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Download ô The Hot Kid 109 Ì The Barnes Noble Review When the The New York Times calls someone the greatest crime writer of our time perhaps ever that's no small compliment This talented author has shown an extraordinary range in his work from westerns to crime stories both contemporary and historical to a novel about baseball and In The Hot Kid El DutchThe Barnes Noble Review When the The New York Times calls someone the greatest crime writer of our time perhaps ever that's no small compliment This talented author has shown an extraordinary range in his work from westerns to crime stories both contemporary and historical to a novel about baseball and In The Hot Kid El Dutch Leonard breaks new ground with a fast paced multifaceted tale of Prohibition era crime told from multiple perspectives that reflect the unexpected shifts of allegiance in this turbulent time Set against a backdrop of speakeasys and shootouts fast cars and even faster women this stirring tale recounts a time when life was cheap on both sides of the law The story unfolds in Oklahoma featuring the exploits of four hot kids young lawman Carl Webster bad seed oilman's son Jack Belmont glamorous gun moll Louly Brown and true crime journalist Tony Antonelli Carl Webster since his first personal encounter with crime as a teenage witness to a brutal robbery by notorious croo. June 13 1927 Carlos Huntington Webster was in Oklahoma City wearing a dark blue suit of clothes no vest and a panama hat with the brim curved on his eyes just right being sworn in as a deputy United States marshal This was while Charles Lindbergh was being honored in New York City tons of ticker tape dumped on 'The Lone Eagle' for flying across the Atlantic Ocean by himself page 36Leonard's The Hot Kid seemed like an uneasy mix between the two genres that are normally part of the author's expertise He first gained notice for penning many pulp western short stories andor novels during the 50's and then later established his name with a string of excellent low key crime dramas such as Mr Majestyk and 52 Pick Up during the 70's So in theory a book like this which also part historical fiction as notorious real life bank robbers 'Pretty Boy' Floyd Bonnie Clyde and John Dillinger are featured characters or are oft mentioned in the narrative should be a slam dunkHowever after the first 100 pages the story about a young but savvy and sharpshootin' federal lawman working the Oklahoma boomtowns during the end of Prohibition and start of the Great Depression becomes sort of bland with some rambling plot threads and an increasing number of supporting characters that can strain the attention span Leonard was always good with showing the stupidity of petty criminals their bad decisions and uirky obsessiveness and that's on full display here but ultimately the book felt like a short story uncomfortably stretched to novel length

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K Emmet Long has sought justice His keen mind and sharpshooter's eye uickly build him a hot reputation in the US Marshals Service especially after he declares If I have to pull my weapon I'll shoot to kill and proves he has what it takes to back up his claimJack Belmont has big dreams His goal is to join the ranks of America's most feared criminals to replace John Dillinger as Public Enemy No 1 This young outlaw has all the instincts of a cold blooded killer plus a powerful thirst for glory He's got a long way to go to join the ranks of Baby Face Nelson Pretty Boy Floyd Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker and Machine Gun Kelly but he's off to a good enough start that Webster is hot on his trailLouly Brown started with nothing but she wasn't about to settle for that Her first claim to fame came when her cousin married Charley Pretty Boy Floyd Later running off with ex con Joe Young added spice to her life But she was smart enough to see that helping Carl Webster put a stop to Joe's crime spree. My first El Leonard novel He's a terse pacey author and The Hot Kid is pretty much Hollywood in a book but a nicely filmed Hollywood with engaging if not terribly deep charactersIt's a 1930s gangster piece Carlos Webster is the son of a wealthy pecan farmer At 15 he shot a man who was trying to rustle his cattle His father observed Good lord this one's got a tough bark on him He also encounters a wanted felon who in the course of robbing a store and shooting a tribal police officer calls Carlos a greaserThis sticks in Carlos's craw Years later he's Marshal Carl Webster lawman the hot kid of the US Marshals Service and his exploits are being reported and exaggerated a bit by the newspapers of the time Carl wants to be the country's most famous lawmanJack Belmont is another son of privilege except he's a spoiled rotten little sociopath At 15 he tries to blackmail his father by threatening to tell his mother and sister about Dad's mistress His father laughs at him then puts him to work in his oil refinery Jack promptly sets the place on fire and takes off for a life of crime Jack wants to be the country's most notorious bank robberThis is a slick action thriller with tough hombres seedy roughnecks sleazy outlaws gun molls and whores Not a lot of variety in either the male or female archetypes and the plot isn't terribly complicated but Leonard spices it up with plenty of sex and murder and shootouts and pretty decent writing35 stars Definitely not a literary gem but I enjoyed it and would read another by El Leonard It kind of reminded me of Ian Fleming's Bond novels except with not uite as much racism and misogyny

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The Hot KidWould be a better deal than sharing his fate After the smoke cleared Louly really came into her own selling her story to the papers then setting her sights on the handsome lawman who'd captured her heartTony Antonelli loves the danger and fame that come along with rubbing shoulders with heartless gangsters dedicated lawmen gorgeous gun molls and bloodthirsty vigilantes in the course of his work for True Detective Mystery magazine Whether he's writing about bank robbers or the Black Hand the KKK or rum running or hot young lawmen and cold blooded killers and their sexy sidekicks Tony views other people's troubles as than just bread and butter; they provide an adrenaline charged kick to his own life as well as vicarious thrills for eager readersEl Leonard hits his target with The Hot Kid an unforgettable tale of high adventure where the crooks are out to prove that crime really can pay and where federal marshals trade high risks for low salary to bring these wanted felons in dead or alive. I like Carl Webster the character It sounds like he doesn't like his name Carlos he doesn't like someone taking he ice cream cone and if he takes out his pistol he's shooting to kill Carl is one badass character who is a good guy This would have been so much better had I read it or someone else was narrator Arliss Howard sounded bored about most of the first half of the book only getting into it the second half I love El Leonardhe's the best