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Read & Download भगवद्गीता bhagavad gītā Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook é The Bhagavad Gita is an early epic poem that recounts the conversation between Arjuna the warrior and his charioteer Krishna the manifestation of God In the moments before a great battle the dialogue sets out thUniversal perfection of life Ranging from instructions on yoga postures to dense moral discussion the Gita is one of the most important Hindu texts as well as serving as a practical guide to living we. I can read this book over and over and still gain so much from it It contains such timeless truths especially in light of today such as They alone see truly who see the Lord the same in every creature who see the deathless in the hearts of all that die Seeing the same Lord everywhere they do not harm themselves or others Thus they attain the supreme goal

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The Bhagavad Gita is an early epic poem that recounts the conversation between Arjuna the warrior and his charioteer Krishna the manifestation of God In the moments before a great battle the dialogue s. Hey how pretentious am I I just gave a four star review to a fucking holy text And now I'm going to review it And I will swear in my review I'm just asking for it aren't IWhen comparing this one to the other holy books I've read andor skimmed I found this one uite insightful As a professed athiest this one probably speaks to me the most The Bhagavad Gita is actually a section of the Mahabharata which is to simplify because that's all I have researched enough to do the story of a war During this war one of the characters is visited by god Hilarity ensues Just kidding Actually he has a conversation with god and god drops some deep shit on him There's some delicious irony about this conversation taking place on a battlefield after much death and before some of it But where would someone need to speak to god Anyway I consider myself a little tiny bit spiritual and the wisdom in this book can be translated into athiestic terms And it didn't seem self contradictory When it comes to holy writ these are things I like But as it is a brief text you come out of it knowing only slightly about Hinduism than you knew before In comparison I felt after reading Chuang Xi or however we're spelling his name these days that I had a pretty damn good understanding of Taoism After reading this one I have only the vaguest of understandings of Hinduism But it isn't really about the religious tradition as much as it's about gleaning little bits of insight into the human condition In that context it is a very good readYes I'm calling them characters Sue me I'm not a Hindu

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भगवद्गीता bhagavad gītāEts out the important lessons Arjuna must learn to change the outcome of the war he is to fight and culminates in Krishna revealing to the warrior his true cosmic form counselling him to search for the. JUDGEMENT DAYIF THE RED SLAYER THINKS HE SLAYSOR IF THE SLAIN THINKS HE IS SLAINTHEY KNOW NOT WELL THE SUBTLE WAYSI KEEP AND PASS AND TURN AGAINRalph Waldo Emerson “Brahma”It’s the dawning of the Final Day the day of Armageddon The final confrontation between the massed forces of Good and Evil And naturally we are all terrified“I Arjuna am drenched in angst I can find no meaning in life or in the cataclysmic approaching battle“For that battle will pit friend against friend brother against brother the Devils of the Pit against Angels from the Realms of Glory the Fulness of Being itself against the Void of Nonbeing “Death is not only possible but imminently likely”But then the Lord or Krishna in this Hindu version of that battle steps inHe comforts Arjuna with the knowledge that life and death are mere dreams we all must dream That the battle itself is a dream But it’s a dream we must participate inAnd face head onBack when I was young I pretended I was a player in the battle of life Only after a while I was overwhelmed by the cruel cold logic of the noonday devils of the adult world And I was desperately struggling to hold onto my dreamsI read the Gita and learned it was ALL a dream And if all personalities were empty of selfhood why worryAnd that escape mechanism worked for a whileBut in midlife the fast and furious pace of my career started to burn me out The world was now so in your face for me that I looked for a new retreat and found it in the elevated circular thinking of the postmodernistsBoth strategies did their part to protect me from the nightmares of the noonday devils and the garish predawn bêtes noires that my sleeping subconscious dredged up from my pastThe two strategies were soporific sedativesSo I pursued my career to its successful conclusion with full retirement benefitsThen full stopFinally retirement and I could no longer ignore the Problem of Evil with either Hindu semantics or intellectual circularity That bred anxiety an anxiety that hung onSo I looked for something much substantially positive for my reawakened mind and found it in the faith of my youth And rejoined the Battle I had so long ago desertedOnly by now the battle had become an ARMAGEDDON But you know I had known that long ago when I effected my first vain escapes I had just forgotten how fierce the fighting wasIn an immoral world moral action is imperative We HAVE to fightBut years and years of avoidance had produced a sleeping vacuum where my seriousness about life had previously been Much the same as some of my readers Deep sleep is contagiousBut I was now serious again Deadly seriousSo now instead of staying a make believe player I became a tiny participant in one Huge Eternal Battle I took a stand even though I saw that my own impact all along had been minuscule and was likely to remain so especially from my renewed vertigo inducing perspectiveAnd it was only then in the thick of the struggle that it dawned on me that it’s far better during the charge to let the Lord He is known as Krishna the charioteer here do the drivingSimple faith can work wonders And it can give you PeaceTHEN we can see the true face of the Master Charioteer who then sets our frayed nerves at ease THEN we can see the Vast Enemy face to face the same enemy as it tells us that is doomed to defeat on that final day of daysThe enemy that now get this seems almost inconseuential in powerFor that predawn cauchemar that was so terrifying is now just an outlandish magic lantern show cast on the wall of the mind by the ShadowAnd the Tempter’s hulking granddaddy the Noonday Devil with all his cold relentless logic is just a scrap pile of ulterior motives mercilessly exposed in the clear bright dawn of a new dayAnd the battlefield It’s been fully levelled and our opponents exposed for what they are appear somewhat at loose ends in their attempts to seem their old terrifying selvesThe worst part for them of course is that now they no longer have a hiding place in this vast battlefield or a place to dive to cover from the fiery chariot wheels of the LordFor His victory is certainAnd the old fears dreads and anxieties They‘re now just harmless broken curios in the enemy’s worn back of tricks out of which myriad dust motes dance in the brilliance of the dayThe Shadow’s power is vanuished to the windsAnd suddenly the great Battle of Armageddon is just a part of another day’s well paying work in the fields of the LordBecause now we are free of our long inner turmoilAnd on the wind is written Peace is at hand