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review A Taste of Desire Ô eBook or Kindle ePUB ß She Challenged His Pride Lady Amelia Bertram may have a reputation as the most brazen beauty of the ton but she shocks even herself when she accidently and loudly derides one of society's most eligible bachelors in the middle of a crowded ballroom The timing of her faux pas couldn't bXual prowess in public he cannot help but accept the dare implicit in her words To her father's great delight he offers to take her to his secluded country estate properly chaperoned of course to teach the girl a lesson in ladylike behavi. Overall Rating 350 Action 0 Emotion 4 Romance 45 Sensuous 25 Suspense 15 Regency Flavor 35 Humor 2 Tears 2 A Taste of Desire is Beverley Kendall's second book in The Elusive Lords Series The book is a necessary read to anyone who read the first book of the series Sinful Surrender because of the way Amelia Bertram trouble making daughter of Lord Harold Harry Bertram Maruess of Bradford greeted her father's business partner Viscount Thomas Armstrong I've heard you are considered at best a rake about town and at worst a debaucher of women and maiden sensibilities I certainly hope you are not going to ply your trade here this eveningHowever A Taste of Desire is not a necessary read for anybody wanting to experience the feelings of emotional angst suffered by a daughter who spends an entire book cutting the hero with sharp words because her father treated him like a son than he treated her like a daughter The premise is realistic and the emotional pull could be profound but Kendall spent time telling the readers how Amelia felt than drawing the emotions from the reader with dialogue and action A Taste of Desire is an enjoyable fun read Thomas and Amelia spent a lot of time sparring because they do not want to be attracted to the other but it will never find it's way onto my to be re read list A in depth detailed spoiler ridden review of this book can be found on blog Wolf Bear Does Books

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She Challenged His Pride Lady Amelia Bertram may have a reputation as the most brazen beauty of the ton but she shocks even herself when she accidently and loudly derides one of society's most eligible bachelors in the middle of a crowded. LOVED ITOVERALL RATING 45 StarsPlot 5 starsHero Characterization 5 stars – Thomas Viscount Armstrong SEXY ALPHA blonde with green eyes and dimples Older brother of Missy from the First Book SINFUL SURRENDERHeroine Characterization 4 stars Amelia Bertram daughter of Harold Bertram Maruess of Bradford business partner of Thomas’Writing StyleFlowWord Usage 4 stars a few places where things needed to be edited betterErotic Tension 5 starsErotic descriptiveness 4 stars no 'vulgar' wordsSex scenes freuency 5 stars mostly in second half endDenouement 4 starsThe character Thomas Armstrong was introduced in the first book of the Elusive Lords Series SINFUL SURRENDER as the older brother of Missy However this book is written as a stand alone Amelia the only child of the widowed Maruess of Bradford has been out of control for some time ever since she was left alone after her beloved mother passed away and in the past couple years she has attempted to elope twice both times with near penniless types that do not meet the approval of her father Fortunately these events were hushed up at great expense to her father and he is at his wits' end It seems no man is good enough for her except someone like Thomas who is her wealthy father’s business protégéThomas has the women of the ton at his feet and they adore his handsome charm and gentlemanly behavior He is the man that the debs and wallflowers at a ball most want to have a chance to dance with In addition he is the golden Adonis that the married ladies most want to have an affair with for he is rud by many married ladies to be very skilled at pleasure Needless to say he is an incorrigible Rake; in fact he will dump a mistress as soon as she shows signs of clingy emotional attachment or jealousy He can't stand Amelia and thinks she is a bratty plague that should be avoided at all costHowever Amelia is not at all impressed or in agreement with the ladies and she loudly castigates his manhood while the orchestra is playing but the music cuts off too soon causing her loud exclamation to be overheard by all at the ball In fact she says she would wager her entire considerable dowry that he doesn’t come remotely close to his rud sexual prowess The scene is set for Thomas to give Amelia her comeuppance and the opportunity arises when Amelia’s father Harry plans to go to America for four months Amelia needs a firm hand as well as some punishment for her latest attempt to elope and Thomas agrees to put Amelia to work at his country estate where he runs his horse breeding farm it's this or a convent school for a year Thomas’ mother and sisters reside there and a chaperone will be hired so it will be all above board Uh huhIn the beginning Thomas seems like a total grade A asshole and Amelia a spoiled stuck up bitch Its hard to find redeeming ualities in either of them or understand why Amelia has such antipathy toward Thomas But Beverley Kendall is extremely skilled at crafting full fledged characterizations and building the erotic tension in the story so that you can’t put the book down Against his better judgment Thomas finds himself wanting Ameliahe justifies his kissing her with the rationalization that he has to make her want him to prove to whom that he can her insults still rankle His justifications are getting and confused in his head because he is simply out of control in lust with her He is having a difficult timeHowever being under the same household has unintended conseuences and they find themselves getting to know each other and find that neither is as terrible as they once thought and both find themselves grudgingly easing toward a truce Amelia cannot recognize herself after he starts his insidious seduction of her and she desperately tries to hatch a plan to get away view spoiler After several soul shattering kisses Amelia surprises Thomas by admitting to Thomas that she was wrong to say what she did about him and that he is indeed very skilled at pleasuring women which takes Thomas by surprise and leaves him a bit floundering as to why he is still obsessed with her In fact when his good friend Alex Cartwright shows up Thomas shocks everyone when he behaves like a dog in the manger When Amelia chases a stray kitten into Thomas’ bedchamber by accident one evening and he discovers her he uickly takes advantage of the situation The erotic tension is white hot and the first sex scene is explosive And then Thomas finds out that she is a virgin which he TRULY did not expect but his control is long gone and he is unable to stop Afterwards they both agree that it was a mistake and it will never happen again nor will their now uneasy friendship change at all Uh huh hide spoiler

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A Taste of DesireBallroom The timing of her faux pas couldn't be worse for her father is seeking someone to take her off his hands that very night He Challenged Her Willpower But when Thomas Armstrong overhears the so called Lady Amelia slandering his se. I love historical romances and this one A TASTE OF DESIRE I absolutely lovedThis is the follow up to SINFUL SURRENDER which I also lovedThe two main characters are like oil and vinegar and they clash in every encounter togetherThe h has an instant dislike to the H and when introduced for the 1st time she gives him a withering setdown at a partyThe H thinks that she is a willful spoiled brat as he calls herThe hero is asked by the h's father to watch over his daughter as he has to go to America on businessAt 1sthe refusesthen after yet another clash in which she malignes his prowness loudly in a crowded ballroon with everyone to hearhe changes his mind and consents to watch over herThe fun now beginsI enjoyed their exchanges and getting to know the characters as they developed in the storyWhen the h becomes illyou see him changing his attitude towards the h and his feelings emergingThe Christmas scene was beautiful when he presented her with his gift and hers to him I enjoyed catching up with the Hh of the prior book and thier twinsThis book was nicely written and is on my keeper shelf along with the 1stLooking forwod to the next in this seriesRec to those who enjoy a fiesty heroine and the man who will tame heror at least attempt to