Wood Burning Stove Installers

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Questions we get asked about wood burning stoves

Can I install the stove myself?

Unlike installing a gas appliance there is no legal requirement preventing you from installing a wood burning stove yourself, however, there are regulations set out in 'The Building Regulations 2000' Approved Document J (you can download it here) governing how it should be correctly fitted. The the regulations are entirely about ensuring the safety of the occupants (and neighbours) of the property where a stove is installed. For this reason alone people turn to professional installers like us.

I already have a wood burner, can you maintain it?

Yes. There are a number of things that can impact on the performance of your wood burning appliance. If you are in any doubt give us call and we'll come and check things over for you. If anything needs doing we'll give you a free, no obligation quote.

Do you sell wood burning stoves?

No. However, as an independent wood burner installer and not affiliated to any single manufacturer we can give you impartial advice regarding the best appliance for your needs.

Do you recommend any particular make of wood burning stove or appliance?

There are many good appliances on the market. We strongly recommend you visit a local company based in Winchester, Kingsworthy Foundry and check out the wood burning appliances they have available. Don't forget to come back to us to get it installed!