yeah Okay it's a bit like that It really works But you'd have trouble explaining why to someone who hadn't seen it Mmm Mmm You know it's Valentine's Day It is Sorry I won't try and sell you any Margaret Atwood for a while George Mmm Mmm Mmm George Mmm Were you having a dream I think so What kind of dream You had such a funny look on your face A dream inside a dream inside a dream You know I might read that book after all

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The Blind AssassinY of her husband a distinguished industrialistFor the past twenty five years Margaret Atwood has written works of striking originality and imagination In The Blind Assassin she stretches the limits of her accomplishments as never before creating a novel that is entertaining and profoundly serious The Blind Assassin proves once again that Atwood is one of the most talented daring and exciting writers of our time Like The Handmaid's Tale it is destined to become a classic. 63 The Blind Assassin Margaret AtwoodThe Blind Assassin is a novel by the Canadian writer Margaret Atwood It was first published by McClelland and Stewart in 2000 Set in Canada it is narrated from the present day referring to previous events that span the twentieth centuryآدمکش کور مارگارت آتوود ققنوس ادبیات؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش ماه نوامبر سال 2007 میلادیعنوان آدمکش کور؛ نویسنده مارگارت آتوود؛ مترجم شهین آسایش؛تهران، ققنوس؛ 1382؛ در 665 ص؛ فروست ادبیات جهان 47؛ رمان 41؛ شابک ایکس 964311385؛ چاپ دوم 1383؛ چاپ سوم 1385؛ چاپ پنجم 1388؛ شابک 9789643113858؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان امریکایی سده 20 مآدمکش کور، داستانی «سوررئالیستی» است، و برنده­ ی جایزه­ ی «بوکر»، در سال دوهزار میلادی، دو بازگویی جدا از هم است یکی عشق دختر و پسری ست، که پسر در قرارهای عاشقانه، برای دختر داستانی تخیلی می­گوید در داستان دیگر، پیرزنی به نام «ایریس»، شرح زندگی خود، و خواهرش «لورا» را، می­نویسد دو داستان در پایان به هم می­پیوندند «لورا»، خواهر کوچکتر، دختری عجیب و حساس، و «ایریس» مسئولیت پذیر است او برای نجات خانواده، فداکاری کرده، و همسر مردی ثروتمند، و هوس­باز می­شود در پایان داستان درمی­یابد، باج اصلی چه بوده، و چگونه پرداخته شده است بچه­ ها فکر می­کنند هر رخداد بدی که رخ مینماید، تقصیر آنهاست ا شربیانی

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READ & DOWNLOAD The Blind Assassin 109 Ô Margaret Atwood takes the art of storytelling to new heights in a dazzling novel that unfolds layer by astonishing layer and concludes in a brilliant and wonderfully satisfying twist Told in a style that magnificently captures the collouialisms and clichés of the 1930s and 1940s The Blind Assassin is a richly lN by Iris whose terse account of her sister Laura's death in 1945 is followed by an inuest report proclaiming the death accidental But just as the reader expects to settle into Laura's story Atwood introduces a novel within a novel Entitled The Blind Assassin it is a science fiction story told by two unnamed lovers who meet in dingy backstreet rooms When we return to Iris it is through a 1947 newspaper article announcing the discovery of a sailboat carrying the dead bod. Dynastic MisfortuneThat strip of Canada from the Niagara River to Lake St Clair along the northern shore and hinterland of Lake Erie is a very peculiar place Culturally it is best defined in negative terms it is not the United States of those coarse and tasteless Yankees and it is not French speaking as are their eually coarse and tasteless neighbours in uebec Geographically I suppose it might be called lower rather than Southern Ontario suggesting a certain psychic distance from the national capital in Ottawa and an obsessive concern about ‘leakage’ of population from the multiplying Catholic hordes in Lower Canada which is in fact ‘Upper’ Historically it was settled by American Anglican Loyalists fleeing retribution in their old homeland and until after WW II mostly by British and Irish fleeing theirs Socially it was perhaps one of the most class ridden politically manipulated and snobbish places on the planet at least until Canada itself became highly cosmopolitanAtwood combines all this to make that strip of land her principal character in The Blind Assassin Using a combination of fictional press reports conventional third party narration and first person uasi memoir along with an accumulating internal allegory she diffuses the book’s point of view into a sort of literary montage of the place itself The narrative line is the saga of the prominent Chase family over the hundred years from the 1890’s its rise and fall and ultimate disintegration But none of the family members is nearly as interesting as the cultural and political background in which they act and within which they are effectively trappedThe inhabitants of this land are like the Boers of South Africa They came to dominance on the principle that might makes right and stay in power by treating it as a divine command One way or another all the members of the Chase family are sacrificed materially and spiritually to the Gods of Power family reputation patriarchal will a provincial ideal of aristocracy subtle racism less subtle misogyny and a superstitious morality provided by the least educated but paradoxically most influential members of the community They look on these things as values things to be protected and preserved They are in fact uasi genetic defects that are passed along to their children and ensure their inability to find satisfaction in that land or any other As with the Boers these people enact and execute a self imposed death sentence an example of which opens the bookOn the face of it there is no reason to think that this fertile but otherwise rather nondescript piece of real estate in which nothing of world historical significance has taken place except perhaps the US retaliatory invasion and burning of York later Toronto during the War of 1812 might provide the substance for a longish novel of intricate family history But it works in the same way for example that the television series Dallas works to make Eastern Texas interesting One can’t help but be drawn into Schadenfreude by the obvious hypocrisy betrayals and machinations of each generation What Atwood reveals about the region’s culture is not its hidden depths but rather its secret shallowness The waste of human effort and talent in maintaining itself is enormous But these things are captivating perhaps even titilating Because Atwood only does the slowest of reveals the reader is forced to pay attention to details as if the book were a murder mystery which in a way is exactly what it is