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PtionGeneration after generation an unattached male is plucked from the same family line and sent to the home of the man they only know as Dhakir It is a duty all men in the line are brought up knowing but none can know which male will be called or whenTwenty six year old Hadi Rahal is plucked from his fast paced life among the brilliant lights and shallow vanity of Milan's fashion world when he is told his uncle has passed on and he is the next Keeper Knowing only vague legend Hadi travels to Sétif Algeria where his heritage waits in the form of an ancient name and sorrowful eyes he can't turn from even as he prays to God for the fortitude to resistThe Keeper is a novella length wor Well written and very intriguing but I was a little uneasy while reading itWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 810PROS The story is riveting It combines elements of several storytelling legends in an unusual way I felt sorry for Hadi at the beginning of the story but the dramatic change in his circumstances shows some character traits that I admired right from the start He’s determined and honorable and optimistic even in the face of life altering changes he didn’t ask for The first mention of either man’s sexuality occurs 35% of the way through the story and the first mention of even a sliver of desire between them occurs at almost 40% This occurs after a brief little “skipping ahead by this much time” interval after which the feelings of desire seemed rather sudden to me but one thing I must say the two men certainly are emotionally entwined by the time their relationship turns physical Because the sex doesn’t occur until well into the story it’s emotional and hot when it does happen The scenes are intimate very drawn out and lovingly describedCONS As much as I found the story fascinating and I did as well as well written I couldn’t help feeling uneasy at the way Judas is portrayed as SUCH a sympathetic character He certainly suffers in various ways but I guess the thing that bothered me the most was the way he’s always talking about Christ so affectionately not to mention praying to Him Technically the ending is Happily Ever After I didn’t see it as uneuivocally happy though To say would give away part of the story There are uite a few ellipses throughout the story in dialogue Enough that I started to find them annoying “I doubt the priest was pleased to hear that”; “I never knew what it was to want someone so much”; “What does that mean?” EtcOverall comments I don’t recommend this for those who have traditional beliefs regarding Christianity; the ways in which the story twists Biblical stories might make you uncomfortable If you’re open minded in that regard though I do think the book has some interesting things to say about faith and organized religion And the relationship is tender and contains some pretty hot sex

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The Keeper Editorial ReviewsMs Armstrong and Ms Piet made every touch every sigh and every moan come alive with their words The powerful emotions that Hadi and Dhakir have for each other and the way they try to contain themselves bring out the poignancy of this tale You cannot help but ache when they ache suffer when they suffer and feel joy when they feel joy The Keeper is beautifully written You will fall in love not only with these characters but with this tale itself Danielle Coffee Time RomanceThe relationship between the two men is a slooooow burning ember that flickers to life suddenly when you least expect it even as they both fight it The guys are both interesting and well drawn and the A few remarks about this book some spoilers but I will say where they areAbout the charactersI think they were perfect to each other It's a romantic story so it's pleasure read about one men absolutely certain about his homosexuality and another that must learn a simple thing love is love and love has no boundaries I like it how the relationship slowly grows About the story spoilers and probably I'll get insulted but I'm usedI'm a catholic but I'm an intelligent person and know how to use my brain so I'm not a fanatic and I really despised all catholics that use Jesus and the bible to justify hate and ignoranceI'm a little crazy and one of the crazes thing I done was read the bible not to get outside with the bible in my hands screaming that the God words are there OMG I hate that kind of people The streets are full of them Read it just to read it nothing I'm a curious person and one time flighting from Brazil to Italy I read the bible 11 hours of nothing to do great time to read So when I hear ignorants saying that the bible has messages of hate or racism I get piss off a lot All the stories has the same message love tolerance and fraternity The Keeper will show a Judas in love so it's a controversy theme? Well I don't thing so it's a love story and it's all I sawAll the others fanatics and crazies catholics can think what they want that's my personal opinionLast thing and why I didn't gave 5 starsUp to now I explain why I think it's a wonderful book so the only motive that I take 1 star was all the crying It's a personal opinion and maybe you appreciate read a lot of crying scenes me? No sorry In my view the main characters has a great love story but all the crying hugging each other on the bed and crying well that is something I don't like Don't like it in MF as I don't like in MM books4 stars to this book and well done Thumbs up to the writers

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kindle ¹ The Keeper 68 pages Download ✓ S.L. Armstrong å Editorial ReviewsMs Armstrong and Ms Piet made every touch every sigh and every moan come alive with their words The powerful emotions that Hadi and Dhakir have for each other and the way they try to contain themselves bring out the poignancy of this Path of their relationship seemed realistic no insta love not even insta lust The exploration and reinterpretation of religious themes and the examination of biblical inhabitants was fascinating to me and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book TJ at JesseWave ReviewsThe Keeper is a very different and uniue take on immortality with heavy religious themes The writing is solid and the story itself is rather interesting engaging the readers' attention although the serious religious elements may not be to all tastes The build of tension and sensuality is nice and combined with the themes of the story offers something entirely new and refreshing Kassa ReviewsBook Descri Traditional theology professes that Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus Christ with a kiss and 30 coins of silver But what if that wasn't the way it happened? What if by identifying Jesus Judas was an instrument of God and was appointed to fulfill a predestined purpose? Would he not have a special place in Jesus's heart and wouldn't Jesus want to find a way to alleviate Judas's unjust suffering? In 'The Keeper' by SL Armstrong and K Piet Judas is portrayed not as a despicable villain but a victim in a way a sacrifice for the glory of GodHadi is a great young man with an impeccable sense of honor When called upon to do so he gives up his active life to fulfill his destiny as caregiver for someone his family has been in charge of for centuries He's puzzled by the man in his care who does not seem ill or in need of assistance in any way When Hadi discovers who this man is and why he is there he's understandably overwhelmed even frightened Yet he bravely accepts his role and accommodates his host as best he can Falling in love with this man is totally unexpected considering the circumstances of their arrangement but when it happens Hadi accepts it Unfortunately his host does notJudas is understandably a very complex character Explaining how he can still be alive after 2000 years is difficult and involves denying traditional theology and Bible history and what has come to be common knowledge Still Armstrong and Piet manage to do it I felt a great deal of sympathy for a man cursed by everyone for doing something which was actually honorable in Jesus's sight I was touched at his gratitude for the comfort and assistance that Jesus provided for him and the way their relationship was reflected according to the story as close friends His hesitation to become involved with Hadi is admirable on one hand and selfish on the other He's been hurt enough He doesn’t want to endure any pain And of course there is the issue of not being gay while Hadi is This isn't a love at first sight thing at all Their relationship involves a lot of angst conflict and soul searching as they tackle the obstacles which get in the way of their loveThis story is uniue in its presentation and its characters and invites a lot of contemplation about what ifs For those of you who are firm in your faith and feel uncomfortable about it being uestioned I don't believe that you would like this story But for those of you who are able to look beyond traditional religious beliefs and give alternative ideas a chance you may appreciate the concept I'd recommend this book to anyone who wants a different kind of story which invites speculation the 'The Keeper' may be one you will appreciate