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summary Cast in Ruin ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF É Seven corpses are discovered in the streets of a Dragon's fief All identical down to their clothingKaylin Neya is assigned to discover who they were who killed them—and why Is the evil lurking at the borders of Elantra preparing to cross overAt least the investigation delays herE fiefs Kaylin must use every skill she's ever learned to save the people she's sworn to protect Sword in hand dragons in the sky this time there's no retreat and no surrender. I am extraordinarily fond of this series but at the same time I have to admit that sometimes it seems that the author is just throwing things out at the reader and hoping that it'll stick Don't get me wrong it's still fun and a blast to read but it's also a little jumbled and confusing and sometimes I wish that things well that things hurried up a little or something Not that I know what I want hurried up but I'm still left feeling this wayPart of it is probably because while we get crumbs of new information or a good amount of new information as in about the species that live in Elantra we never get much in the way of answers for Kaylin Her marks Still mysterious Her chosen status There and still mysterious The only people who might shed a little light about the chosen stay silent about it and it's driving me up a wall Still it's a fun read Each book has a solid contained story The only real downside is that the continuing story the story about Kaylin is very slow This is a bit difficult to fathom since all of the books take place in the span of days this one for instance has a time elapse of about a week from the last book and still takes place over only a few days Kaylin is in Tiamaris on the insistence of Sanabalis and she gets caught up in the deaths of several women who are all identical Not only that but they don't seem uite human and there are shadows creeping along the borders The plot of this story takes a while to warm up and it only really gets rolling along the middle towards the end but it's decent The ending was like all of the books in the series a giant exciting rush to the end even if it's always a bit messy I like the series I really really do I just wish that we get Kaylin actually wanting to learn how to do the things she can do instead of somehow stumbling over it when most needed and winging it or even just insight into what Kaylin is Still the books are fun and I do enjoy reading them 3 stars

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The evil lurking at the borders of Elantra preparing to cross overAt least the investigation delays her meeting with the Dragon Emperor And as the shadows grow longer over th. I'm continually fascinated how intricate some plots can go and how fast the development while I as the reader still can follow along without getting hopelessly lost Like the most recent Foreigner trilogy in CJ Cherryh's series this particular book is set over only a couple of days at most starting directly after the last book finished Plotwise I am getting the impression we are nearing the all out confrontation with the darkness inside Ravellon but personally I'm hoping it will slow down some I want to spend time with the developing Kaylin and the various new strands to the empireWhile this is NOT the dragon court book I would call it the dragon book we get a lot of creation story and explanation story in here On the personal front Kaylin and Severn have a talk that was years overdue and unavoidable after what happened in the previous book I'm sure a few of the Team Nightshade readers will be unhappy but I agree with Kaylin's judgement about his feelings towards her I also can understand what her reservations about Severn areI adored the fact that now that Kaylin has of an idea about where her powers come from and what a Chosen is that she is able to I want to say level up in her use of true words view spoileras can bee seen in her accepting Maggoren's name and midwifing Bellusdeo by the way bellus dei translates into God's War in Latin deo is the dative case though hide spoiler

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Cast in RuinSeven corpses are discovered in the streets of a Dragon's fief All identical down to their clothingKaylin Neya is assigned to discover who they were who killed them and why Is. Favorite Lines It was true hope could be unkind You opened yourself up to the worst of wounds because you wanted to believe that something good could finally happen But if you didn't You missed this This intense and perfect moment in which while the world was almost literally going to hells all around you hope and reality blended in a single perfect note p 394 egalley Cast in Ruin Chronicles of Elantra Book 7 is the book I've been waiting for I've loved every book in the series but Cast in Ruin is right up there with the first two books which were my favorites Do not attempt to jump into the series now; there is no way you'll understand everything that has taken placeSagara's world building is excellent and each book has covered a different aspect of her world Book seven focuses on giving us information about dragons fiefs and Kaylin It answers a ton of uestions and whets the appetite for book eight There is also a novella which appeared in the Harvest Moon anthologyI know some people weren't thrilled with book six because they felt like Kaylin wasn't growing as a character Well that definitely cannot be said about book seven We get another glimpse into Kaylin's past while she investigates the darkness invading the fiefs and it's something that was hinted at but never uite was said One of the most important things to remember about Sagara's Chronicles of Elantra Series is that the events of each book are taking place back to back There aren't years separating Kaylin's adventures There are weeksWhen I received Cast in Ruin I stayed up all night until I finished it Despite reading the book mid week I was ready to re read the book by the weekend It was that good The magic the way the characters stay true to the ualities they were introduced with in book one and the pacing set Cast in Ruin above other book It is my absolute favorite fantasy series I know each book will be well written thought inducing and a book that I will come back to time and time again The Chronicles of Elantra is one of the only series I can auto buy and know that I'm getting uality work Cast in Ruin has two of my favorite characters Severn and Nightshade Of course Severn has page coverage than Nightshade but I felt like I was being teased for a book where the opposite will be true I can't wait for that day PsstIf you want to know what Kaylin feels for Nightshade and Severn this is the book you need to readHeads up We're getting closer to the day Kaylin meets the emperor Sagara said she is contracted to write four books in the series for LUNA OMG I'm gonna freakin' crap when I read the final book The next book is Cast in Peril; it'll be released next yearScooper Speaks