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Anyone You Want Me to Be A True Story of Sex and Death on the InternetLegendary FBI profiler and #1 New York Times bestselling author John Douglas explores the shocking case of John Robinson a harmless unassuming family man whose criminal history began with embezzlement and fraud and ended with his arrest for the savage murders of six women and his suspected involvement in at least fiv. I've read several books by John Douglas the man who started the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit and so while browsing the true crime section in Borders my guilty pleasure I was thrilled to see another one Douglas typically writes with co author Mark Olshaker and his take while admittedly one point of view on high profile crimes and the role of behavior in understanding them is often fascinating and entertaining This book while based on a very interesting case was markedly less well written than the others I have read eg Mindhunter Obsession It is apparent from this work that Douglas very much needs a co author that is a very good writer and the one he worked with on this book Stephen Singular is shockingly bad The writing is so bad that it really distracts from the story itself which is never a good thingI'm really hoping that Douglas brought Olshaker on board for the BTK book he recently put out because I'd like to read it but I don't know if I can take another Singular tomeIn sum definitely the weakest of Douglas' books because of the mediocre uality of writing

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Free read Ý Anyone You Want Me to Be A True Story of Sex and Death on the Internet È PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ï Legendary FBI profiler and #1 New York Times bestselling author John Douglas explores the shocking case of John RobinsoAs a cold blooded killerA cautionary tale set in a virtual world where relationships are established without the benefit of physical contact and where mainstream Americans can be drawn down a dark path of temptation and death Anyone You Want Me To Be is a contemporary real life drama of high tech crime and punishment. An interesting and disturbing study of the life of serial killer John Robinson who after a life of petty crime as a con man moved to darker deeds In the early days of the Internet he worked a scam to lure vulnerable women to their death It also details the initial computer forensic process which eventually brought Robinson to justice An interesting book fairly well writtenit will make you think twice about surfing the net

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E disappearances Most disturbing was the hunting ground in which Robinson seduced his prey the world of cyberspace Haunting chat rooms targeting vulnerable women and exploiting the anonymity of the Internet his bloody spree was finally halted by a relentless parole officer who spent ten years trying to nail Robinson. A reconstruction of the life of John Robinson white collar criminal turned serial killer The title is a bit misleading actually as this book covers much than Robinson’s eventual adoption of the internet as hunting ground for new sexual and financial victims Just as a portrait of a criminal life this book is riveting this would be something I like because I really like that sort of thing Robinson conducted an extraordinary forty year campaign of lies trickery financial schemes uncountable relationships sexual domination and murder to say nothing of raising four children and being an active member of his community One of the most extraordinary aspects of the book is the way it tells the story of Robinson’s women his victims reaching from beyond the grave to catch him in mistakes and his wife and daughters rallying to savagely defend him The book mostly steers clear of the idiot TV moves – he’s a killer because his mother was cold – and it maintains an impressive control of fact and speculation and psychologyA little bit of history here; Douglas was instrumental in starting the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit and ran it for many many years He’s brilliant and perceptive But well man’s got issues Most of which had no business in this refreshingly objective book I was particularly unimpressed when he gave the full names of psychiatrists who had examined Robinson during a prison stay and reported him sane and safe Arguments about the supremacy of well himself over mental health professionals aside that’s just tacky Also I’m not going to forgive him this sentence offered while discussing one of Robinson’s early victims for either content or syntax “Sometimes she acted as if she were hardly disabled at all racing other people in wheelchairs at the mall and enjoying the thrill of beating them and exploding into laughter