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Armstrong Õ Nineteen year old Aric Reynolds has spent most of his life in boarding schools summer camps or on tour as a prodigy with the piano His wealthy parents have never had time for him and after a failed year at college they have decided on a final course of Nineteen year old Aric Reynolds has spent most of his life in boarding schools summer camps or on tour as a prodigy with the piano His wealthy parents have never had time for him and after a failed year at college they have decided on a fina A disappointing read There's a fair amount of style and polish to the writing here and I think these writers are talented but the story is a simple and familiar one and at 240 pages it felt bloated and unwieldy An aggressive edit with an eye to streamlining and freshening would have done amazing things for thisOn the plus side the vampires ARE vampires There is blood here and violence I liked the framework of music although I do feel like I've seen this a thousand times and I liked the Serbian setting and wish had been done to draw on the distinctive ualities of that country ButThis book is twice to thrice as long as it should be and pretty much marches from point A to point B without any surprises or reversals No unexpeected development or invention in all its length not in plot character detail spectacle erotica etc Tortured vampire Master check Nubile juvenile check Storms and tantrums and generic gothic setting check No bills no twists no digression From page 5 you know exactly where it's headed and it proceeds with the grim efficiency of a flourmill I had to PUSH to plow through this to the all too expected endEven the concert pianist subplot is used as a kickoff and then blurs into airy vagueness late in the novel As I said of another book lately this book felt fan fictiony in its bloat as if it was long because the authors kept typing not because the story warranted the wordcount I enjoyed parts of this book but it needed deft editing to unearth the muscle under the flab The stylistic problems and the overpadded slowness made it feel endless and dull which in retrospect it shouldn't have been The conflicts between our protagonists felt like a series of whiny endless arguments BECAUSE they were so familiar Stakestensionincident didn't escalate and so the book settled into a plateauflatline The one devlopment occurs near the end when the decision to transform Aric unsettles the status uo for 25 pages or so but again no new terrain thereIn a book which is effectively a VERY lengthy twohander with a few walkons by a pair of 2d servants and a pair of 2d parents I would expect rich complex characterizations and careful construction of distinct voices If those two people are my only meat for the whole meal then they had better dazzle the hell out of me Nothing doing Spelling Eric with an A does not make him interesting Voicewise I should be able to tell a centuries old vampire and a 20 year old mortal apart but both use the same stilted florid diction and it sounds natural to neither POV in a twohander should be stylish and striking but the headhopping here is jerky and jarring Backstory wise their histories and worldviews should be singular and intriguing Nope Again you've seen both these guys in other books a hundred times over Sadly the worldbuilding here is also not anything we haven't seen before and the details of the relationships between the lovers between juvenile and his cardboard offstage parents between vampire and slavish servants feel both sketchy and labored as if the ample cliches could be made fresh by encasing them in endless descriptives It was refreshing to see foreign locations used and specified even if the incessant jetset globetrotting Capri was glorious started to feel redundant and silly Even the potentially cool Serbian setting gets only cursory attention and purple descriptives I was so excited to see Serbia AS the location that I was eually disappointed when it became a generic euro setting reminiscent of first Underworld film A cool setting wasted In 240 pages 200 pages are taken up with vampirehuman worries which could have come from any brooding vampire plotline ever This leaves us with 40 pages of things happening to advance character and the result is a novel that feels like an overstuffed short story Around page 180 or so I realized that the characters were caught in a loop of snugglefightfuckmove to new glamorous location rinserepeat In the absence of inventive plotting inventive characetrization inventive detail or inventive langauge those 240 pages weigh heavy And most oddly the authors opt to situate many important emotional discoveries offstage reporting them to us with flat dramaless exposition Repetitive hissies tiffs and soulsearching go on for pages and pages only interrupted occasionaly by people actually DOING something Timne becomes areal problem because it is not handled NIne months of apprenticeship passes arbitrarily and without impact A two year separation passes in a paragraph and then we're informed the men's reasons and emotions during those two years during which both have learned exactly what they needed to so they could be TOGETHER FOREVER Aric discards his family as if he's forgotten he's not an orphan and although he's a concert musician he has no obligations and no schedule no interaction with anyone other than Nikola Dramatic possibilities wasted It's a strange detached way of navigating a story and unmoving in the extremeMy one big criticism the story on offer is familiar in all of its elements plot character description setting conflict I got ahead of the story on page 2 and spent the rest of my time with it feeling like I was dragging it behind me I hope both writers will declare war on cliches next time around cause they are THICK on the ground here My impresion is that Armstrong and Piet loved Aric and Nikola passionately for reasons they never conveyed which left me feeling impatient and excludedOh And why is it called Rachmaninoff? No real reason The authors seem to have forgotten why themselves using it only at the last to button the unsurprising ending to little effect I guess it sounded cool and the characters played some Rachmaninoff? Conjuring his moody florid compositions set the tone for the early stages of the story but after the first 100 pages of repetition Rachmaninoff is dropped entirely till used at the lastI like these writers and have enjoyed their other work but I feel like this got away from them This is not badly written but it is wildly overwritten and underimagined The whiff of topheavy fan fiction hovers over much of the proceedings I feel like they were capable of but no one asked it of themAn overfamiliar frustrating read Not for me

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L course of action Aric is brought to Nikola Jovanovi 's beautiful sprawling manor in Serbia Nikola is known the world around as a master in music unsurpassed by any but terribly reclusive For one year Aric is to be his student but in the mo There are a lot of things that irked me in this book details are belowOverall I will say that Rachmaninoff is an indulgent romp of a novel First there's a vampire a la Alucard Long blond hair? Check Cape? Check Tortured soul? Check check check Then there are descriptions of riches nobility decadence and several simmering sex scenes It's an over the top glut and there isn't much plot to speak of until you hit the second half of the book BUT simmering sex scenes Very simmer y ;The following are some of the issues that proved irritating as I ploughed through it Many of the issues have to do with poor editingSpastic POV changes sometimes mid sentence and a constantly changing narrator 3rd person character narration to 3rd person omniscient etcSome wince worthy descriptions of music and piano playing I can understand that music and the playing of music is difficult to dramatize and put into words but like the rest of the book it was done in an over the top way that had me skimming those pages as uickly as possibleExtremely odd jumps in plot Example No sentences at all literally are devoted to Aric's suspicions about Nikola's vampirism or how Aric convinced himself that Nikola was a vampire Instead what we get is a sudden Did you ever drink his blood? confrontation for the flimsiest of reasons woah what? It jarred me each time it happened sadly it happened than once Clearly the author wanted to move very uickly from point A to point C but didn't really take the reader along for the ride so we ended up with bumpy landings insteadLike the many irritating ellipses that the editors left scattered everywhereThe drama ueen dramatics Jumped from the page By page 55 I was skimming the book only to see how much ridiculous things would get

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RachmaninoffDern day it is easy for Aric to learn Nikola's secrets With a dark shadow lurking from Nikola's past and Aric's stubborn promiscuous nature the sexual tension between the pair simply explodes and Aric's very mortal life is held in the balanc I think I've OD'd on vamp ficseither that or maybe I'm just looking for an original approach I adore the Anne Rice books but maybe they've spoiled me for life Either way Rachmaninoff is no exception it's a good book but it wasn't that original breath of fresh air I'd been cravingview spoilerNikola is a 400 year old vampire who lives in a castle like dwelling befitting Count Dracula He has set his sights on Aric a young pianist whose playing inspires something in him Aric is young talented and a rebel his parents are happy to be rid of him and dump him on Nikola's doorstep to tutor the young man in the ways of the wealthy elite Aric it turns out is gay and does not hesitate to seek sexual partners to pleasure himself even while he is staying with Nikola But of course predictably Aric starts to develop feelings for Nikola at the same time that the boy is realizing that his host is not humanOnce together Nikola and Aric travel the world and their relationship grows by leaps and bounds Aric grows up at least to some extent but eventually Nikola knows he must let the boy go so that Aric can decide what he wants as in whether he wants to go back to Nikola and whether he wants to remain human or have Nikola turn him The rest is pretty predictable hide spoiler