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SUMMARY » Retribution å CJ Townsend is a brilliant prosecutor known for keeping her cool even when trying the most horrific cases The latest an accused serial killer who savors cruelty and considers murder an art But this case is different CJ recognizes the suspect She knows what he's capable of After all these years she still has the nightmares to prove it NCJ Townsend is a brilliant prosecutor known for keeping her cool even when trying the most horrific cases The latest an accused serial killer who s. RATING 05Reasons why I didn't like this bookTired Cliches Sadistic rape scene With a guy in a clown mask Serial killer who gruesomely mutilates his victims cutting their hearts out The lead female and the supremely sensitive lead investigator end up in a relationshipBad writing The waves left in their wake splashed the beach towel bow bikinis andcaused the otherwise proud captains to spill their beers His hair was tousled on his head So last night she had sat on her balcony and thought all these thoughts over in her head a million times She gave herself a uick pep talk at her desk in her compact mirror and headed over to court to handle a uick matter They would never be at peace always wondering why they had to leave when the thief who had stolen their life in most instances still got to walk the earth and kiss his mother and see his family She looked up into his serious eyes then The voice spoke back to her in perfect English with just a hint of a German accent CJ sat in her chair doing a slow but steady boil listening to the veiled threats escape de la Florss' mouth through his perfect white teeth and slick smile His lip was pulled up in a sneer and his eyes danced with excitement and she struggled inside to find a voice As before she could feel the small cracks in her fragile fa├žade that had been glued back together with years of therapy begin to separate and splinter spreading slowly and fanning out in all directionsSay it isn't so Attorney prosecuting her own rapist Attorney coaching the cop who didn't have just cause for arresting said rapist and made up a fake scenario for stopping him which she coached him on with his boss The triple SSS ending with syringes scalpels and scissors Withholding of evidence tampering with witnesses tampering with evidence suborning perjury All were criminal acts She had to be very careful not to take this any furtherOveruse of product names He had taken a shower before court and smelled clean like Lever soap poured out a cup of Purina Cat Chow into Tibby's red bowl cheap car alarms on a Camry in a crowded Home Depot parking lot Give me a call on my Nextel when you get this She skipped lunch opting instead for a Coffee Coolada from Dunkin' donuts with extra whipped cream and another pack of Marlboros Then she clicked her glossy lips couettishly as if she were in aRevlon commercialAnd I shut the book feeling like a sueezed out tube of Crest toothpaste who would never see another Oral B brush Suffice it to say that I was entertained by this book in ways totally unintended by the author

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Avors cruelty and considers murder an art But this case is different CJ recognizes the suspect She knows what he's capable of After all these years. Jilliane Hoffman Retribution Putnam 2004It's not often that a single book causes me to put aside everything else I'm reading to concentrate on it I got my copy of Retribution in the mail and started paging through it about half an hour later Thirty six hours later with little food and sleep in the interim I'd finished it having put aside the other books in the ueue to concentrate solely on Jilliane Hoffman's debut novelSome books are best summed up with the same what if uestion the author likely asked when forming the idea for the book and this is one of them what if an ADA found herself prosecuting a defendant whom she had a vested interest in seeing go to the chair Such is the premise of Retribution C J Townsend an Assistant District Attorney in Miami was raped and tortured in 1988 while still in law school in New York by an assailant she knows only as The Clown He left her for dead; she survived and a nervous breakdown and twelve years of therapy later she's relocated to south Florida changed her name and managed to erase her past Then a man is pulled over for a routine traffic stop and in the trunk of his car is found the tenth victim of the serial killer known as Cupid Many of the details of the case are all too well known to Townsend for they remind her of her own violation so many years before Then in court she sees a distinctive scar her rapist had and knows she's prosecuting her own assailant but that can't sway her niggling doubts about whether he really is CupidHoffman an ex Florida ADA herself begging the autobiographical uestion of course delivers the goods in her debut novel She gives us a well drawn and engaging cast of characters a fabulous plot and almost perfect pacing The novel rarely slows and when it does it picks back up again promptly While it lacks the onion like layers of mystery of say Erin Hart's recent debut Haunted Ground Hoffman zeroes in on the simpler mystery she supplies us here and relies on the ethical subtexts for layering; when the prosecutor knows the defendant in such a way does the case become prosecution or persecution And how will keeping all the necessary secrets affect Townsend's life and the lives of those around her especially in a case where everyone knows the media will be digging so far into it that someone's bound to turn something upIt's probably not the greatest of form to describe a book with a January release date as great summer reading but that's exactly what Retribution is It's got the feel of a literary Law and Order episode even so that LO staff writer Giles Blunt's novels; we see both the police and the prosecution side of the case there's all the courtroom drama one could ask for all the twists and turns to keep the suspense in gear until the final pages The ending does go a bit over the top But it's such a fine rollercoaster ride we'll forgive Ms Hoffman the stock serial killer climax Oh and one other great thing about those twists and turns just when you think you've figured out the end of the novel Hoffman springs what you just figured out on you in the next few pages The revelations of various bits of information throughout are as well constructed as they are in a Hideo Nakata film leaving the reader wondering what's coming around the next turnA fine debut Jilliane Hoffman is going places

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RetributionShe still has the nightmares to prove it Now she's walking a fine line between justice and revenge Even CJ isn't prepared for where it will take h. Psychological Thriller that I really enjoyed Kept you into the book from the first to last page For a new writer and her first book I am envious of the suspense and surprises that she was able to capture in this novel The character is a law student who is brutally raped 12 years later with her name changed and looks different she is a successful assistant district attorney who has landed a case of a possible serial killer and rapist that she recognizes as her rapist Should she do the right thing and tell her boss that she shouldn't be trying the case and turn the case over to someone who is less capable Or should she keep uiet and make sure this monster goes to jail Very interesting what would you do